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Something Deserved This Way Slinks

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Winter gets Her revenge.

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I watched from the shadows as Gerard approached Scarlet and supposedly told Her how He dumped Me and wanted to go home with Her.

What He was saying was obviously making an impact as Her face twisted from shock into a flirty smile.

She winked and took His hand and as She did so I heard Damien's voice in My head.

"I did some digging on the internet and found out that where Scarlet used to live there was a girl, Melissa, and a guy, Colt. Scarlet moved into that town and set Her eyes on Colt doing pretty much the same thing that She's doing to Gerard and like You Melissa didn't take to kindly to someone moving in on Her boyfriend. The catiness between Scarlet and Melissa escalated until 5 months after Scarlet moves in Melissa's body is found in a ditch with slashes all over Her body. She was literally left to bleed to death in a ditch. Police still have no idea who did it but fortunatley for Us We can take a leap of faith and believe Scarlet did it. Good luck Winter, make Us proud".

I walked slowly behind Gerard and Scarlet, Gerard talking loudly so that Scarlet couldn't hear Me dragging My torn white dress along the ground.

I watched as Scarlet opened the door, Gerard putting His shoes outside the door, or that is what Scarlet saw before dashing into the house.

What She didn't see was that Gerard wedged the door open with one of His shoes so I could get in easily.

He winked at Me and walked into the house.

I dragged Myself up the steps and opened the door a little.

Since I couldn't see anything much anyway I walked inside and caught a glimpse of Myself in the mirror close to the doorway.

I had matted hair streaked with blood hanging loosley over My face and cascading down My shoulders, a torn white dress with blood in the exact places where Melissa had been slashed (thank god for morgue photos) and blood on My hands and feet as though I tried to stem the bleeding.

I turned around to see a young girl standing in front of Me.

"Melissa?" The little girl whispered.

She looked to be about 10 and had a wrist band on with Rosewoood Finish on it.

I flung My hair back and showed Her My face which looked just fine.

"I'm here to stop Scarlet from ever killing again" Even I was shocked I was saying something so corny, but the little girl nodded and went back upstairs.

I put My hair back in place and walked towards the light switch which as I touched it went off.

"What happened to the lights? Violet if You've done this I'll tell Mum-"

"Shhh let's just enjoy the darkness"

"Whatever You say Gerard"

I rolled My eyes as I walked pressed a button on My wrist that wasn't visible with all the blood.

Suddenly awful sounds of moaning and shrieking poured out of the device thanks to Aggie and Frankie.

I could hear Scarlet freaking out and decided now was the time for My big entrance.

I dragged The dress into the room trying not to make a sound on the floor and stood infront of Scarlet and Gerard who was desperatley trying to feign horror.

"Scarlet why did You kill Me?" I asked in a ghostly and sweet voice- the kind that comes from the grave.


"You could have had any boy in that school, You were pretty enough, but You had to have Colt. He was mine and You took Me away from Him. I won't let You do that to Winter or any other girl ever again" I screamed and raised My arms high in the air swiping at another device that was up My arm and screamed louder as lights flew from My arms thanks to Mikey and kit.

Scarlet screamed and begged Me to stop over and over again.


I stopped and crept closer to Her.

I could see the tears falling from Her eyes and knew She really did believe Me to be Melissa.

I crouched down in front of Her.

"Alright. But if You ever bother Winter or Gerard again I will be back. And if You EVER try to do what You did to Colt and Me to anyone anywhere in this whole world I will be back for You, and next time I will let You bleed to death in a ditch" I slowly replied as I pressed a device on My foot that spread a thick cloud of smoke.

As it clouded Her eyes I rushed out the door with My dress tucked up in My hands.

As I made it onto the street I thought I saw someone that was dressed like Me, and as I looked even closer I noticed it looked a hell of a lot like Melissa.

But the time it took for a bus to drive by She had vanished.

Maybe I was hallucinating, But after that night I always thought that that was Melissa's thankyou.
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