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Verbal Threats From A Siren

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Gerard has a crazed fan. Can anyone say 'gulp'?

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"Thanks guy see You all next time, unless of course We die before then" I smirked and walked off stage with Kit, Aggie and Damien behind Me.

"Your amazing out there Winter" Gerard said as He kissed Me softly.

"Your not so bad Yourself" I replied, letting Him go as My Chemical Romance were called on stage.

As I was looking out into the crowd I noticed this one girl who was glaring severly at Me.

She gave Me the creeps so I looked back at Gerard and grinned. He really was amazing on stage.

When He finished He came over to give Me a hug.

"Dude it's like I'm hugging a waterfall go take a shower"

"Are You going to join Me?" Gerard smirked.

"You spend way too much time with Frankie" I laughed, holding His hand in Mine and walking back to His bus.

On the way i got a prickly sensation on the back of My neck and turned around to see the creepy girl still glaring at Me.

"Uh Gerard hun, do You know that girl?" I asked.

Gerard turned around and then turned back quickly and quickened His pace.

"Gerard?" I questioned as We got to the bus after a brisk power walk.

"That was Scarlet, a very obsessed fan" Gerard replied as He locked the bus door behind Us and looked out the window.

"How obsessed?" I asked.

"Let's just say She's proposed to Me twice and thinks We are meant to be"

"Ah that obsessed. Looks like I'm going to have to be careful" I stated.

"Why? You're indestructible"

I laughed.

"Go take a shower" I ordered.

"Right away Madam" Gerard saluted and kissed Me on the cheek, then sauntered off to the back of the bus.
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