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Plane Trip From...Do I Know You?

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Winter is in for a shocking surprise.

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Since everyone was used to sharing suitcases We loaded 4 onto the plane and hopped on after having the mad dash of Our lives to get there.

First frankie forgot all His underwear and He had to go back and get it even though Aggie was screaming "WHAT DO YOU NEED IT FOR?" behind Him.

Then Bob forgot His books so He had to go back for that.

Finally Ray realised He had forgotten His hair products and that made Me snap.

"Ray You can borrow Mine and the next person that says They have forgotten something will wish They never said anything about it" I growled as everyone sat quietly in their seats in the car.

Kit, Aggie, Damien and I had Our own plane so We hopped on with Gerard, Mikey, Frankie, Ray and Bob following closely behind.

"Cool private seats!" Mikey exclaimed.

"For privacy" Kit purred in His ear as Mikey blushed a deep shade of crimson.

I laughed and sat down next to Gerard who looked a bit troubled.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Well. It's just that this will be the first time Us three have been together since..."

"Oh. Well I know My sister- She only holds grudges against people that deserve it and We don't" I replied.

"Then nothing's wrong except where are MY PEANUTS!!!"

"THERE IN MY PANTS!!!" Ray yelled from somewhere behind Us.

"What's this about nuts?" Mikey asked.

"Not just any nuts Mikey- MINE" Gerard yelled back.

I sighed and sat there as there was a yelling free for all about Gerard's nuts when the Pilot came in.

"Sorry guys but You are going to have to keep it down if You want to go to Australia"

"Sorry Sir" Bob said nicely, unfortunatley He sounded like a 12 yeard old which gave everyone the giggles.

The pilot dissapeared again while I stared after Him.

"Does anyone recognise the pilot? He just looks really familiar" I asked.

"He doesn't ring My personal bell what about You Bob?" Gerard asked.

"I'm ringless" Bob replied.

I shrugged and settled down for the flight, and it wasn't long before I fell asleep.

When I woke Up We were in the hotel room I had booked for Gerard and I, with Gerard right next to Me fast asleep.

He looked so innocent and I smiled and gaped in horror at Myself- I was becoming sappy!

100% romantically challenged no more and it was starting to scare Me.

It didn't scare Me half as Much as the phone on the bedside table did when it rang and made Me fall out of bed.

I got up and looked at Gerard.

"You girly it doesn't hurt THAT much" I whispered to Him and picked up the phone.


"Hey Snow Queen"

"AUTUMN ROBBER!" I screamed and landed on the bed and evidently on Gerard who let out a yell.

"Oh sorry Gerard but it's Autumn" I whispered.

"You do realise the wedding is today" Autumn told Me.

"....Of course I remembered You know Me remebering...girl ok so I forgot what time is it?"

"5 o'clock be there or be square" She replied and hung up.

"What time is it?" I asked.

"It is....4:30"

".....CRAP" I screamed and rushed around the room trying to get ready while Gerard sighed and called everyone and told Them to get ready.


We got to the wedding and as the gang sat down I walked up the the alter and stood beside My sister- Hey I was family and it was My place too, in fact I was the only family there.

The ceremony started as Autumn smiled at Me and then at Her husband.

It was smooth sailing until I heard someone walk in on the ceremony and a slight scream.

I turned around to see the pilot with A woman from the Groom's side held at gun point by HIM.

I made to walk towards Him but He emphasised how He had a hold of Her and a gun so I stopped and nodded to Gerard to turn around.

"HEY!" Gerard yelled as He stood up.

"SIT Your ass down You FREAK" The Pilot said.

By now everyone was watching.

"Don't call Him a freak- He's not the one with a gun" Autumn exclaimed.

"Shut up Bitch, unless You want a gun in Your face" The pilot spat.

"Who the hell are You coming in here and spoiling this wedding" I tried to ask calmly.

"Because this should Be My wedding, and if I can't have You Autumn and Winter, then No one can"

"J-Josh?" I asked, finally recognising Him.

"Say goodbye to Your Groom Autumn" Josh said and pulled the trigger.

I screamed and lunged in the way of the bullet- I couldn't lose My sister again.

The bullet hit Me in the heart and I gasped and fell to the floor, Autumn crying and screaming over My body.

All of a sudden I heard another bang and Autumn was next to Me, bleeding as heavily as Me.

Another bang and I turned My head as best I could to see Gerard fall to the floor, a bullet in His neck.

Then all I could see was black.
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