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I Saw It On Your Keyboard

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He might just have a chance to catch a shooting star.

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Author's Note: The last few days have been an absolute whirlwind. Infinity Flight 206 was AMAZING. My friend & I pushed forward and made it 3 people away from the barricade. Needless to say, IOH has been on repeat since then. Insanely enough, I get to see them again on Valentine's Day. (Ticketmaster = my best friend.)

Big thanks go out to lclutebark, PiecesInMe and a girl nicknamed Peter for the reviews.

Hope you guys like this chapter.

Chapter Five: I Saw It On Your Keyboard

And I saw it on your keyboard. You saw it on my sleeve. I never knew a heart existed outside of make believe. Til I saw it on your keyboard, I knew at least I might just have a chance to catch a shooting star.

Emi's POV

"Another day, another dollar..." I said, making my way behind the counter.
"Emi, thank God you're here!" Molly said. "Sam didn't show up for his shift, so I've been out here doing double time."
"Emi to the rescue," I half-heartedly said.

Within the first few minutes of standing, I realized what she was talking about. December 23rd, Eve of Christmas Eve = lots of last minute shoppers. The flow of books onto the counter seemed never ending. Book, scan, change, smile, receipt. Book, scan, credit card, smile, receipt. Book, scan, coupon, scan, change, smile, receipt. Just as the line started letting up, more customers came though the doors. "Since when do people read this many books?"

Adding on to this chaos, a certain hoodie-clad boy came waltzing in, sitting on the chair next to me. "Busy day?"
"Yeah," I said, pressing a barcode against the lasers. After 3 times it still wasn't registering on the screen. I let out a frustrated groan. Ringing things up manually was a bitch.

Is it just me, or is Pete bad luck?

It was around 4:00 when my mom came in, Ben in tow.
"Hey mom, what's up? You usually don't stop by to visit me at work."
"Emergency at work. Lillian isn't home and Jasper is out with Liv. Could you take care of Ben?"
"I kind of have my hands full, mom," I said, redeeming a coupon. 25% off any children's book.
"Please, Emi? It's either I leave him here or bring him to the hospital with me..." she said, somewhat frantic.
"Okay, I'll figure something-"
"Thank you!" She quickly made her way out the door, leaving me with Ben, Pete and a bunch of people trying to buy the latest Harry Potter.

"Hi Emi," Ben said, standing behind me.
"Hey," I said, trying to hide my frustration. A guy was trying to pay for his Depeche Mode CD with change. ...75...80...85... Somebody save me.

"Yes, Pete?" I asked, losing patience for the guy counting nickels.
"Do you want me to keep Ben out of your hair?" I had to think for a few seconds. Could I trust Pete with my little brother? Aside from the coffee fiasco, I couldn't come up with a reason not to. Besides, he was Jasper's cousin.
"Yes, please. Ben, go follow Pete. We'll hang out later, I promise."
"Mmkay." He took Pete's hand and led him toward the children's section.

An eternity later...

"$15...$15.05...$15.10." Change guy said. I gathered his coins, placing them into their respective compartments in the cash register. The receipt printed, and I put in in a plastic bag along with the CD. "Thanks, have a nice day," I said in the most cheerful tone possible. I hope you cut yourself trying to open your CD...

Pete's POV

"Are you the stalker man Emi was talking about?" I let out a small laugh.
"I guess I am."
"Oh, okay...could you read me something?"
"Sure." I sat down at the small wooden table as he ran off, looking through the shelves. He looked like he knew what he was doing, so I stood by and watched as he chose a book. Ben returned, holding a fairly thick one.

"The Tale of Despereaux," I said, reading the cover.
"It was one of Emi's favorites. C'mon." He took my hand.
"Where are we going?"
"To the big couch. You look silly in that chair." I smiled and followed him. He handed the book over to me. I was probably as eager as he was to learn what it was about.

"The world is dark, and light is precious.
Come closer, dear reader.
You must trust me.
I am telling you a story..."

Emi's POV

I was wiped out by 7:00. According to Charlotte, Molly and I "didn't have time for a break." She gave us both cups of hot chocolate and told us to keep working. I guess that was her way of showing holiday cheer. Too tired to complain, we stuck it out for another hour.

When my shift ended I headed to the café for a sandwich.
"Turkey on rye, please."
"Long day?" Ryan asked.
"The customers just wouldn't stop."
"Tell me about it. This one guy tried to pay for his coffee with dimes."
"Heh. Was he wearing a white shirt and jeans?"
"Yeah, how do you know?"
"Same guy tried to pay for a CD with nickels."
"Nice..." With precision speed he prepared my food. "Here's your sandwich."
"Thanks!" I ate quickly and headed toward the back of the store. I spotted Ben and Pete sitting on a leather couch.

"'/Mon Dieu/, look, look,' says Antoinette. 'He lives. He lives! And he seems such the happy mouse.'
'Forgiven,' whispers Lester.
'Cripes,' says Furlough, 'unbelievable.'
'Just so,' says the threadmaster Hovis, smiling, 'just so.'
And, reader, it is just so. Isn't it? The end."

I couldn't help but smile. Pete may not have been my favorite person in the world, but I couldn't deny how adorable they looked on the couch.

"Hey guys," I said.
"Emi!" Ben hopped off the couch and hugged my leg.
"Thanks for watching him Pete. I hope it wasn't too much trouble."
"No problem. You've got a pretty cool little brother." Ben's smile widened at this comment.
"Wanna get something to eat?" I asked Ben.
"S'okay. Pete already bought me some food." Looked like he had everything covered.
"Well, I have to get going," Pete said, squatting down to Ben's level.
"Do you have to?" Ben asked.
"Yeah, we'll hang out some other time."
"Okay." He gave him a hug, then stood up.

"Bye, Emi."
"Bye...Thanks again."

After he walked out of the door, Ben tugged at my hand.
"Why don't you like him, Emi?"
"I'm wondering that same question..." I replied.

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