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One Word....Revenge

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Winter wakes up extremely ticked and ready for revenge.

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I woke up in hospital staring at a ruddy faced doctor, the kind that always seems like he's drunk and perverted.

"Miss Winter You are lucky that You didn't injure Yourself to badly, any higher and You would have broken Your leg. We have managed, however, to fix Your leg, it was just twisted at an extremely difficult angle. Your family is here to see You so when Your ready fill in the release form at the desk" He slurred and walked out of the room as Gerard Frankie and Ray tried to9 squeeze all at once into the same door.

There was a weird popping sound and Frankie fell through the door onto the floor, Ray following and squishing Frankie, while Gerard managed to just stumble into the room and walk over to My side.

Aggie, Kit and Damian as well as Bob and Mikey stood at the door blinking at Frankie and Ray on the floor.

Damien whipped out His camera and took a photo.

"Now there is a whorish Myspace photo" Damien added as He pocketed His camera.

Aggie grinned and walked on Ray's back into the room much to the screaming discomfit of Frankie and Ray.

"What I had to get into the room, the least You could do is get up, unless You want the rest of Us walking all over Your back"

Frankie and Ray stood up so quickly it was as if they were in a cartoon.

"How are You feeling Winter?" Gerard asked.

"Fine and dandy, I can go as soon as I'm ready. I'm also ready to punch Scarlet's teeth so far down Her system that She has to shove a toothbrush up Her but to clean them"

"That's really vivid Winter, where did You get a phrase like that?" Mikey asked clutching His stomach.

"It's an Australian phrase" Bob replied.

"How did You know?" I asked.

Bob took a book out of His pocket and showed it to Me. The title was 'Aussie Slang'.

It was pretty funny, considering Bob was reading up on slang.

"Anyway let's go" I said, getting up and walking out the door.

"You sure You're ok?" Gerard asked as He caught up to Me and held My hand.

"I will be when I get My revenge" I replied.

"It's not that simple Winter. She's not all up there in the head, whatever You do can't be that-"

"Gerard She wants to kill Me to get to You, if You think for one minute I am going to hold back then You are mistaken-"

"- Just because She's insane doesn't mean You give Her the beating of Her life-"

"- Since when did it become Your job to regulate what I do or don't do? I can handle things for Myself-"

"I don't want You to for goodness sake You were just in hospital-"


"So I don't want to see You get hurt. I need You in My life Winter, not six feet under"

"Gerard that isn't going to happen, I'll be fine"

"Ok" Gerard replied.

"Was that a fight?" Mikey asked very confused.

"If it was it was the fastest fight ever to be resolved after 2 seconds of actually yelling" Kit said whiloe just as confused as everyone else.

"What do You have in mind to do to Her Winter?" Aggie asked.

I thought for a while. It had to be big and bad. I was also at a disadvantage, She knew who I was but I had no information on Her that I could get My hands on, but...wait YES! of course! it was so simple.

"We are going to have a haunting" I replied.

"A what?" Frankie asked.

"I get the feeling that Scarlet's fixation on Gerard isn't the first one, after all Gerard wasn't famous for Her entire life-"

"True Winter but what are You getting at?" Ray asked.

"Maybe She's gone that insane over a guy She likes that has a girl that She's been compelled to...kill?" I questioned My own logic.

"She does sound like She'd do anything to have Gerard bone Her" Kit replied.

"Hey!" Gerard exclaimed.

"No offense Gerard" Kit added a little while later.

"What do You need?" Damien asked.

"I need to look like the girl from the ring, only this time- She's lifesize and out of the package" I growled.
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