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Bring Fighting Back

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A quick note and onwards to a confrontation between Scarlet and Winter.

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Hey guys- sorry I haven't been updating, but I broke My leg (You will find out how in the story). not to worry I'm on pain killers and I'm feeling a little loopy but I can manage now that I'm home and ready to devote My time to this story. Sorry for the delay. ONWARDS

As I watched Gerad walk to the bathroom and close the door I heard a light tapping at the door and a sickly sweet voice from the other side say "Gerard? I know Your in there".

Whoever it was was just pissing Me off with Their voice and Me, not one for being pissed off without a cure, got up and opened the door to see Scarlet.

The look on Her face told Me She was expecting Me- the pretentious cow.

"I want to talk to You" I growled.

"Well I want to talk to Gerard"

"About what?" I asked.

"About the whore He dragged into bed. Oh I'm sorry, that's You"

I smirked- that was Her best shot?

"I happen to be Gerard's girlfriend. You however are a deluded fan, one of thousands who won't realise that if You were really in love with Him and had any respect for Yourself You would realise this stalker shtick went out with flared pants"

"You think You're so smart don't You winter"

"I'm not smart unless You think sarcasm is an art form. Wait a minute- it is!" I smirked. This was too much fun- almost as fun as it would be to beat Her ass down.

"Listen You cow, I don't know what You think, but Gerard's mine. Back off or You are going to get hurt and badly"

"Now You listen to Me. I'm not backing off. In fact, give Me all You got, which won't be m,uch. I never back down from a challenge" I growled.

"Winter?" I heard Gerard called.

I blew scarlet a kiss and slammed the door in Her face, walking to where Gerard was, which was still in the shower.

I leaned against the door and replied "Yeah?"

"Who were You talking to?"

"Scarlet" I replied casually.

"What did She say?"

"Just that You were Her's and stuff. It's ok, I'll take care of Her, and not in a Godfather fashion either"

"..Why is it that after hearing those words I'm practically terrified"

"Gerard, there's no need to be terrified. I can handle Her easily" I replied smirking.

I wasn't being cocky- I knew I could handle Her. Pity I was only half right.

The next day I had to get up onstage infront of thousands of fans and play a few songs.

Half way through the second song I could feel something tugging at My leg.

I looked down to see that Scarlet had a hold of My leg and was tugging.

I kept singing but had an expression on My face that clearly read ' take Your hand off My leg before I kick You", but She kept tugging.

I shrugged it off and kept singing, and accidently forgot about Her hand until it was too late.

She wasn't tugging hard at first, She was just trying to get Me to relax so She could do what She did next- She pulled so hard on My leg that I fell hard ohe stage, My leg having been pulled towards the crowed landed awfully in a twisted position banging into not only the stage I was on but the metal abr that kept the fans a little bit away from the bands.

I could feel My leg twisting in two different places and I screamed in agony.

Everyone stopped moshing, and Angie and Kit pulled My back on the stage and waited for the emergency help.

Fat lot of good that bar did from keeping Scarlet away from me was the last thing that went through My mind as I passed out from pain.
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