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Life After Revenge

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Winter Smiles at Her revenge, but is it too soon to celebrate?

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I woke up the next day tangled in My costume of the night before and a naked Gerard.

...Wait a minute- NAKED GERARD

I started to scream blue murder- what the hell happened!?!?!

Gerard woke up with a start and clamped a hand over My mouth to stop My screaming.

"Shhhh Winter it's ok I just took a shower and cuddled up to You I'm sorry I must have fallen asleep while cuddling You"

I breathed deeply and stood up- well I attempted to stand up, what I did was fall flat on My face and feel My foot connect with something it really shouldn't have.

Next thing I knew Gerard was on the ground next to Me clutching His crotch and groaning.

Just then Mikey walked in.

"Winter You broke Him" Mikey said while walking out of the room.


After a shower and some hot chocolate (whoever drinks coffee should hide from Me because it's DISGUSTING)

I asked what day it was.

"I think it's the 5th of November" Bob replied.

The day rang an awful gut sinking bell, the kind of sinking feeling like when Your standing on that dock in Godzilla and see Godzilla coming towards You and knowing You are going to die.

I rushed over to My bed and picked up My laptop and went through all My unread emails since I had been very lazy and looked at one from My sister which read-

"Dear Snow Queen,

My wedding is on the 7th of November and You had better come otherwise I will come back to America and give You such a wallop!

Love The Autumn Robber"

I sat there stunned.

I had forgotten about My own Sister's wedding.

Damien looked over My shoulder and asked "Where is the wedding?"

"In the bush where We made our cute and cuddly friends. We have to get out there today" I stated.

"Why? I mean it's the 5th today and the wedding is two days away" Ray replied.

"Dude it's simple geography- Australia and America have a days difference. Basically The date there is the 6th" I added.

"Well then let's go!" Aggie said punching the air with Her fist.

We all looked at Her funny.

"What?" Aggie asked.

"You watch too much girly anime" I replied.
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