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Theresa's gone...she killed crounos and everyone thinks she's dead, but Jay wont hear of it! He sure she alive! "her heart would have died inside of me" he thought, he could feel her, somewhere she...

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Jay's POV

the whole team had there place in the school:
Neil was the blonde boy, Herry was the jock, Archie was the class clown, Atlanta was the lightning bolt (running) Theresa was the hot one (all the boys know it) Odie was the smart one and me? well i was...i don't know...

I guess i just looked over them all, i wanted them to make it threw this, i almost felt like a big brother...well to most of them that is. I was the school soccer team captaine, i was not so good in class but great socially, but i wanted Crounos gone, i wanted my dreams to stop, i wanted to be able to go home, to be allowed to get close to someone without fearing they'd be torn away from me...i wanted freedom.

I guess you don't realize how much you want something, till it hits you in the face, Theresa. I guess i should show you:

"give up Crounos!" i said again, he was trapped, but still he laughed and got his portal going "NO!" Theresa yelled running after Crounos "THERESA!" i yelled "he's not getting away! not again!" She said and ran as the the portal closed. "NO!" Atlanta had sobbed, i was still in a state of shock...she was gone, who knew where...

two months after that, there was still no sign of Theresa, or Crounos. Hera said that she had probably died killing Crounos, that was till we found Crounos, barely living. We locked him away but all that he'd say about Theresa was "she fell, she fell down...she's gone you brats! GONE!" I don't know when i stopped crying, trying not to show it to everyone, not to seem weak, but it didn't work. I had to leave, we all did, we couldn't stand our group being together...but not full, we all left, our seperate ways...

That was 3 years ago, i was 18 when that happened, now i was 21, my third year of university, i was training to be a scientist! AKA a nasa astronot, like Hermes had told my parents. But i studied the stars. I spoke to Archie once a year, to wish him a happy birthday, he never returned the favor though, Atlanta i believe talked to Archie a lot, Herry and Odie talked a lot and Neil spoke with everyone. I just knew i would have been talking to Theresa if this had happened and she was still around, but she wasn't and i couldn't seem to bring myself to believe it, i refused to believe Crounos, even if Hera believed him.

"Jay? there's that blue walkie-talkie of yours ringing" said my room-mate "what!?" i asked "that thing you called the PMR" said John, i was studying at the memorial university in st.John's Newfounfland "Oh my gods!" i said "Gods?" John asked "i mean, god!" i corrected myself and grabbed the drawr and renched it open, i picked up the PMR and opened "hello?" i asked "Jay! It's me Atlanta" said Atlanta "hi! it's so good to hear from you Lanta!" i said "i thought you wasn't dating" John said over my shoulder "I'm not!" i called back "Hera called, she said she wants us all in new-olympia by tommorow morning" she said, i gulped "what's it about?" i asked, she shrugged "haven't a clue" she said "Hey Jay!" came a male voice "Archie?" i asked, sure enough Archie's head appeared over Atlanta's shoulder "what are you doing over there?" i asked, he smiled "i'll explain tommrow, see you there alright jay?" Atlanta said "i don't know, i have school and stuff..." i said, remembering the test i had the next day "please Jay! tell your teacher it's family business!" Archie said "okay fine, i'll see you guys tommorow" i said hanging up "Jay, tut tut, skipping school to see friends" John said, he was from China if you wanted to know, and since i left my friends, he is my best friend, he has been my dorm mate since year one. "so be it, i haven't seen those guys in ages, could you..." i asked, he interupted me "no, no! absolutly not!" he said "please" i begged "fine! But you owe me! I'll tell the teacher you are dreadfully sick and need your rest, and that i'll bring the work to you" he said "Thank you" i said going to my room, he followed "so what's with those two?" he asked "there my old room mates from new olympia" i explained, poorly "a girl and a boy?" he asked "yep, we had a whole crowd, now i have to vamoose, so i will see you in a few days and i'll call later" i told him throwing my book bag of clothes and items on my one shoulder. "Alright, remember that exam we have in 3 weeks" he said, i smiled "man, another one?" i asked "almost done Man, just a few hundred left" he said dryly, i laughed "well later man" i said, he waved as i walked down the staires and out into the VERY cold winter weather you can only see in Newfoundland (and other cold places).

"one ticket to new olympia airport" i said, the ticket girl smiled looking at me form head to toe, she smiled cutly "sure thing" i gave her the money "enjoy your flight cutie" she said, i sighed, i get that sort of treatment way to much. "Flight to new olympia airport will be leaving in 5 minutes" sai dthe high speaker "shit" i ran, when that guy says '5 minutes' he really means 10, but i am not taking any chances, i ran as fas as i could to the metal ditector runthrew, once out i ran for the p;lane "hey kid! you on this plane?" asked one of the men titaching the stairecase to board the plabe "YES!" i yelled over the now roaring engines "get in!" he said, i sprinted on as the pilot gave the go signal "wow! sir pleas-" said the flight attendant, she got a look at me "please sit i your seat sir, we are taking off" she said blushing slightly, i smiled at her and sat down. ugh, see, i told you i get that treatment ALL the time! Some girls really have to get a life. (no offence)

I fell asleep on the plane, and only awaoke once we were landing.

*****in the air port******

I rented a car and started to drive away form the airport. It was a small dark green car, with 5 seats, i think it was a chevy. But i was more concentrating on the time: 10:30 AM. "i'm late" but that's nto all! I got cought in traffic! For another hour! it was 12:00 when i finally got to the school. "here" i said as i parked my car and walked in the school with my key medallion around my neck. As i had reached the janitors closet, my cellphone rang "yeah" i said dryly "Jay! It's John, mister Gillons isn't buying it! So i want you to talk to him, here he is" John said "mister Marrow, i wnat the truth, how are you?" he asked, in his deep voice "Sir if i wanted to miss a very important test do you think i would say i was sick? you wouldn't buy it, I do not want to miss a test, i want to do good" i said coughing once in a while "well you are a very well done up student mister Marroe, i guess i will save the test for when you are feeling better" he said "thank-you, i have to go, cough medicin" i told him coughing "certainly, goodbe and i hope you feel better" he said and i hung up. i let out a sigh and placed my key in the lock, i ckicked and spun and opened. I walke threw the blue swirl and into the oh-to familiar solarium of Hera's.

"Jay!" said Hera happily, she looked at me before giving me a hug "you have grown up so well!" she said "um, well, er, you too?" i said, i wasn't sure if that was a complement or an insult "very funny Jay, we didn't think you were coming, now head over to Persephony's room, there's a suprise there" she said. I nodded "it's good to see oyu Hera" i said and left.

"hello?" i said knowcking on the door, there was a squeele "JAY!!!!" Atlanta of course, there was a sob from another person that i couldn't see for Atlanta had locked me in a tight, neck numbing, teddy bear, herry like hug. "Atlanta" i said "good to see you too, now might i breath?" i asked out of breath "oh, sorry" she said letting go, she gave me a one over "wow man, you look fine" she said "wow, and since when do you call guys 'fine'?" i asked (fine meaning hot not fine meaning okay) "since now" she said and i was dragged in he room, i don't know what happened really all i remember is a lot of bear hugs and me passing out here and there from lack of oxygene "good to see you all" i said gaining back my breath "next time i'd like to see oyu guys and not pass out" i said chukling, Herry laughed, he was still te same looking, everyone was, other then me and Atlanta, Atlanta had grown her hair, i sorta looked the same but people seemed to think i looked better.

"Okay here's the suprise" Atlanta said and grabbed someone, i stared, the person stared back with her unblinking emeralde eyes, Atlanta squeeled "told yeah it was good!" she said, i didn't know what she said, i wasn't paying attention, i was staring "Okay how about we give them a minute" Herry said and they all cleared the room, Theresa sat down, she looked almost the same, but she looked a little older then she used too, we all did! Her hair was a little shorter and she had different clothes on, we all did! she had a green one sleeved tank-top and she had an off white pair of capri's.

"So i guess oyu want to know what happened?" she said,
"Actually, i'm not to keen on knowing what happened" i told her, she bit her lip. I guess by instinct i hugged her, she seemed suprised at first, aqwardness of the moment, but she hugged back,
"Theresa, there's something i never got around to doing" i said, i gulped
"what?" she asked, i had a feeling she knew what it was, i bent donw and kissed her, i knew i had to, she had been the reason for the past 3 years i had not gotten a girlfriend, i just wasn't interested in any other girl! I odn't know when, but one of us, or both, turned the kiss more open, i don't know how long we stood there, not long enough, maybe 2 minutes.

"Hope oyu don't have a girl friend" Theresa said as we broke, i smiled
"no, i've sorta been waiting for oyu" i told her, she smiled and hugged me
"how'd you know i wasn't dead?" she asked
"i knew i'd feel it" i told her, i felt hot tears on my neck as she cried,
"I've never been so scared" she said quietly
"Theresa, you saved the world from an evil mad man" i said
"no Jay, we saved the world, all of us"

just a one shot that wa son my brain! well g2g
later aligators!
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