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My Responce For your Call

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Winter answers.

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I was thinking. Really thinking.

Of course My heart was screaming that I should give Us another chance and My mind was worse- it kept giving Me flashbacks of Gerard and Me being together.

"You know what, forget I said anything" Gerard choked out in a voice full of pain.

Before I could find My voice He had walked out.

I sat down for a few minutes nearly at tears when I realised that this wasn't right.

I wanted to be with Him with all My heart and He had walked out without My answer.

I stood up and walked out of Serenade and walked down the street, hoping He was there.

I got to the MCR bus and knocked on the door.

Bob answered looking sad.

"Bob wheres Gerard?" I asked.

"He's in His bunk drinking. What did You say to Him?"

"He didn't wait for My answer. Could You and the guys give Us some privacy?"

"Sure We will head to Your bus" Bob replied as He got the others and walked out.

I stepped inside the bus and walked to where I could see Gerard's foot poking out from one of the bunks.


"What?" Gerard replied.

His tone was so bitter.

"Gerard I wanted to answer Your question" I said softly as I now stood in front of Him.

He was lying on His bunk with a big bottle of Vodka, but He'd only had maybe a shot glass full.

"Why so You can tell Me how much time I wasted asking You, that it would never work again and that there was nothing between Us anymore"

"It sounds like You've given this alot of thought" I whispered.

"You think I haven't been thinking of You at all? I couldn't stop even if I wanted to. You mean everything to Me Winter, and it hurts Me so much that I'm what's causing the pain"

"I've been thinking about You too. I've wanted so much to pick up the phone and call You but I couldn't. It hurt too much to think of how much I wanted You back in My life and then feel the pain that You created a life with My sister. But ever since I've found out that the baby wasn't Yours the only pain I've been feeling is that I haven't been with You"

Gerard looked at Me, then moved over so I could sit down.

"Thanks. You know You really should have waited for My answer"


"Because I do want to give us another chance" I said smiling.


"Yes. on One condition"


"No more drinking" I replied.

"Ok, but no more bottling up Your feelings"

"Oh? no bottling up My feelings, well ok but I hope Your ready for the reprecussions" I said grinning.

Gerard really didn't get a chance to ask what They were considering I had placed My mouth over His, and after a while I think He forgot the question considering He held Me close to His body.

"Sleep here tonight Winter, I don't want to let go of You"

"Fine by Me" I replied and snuggled closer to Him so I could sleep.

I woke up to the sound of clicking.

I growled and opened an eye to see Aggie, kit, Damien, Bob, Ray, Mikey and Frankie.

I took particular notice of Frankie considering He was holding a camera.

"WHAT THE F-OW!" I screamed, again banging My head on the bunk and falling back down where I was peacefully sleeping.

"ARGH I forgot You scream when You wake up" Gerard mumbled, then He too saw everyone else.

"Hey guys when did You get back from the orgy?" Frankie asked while smirking- until Aggie hit Him.

"So You guys are back together?" Kit asked.

"Yeah, We are" Gerard replied pulling Me into a hug.

"Well unfortunatley We have to steal Winter away" Damien smirked.


"Becuase We are on today and Your on after Us so Winter will realise just how late She is right abou-"

"WHY DIDN'T YOU WAKE ME UP!!" I screamed and rushed out of the bus towards My own.

I grabbed what I was wearing and rushed over to make up to get done up. Kit and Aggie and Damien were already sitting there smirking.

"We didn't want to wake you since you looked so comfortable" Damien replied to My earlier question.

"Well We don't have time for that now- right now We have to get ready for the show" I said trying to grasp at what dignity I had left, although I suspect I lost it a long time ago.

Back stage Damien was getting just a little too nervous.

"Ok I'm freaking, this is freaky, here the freakage in My voice"

"Damien chill everything will be ok" Kit said patting Him reassuringly on the back.

"And if it's not kiss Your but goodbye- for some reason fans really like that, especially the ladies" Frankie smirked.

"Frankie were You ever innocent?" I asked.

I didn't get an answer, all I got was "And now to kick Us off ROSE WOOD FINISH!!!"

I walked out on stage with kit and Aggie and Damien, Kit taking Her place at the drums and Damien and Aggie picking up Their guitars and Me, just simply walking to the microphone.

"Hey Warped fans how's it hanging?" I asked.

"Well hung hopefully" Damien said through the microphone in front of Him.

"Geez Damien that's original. But these guys didn't come here to hear You try and make a joke, they came here to hear a bloody CONCERT!!" I yelled as the fans cheered.

"Well then LET"S PLAY!!" Kit screamed through the microphone attached to Her head and counted Us off.
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