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All I Want For Christmas

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early morning love notes.

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Author's Note: Inspiration has been hard to come by. Bear with me.

Valentine's Day was amazing. Massacre footage: (check out part 2 for Pete in a teletubby costume.)

Thanks go out to watch_the_sky, duckapple and xloveorsympathy for reviewing!

Chapter Six: All I Want For Christmas

I don't want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need. I don't care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree. I just want you here tonight, holding onto me so tight. Make my wish come true. Baby, all I want for Christmas is you.
-Mariah Carey

Emi's POV

"EMIIIIII!" and a shaking bed is what I woke up to. "It's Christmas Eve!" I poked he head out from under my covers. Ben was bouncing up and down on the edge of my bed, huge grin across his face.
"Really?" I groggily asked.
"Yeah!" I glanced at my calendar and saw that he was right. With Ben's help, I got up and started jumping too.

Not only was it Christmas Eve, but it was also the beginning of my holiday break from work. I'd have a solid week without having to look at cash registers, mislabeled books, CD shipments or barcodes.

This was heaven.

Walking downstairs, I detected the unmistakable smell of my mom's cookies. Surely enough, Liv, Jasper and my mom were putting a sheet of them into the oven.

"Good morning!" I said.
"Woah, is that cheerfulness I hear in your voice?" Liv asked.
"Mhmm." With a huge grin, I drummed the counter like it was a bongo set. "Are we going to make more cookies?"
"If you help make the dough."
Things were looking up.

Liv's POV

October. That was the last time I saw Emi smiling so much. She's usually the bubbly one who gets everyone in a good mood, but ever since Paul died, something's changed. She's still the goofy girl who will do anything to make you laugh, but her eyes aren't as bright as they used to be...

I'm not sure how long this will last, but cheerful Emi is definitely a good change from the mopey, I-don't-want-to-be-here Emi who popped up after Thanksgiving.

"Let's get started on another batch you guys!"
Jasper grabbed the eggs, I got the flour and Emi gathered everything else. Soon we had a huge ball of dough going. About half way through it, someone coughEMIcough, threw flour at Jasper, causing him to sneeze and crack an egg on my hand. I threw sprinkles at Emi, but some hit Ben and he threw flour at me. Within minutes we had more ingredients on us than on the baking sheet.

Emi's POV

Ben and I took refuge in the bathroom while Jasper and Liv attacked us with sticks of unsalted butter.
"Truce!" He called through the door.
"You promise that you're not gonna throw eggs at us if we let you out?"
Ben looked back at me with uncertainty on his face. I nodded.
"Okay, I'm opening the door."
I walked out first, holding our stash of eggs above my head. As Jasper tried to take them from me, I yelled "NOW!" Cracking them over his head, I ducked while Ben threw flour at him. Before the cloud of flour lifted, I found myself being tackled onto the floor by Liv. Soon enough we were all a big gooey mess on my kitchen floor.

Never had cookie baking been so fun.

While Liv, Ben and I stayed at my house, changing into non-sticky, non-floured outfits, Jasper headed next door for a change of clothes. When he returned, we each took a turn mopping up the war zone then got around to making a actual batch of cookies. I placed the baking sheet into the oven and plopped onto the couch.

"That was exhilarating. Good job, Ben." We high fived.
"Truce my a-"
"Watch your mouth, Jasp." Liv poked his side.
"The only agreement we made was that we weren't going to throw the eggs. There was nothing about breaking the eggs."
"We'll get you next time..."
"Fine, as a peace offering, you get to pick out what we watch." I handed him the remote.

He quickly flipped to ESPN. But instead of football or another testosterone-filled sport, we saw a kid with thick glasses standing in front of a microphone.

"C-U-R-T-L-E," he said with a thick accent. Ding!
"Sorry. That is incorrect. It is spelled K-I-R-T-L-E."

"What is this?"
"Howard Scripps National Spelling Bee!" Ben replied. We made a point to watch it every year. Jasper was about to change the channel when Liv interrupted him.
"Hold on a second," Liv said, intrigued. "I watched a documentary on these kids... 'Spellbound' I think. Spelling bees get really intense."
"Whatever you say." He put down the remote and watched.

Well over an hour later, we were still watching, anticipating the ding of the judges' bell. Surprisingly, Jasper was the most into it. "Aww, no!" He held his hands up in frustration. "That kid was robbed! The other guy got an easy word! Auxiliary?! I could spell that in my sleep!"

Returning to the kitchen, we saw that my mom took the cookies out of the oven and placed them on the counter to cool.

"Mom, can we eat them?"
"Sure, just make sure to leave some for the party tonight."
"Thanks Ms. Ikuhara!"

While Jasper, Liv and I took our pick of desserts, Ben went to the cupboard and pulled out a plate.

"Preparing a plate for Santa?" Liv asked.
"Umm, maybe later," he said, piling cookies onto the plate. "They're for Paul."

I smiled at Ben's gesture. Sweet, as always. Still, a part of me wished that he didn't bring up his name.

He set the plate on the counter and ran out of the room. A few seconds later, he returned with a piece of paper and a marker.

"Can you help me write a letter to him?"
"Sure." He sat on my lap and set the paper in front of us. "What do you want to say?"
"Umm..." He put his hand on his chin and thought for a moment. "Dear Paul, Merry Christmas. We all miss you a lot," he said. "I hope you like the cookies. Me, Jasper, Liv and Emi helped my mommy make them. Umm...I also hope that you're having fun in the sky. Say hi to my grandma for me. Love, Ben."

I finished writing and folded the paper into thirds. He hopped off my lap and placed the letter on top of the plate.

"Do you think he'll like them?" Ben asked.
"Of course."

Jasper and Liv headed home to get ready for the Christmas Eve extravaganza. I changed into an asymmetrical skirt and a blue top. Somewhat fancy, I guess.

Relatives started arriving at my house around 6:00. Grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins poured in through the doors. As usual, everyone was gathered around the dinner table, taking family pictures. My mom, along with a bunch of my aunts, were snapping numerous shots of the same exact pose. If you made them into a flipbook, you'd see that our smiles gradually became smaller as time went on. Still, the same thing happened every year. Call it tradition, if you will.

After the annual photo shoot, Jasper and Liv made an appearance, as did their parents. The party went as it did every year: lots of food, lots of family, lots of pictures, lots of presents, lots of fun. At 2AM, my uncles were still on karaoke. By the sound of it, a moose was slowly dying in my living room. I stopped in to check what was going on, but it was just a rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody.

Ben, Liv, Jasper, my cousins and I decided to play on the Wii. Physical exertion distracted us from the song-slaughter downstairs.

The few relatives who were still at my house, cleared out around 3:30. By that time, my mom and Ben were both wiped out. Since I was still caffeinated and half-full of energy, I decided to clean up, or at least attempt it. I ran around the house singing Christmas carols as I picked up paper plates and pop cans.

"Have yourself a merry little Christmas. Let your heart be light. From now on our troubles will be out of sight. Have yourself a merry little Christmas. Make the yuletide gay. From now on our troubles will be-" Door bell ringing?

I put down the Hefty bag and made my way toward the door. I expected to see my aunt Rachel looking for her purse or my uncle Gary looking for his keys. However, when I opened the door, I it wasn't either of them. Nobody was out there.

"I must be hearing things..."

As I was about to close the door, I saw something in the corner of my eye. A pink rose. It was on my porch swing. Walking toward it, I saw that there was a note attached.

The word 'pretty' was written on the front in very neat handwriting. On the back there were only 2 sentences written.

Would you mind if I sat next to you and watched you smile? So many kids but I only see you, and I don't think you notice me.

There were only 2 explanations:
A) a delivery man who is scared of people got the address wrong, or
B) a certain hoodie-clad boy stopped by for a visit.

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