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Amusement Parks and Barriers

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Chapter 3

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After the scrumptious dinner the group, minus Mrs. Weasley who made her way to the kitchen to exchange recipes, headed out to the stables for a ride to find that the stable hands were not back from their own meal yet. But it was no problem; Manuel, Trevor, Harry, and Blaise knew the stables like the backs of their hand and they knew the perfect mounts to choose for everyone. Naturally the twins and Ginny headed for their usual mounts, Harry and Blaise electing to go with them in order to help them saddle up. That left Manuel and Trevor to locate the perfect horses for Percy, Ron, and Mr. Weasley while Bill and Charlie went in search of the mounts they had ridden before dinner.

Around that time two of the grooms appeared and were more than happy to help those unfamiliar with horses get ready and mounted, it had alarmed them just a bit to see Mr. Weasley try and imitate Manuel who was saddling Dancer for Percy. Willy might be a tame horse, but there was no way he was going to stand still much longer under such unskilled hands. After that they had everyone out of the stable and mounted up in no time, those familiar with riding giving the newbie's a crash course; the two grooms decided to ride along as well for safety's sake.

The first to fall was Mr. Weasley who had been leaning around in his saddle to examine the trappings on his horse. By the time he took his second fall it was decided that it would be better if he rode up behind Blaise, she had chosen a gentle horse instead of her normally spirited mount and Waterfall could easily carry two. Ron was doing very well on Epheny, but Percy was intimidated by Dancer and the mare knew it. Deciding to be playful Dancer took off at a mad gallop, leaving Percy to hold on for dear life. Within seconds of this happening Manuel commanded the group to rein in as he and Trevor took off after Percy and Dancer. Manuel and Trevor urged their mounts flat out, coming up quickly on either side of Percy. With a fierce grab Trevor had Dancer by the bridle and Manuel hauled Percy free and lowered him to the ground. Harry joined the group then and held out a hand to Percy.

"You can mount up in front of me" Harry offered "you'll probably feel better riding double than singly and it's too far to walk back."

"You're horse looks crazier than that one" Percy said warily, not yet reaching up for Harry's outstretched hand.

"Azrael may look wild, but he won't try anything as long as I'm up here with you" Harry assured Percy and thankfully, with a bit of coaxing, Percy took Harry's hand.

A few stretching steps by Azrael had Percy relaxing as he realized that Harry's arms would keep him from falling again and they group prodded their horses into a smooth walk back towards the house. They had done enough riding for the evening and it wasn't a good idea to keep the greenies out on the tracks as night fell.

~~ ~~ ~*~

The next morning dawned early for most of the residence of the Darkov mansion, especially Harry and Blaise who were outside with their fathers and Sensei; the two troublemakers had stayed up a bit late with the twins doing what they did next, causing mischief. The group of five was walking the path in the crisp morning air, reveling in the fact that the sun would soon rise to burn off the encroaching mist and add a wonderful heat to the day. It was also their chance for a little quality time before their guests awoke and they launched into a whirlwind day full of activity.

What they didn't know was that at least one of their guests was already awake, unable to sleep any longer in the unfamiliar surroundings, and watching them with mouth agape. The watcher had never seen such things before and both marveled and feared the skill the group out on the lawn possessed. It was grace and danger that the person was seeing, worship and battle. Dragging themselves away from the window the peeping Tom headed for the door to the room they were staying in, hoping to make it downstairs in time to get a better look at was going on. The handle turned easily under their hand, the door pulling open, and the person walked out into the hall just in time to find themselves being drenched with water and something else.

"Bloody hell" the person screamed "Fred! George! I'm going to kill you!"

~~ ~~ ~*~

"Bloody hell" Ron's scream echoed through the halls as he frantically swatted at dead spiders "Fred! George! I'm going to kill you!"

Many things happen simultaneously at that point.

The on-duty guards were compelled to action, some going to check on the disturbance while others began securing the grounds and checking the security systems. The off-duty guards that were asleep all woke and rolled out of bed, guns at the ready as they ran out their doors. Manuel, Trevor, Harry, Blaise, and Sensei all stopped in mid move and took off for the house even though the two troublemakers already knew what was going on and Manuel had his suspicions. Bill skidded out into the hallway to stare in disbelief at his youngest brother, quickly lowering his wand and hiding his gun behind his back. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley groaned in embarrassment that their children couldn't behave. Charlie and Ginny were cracking up laughing as Percy stood there droning on about childish antics. The twins merely stayed hidden in their room, door locked, as they smirked in triumph.

The guards who had come to investigate matters slunk away in the shadows to call a stand down, unnoticed by any of the Weasley's except Bill who gave them the tiniest of nods. What they hadn't expected to encounter on their way down towards their comrades was an incensed group of off-duty guards, all soaking wet. You see, the prank on Ron had been a diversion, a catalyst of sorts. Just as Harry and Blaise had expected, upon hearing screams most of the off-duty guards had sprinted immediately out their doors without bothering to check the corridors first and thus had received an unexpected shower.

"What happened to you" one of the on-duty guards dared ask.

"The Demoni" someone growled irritably.

Harry, Blaise, Fred, and George had struck again.

~~ ~~ ~*~

"You ready" Manuel asked Harry out of pure habit, hardly ever was Harry ever unarmed anymore.

"Yeah dad" Harry called as he stepped into the hallway where Manuel was waiting, making a few last minute adjustments.

They had just finished breakfast about thirty minutes ago and everyone had headed to their rooms in order to get ready to go to the amusement park. They weren't going to be leaving for another half an hour still, but Harry and Manuel were ready and were going to talk with the guards before they left. Together father and son began making their way downstairs to the ground floor meeting room, pausing briefly at the top of the last flight of stairs, unaware of the feeling of déjà vu Trevor was experiencing as he watched. It was exactly like that morning five years ago when Harry had turned seven.

Just as they had that day father and son paused at the top of the stairs, the very picture of danger. Both were tall, Harry taller than most his age, and tanned with slimly toned bodies trained for combat and their light weight but form-fitting black clothes allowed them to nearly blend with the shadows. Their long and silky tresses of midnight hair were pulled back, still damp from their showers, in identical ponytails while a set of green eyes and a set of eyes so dark as to be nearly black scanned the surrounding area alertly; a taunt air of readiness surrounded them both. Looking at them no one would ever suspect that Harry had been adopted. Then the pause was over and father and son were continuing on down the stairs to where Trevor and Blaise awaited them, both smiling warmly in greeting.

Together the foursome walked to the meeting room where most all the guards were gathered, ready for the days briefing. Only about dozen guards weren't present and that was because they were all on-duty at the time.

"Morning everyone" Manuel called, bringing the meeting to order "as you know we are making a trip to the amusement park, which is closed to the general public, today. That means that shifts are going to be different today as well. There will be only three day shifts instead of the usual four. That means one on-duty shift; one off-duty shift; and one amusement park duty shift. You'll be drawing lots to see what your shift order is. The twelve that are already on-duty right now will hit off-duty as their second shift and the park as their third, some of you will be joining them depending on the lots. Any questions? No? Let the draw begin."

Solemnly the guards passed around the basket in which slips of paper with the shifts written on were in. A few of the guards gave good-natured sighs when they realized that they were on-duty first while others grinned happily to either be going to the amusement park or being off-duty. Some were even turning to their comrades and haggling in order to get a change of shift lineup. Manuel shook his head in amusement at the antics going on around him and motioned Harry and Blaise out of the room with him, leaving Trevor to find out who had pulled what timetable for the day.

"Come on" Manuel said "by the time we get the Weasley's together and in the car Trevor will be done and have the first amusement park shift ready to tail us."

~~ ~~ ~*~

Pure and complete amazement, and well, not just a bit of confusion could accurately describe the Weasley's as they gazed upon what was an amusement park for the first time. It was quite clear that the two worlds did not mix often enough, a fact that sorely needed remedying in light of some of the prejudices the magical held against the non-magical.

The expressions seen on the faces of the Weasleys could only be compared to the ones a person might seen on the face of a muggleborn when they first learn that they are magical and set foot into the alternate reality that is Diagon Alley or any other part of the wizarding world.

Even stoic Percy couldn't keep the surprise and wonder off his face even though he didn't understand what half the things now surrounding him were for. The twins were visibly itching to run off, only being kept back by the looks on some of the faces of the guards who were going to be seeking revenge for that mornings prank. Ron and Ginny's eyes were rounded in wonder while Charlie looked as if he had just discovered some new breed of dragon. Bill was grinning at the expressions on his family's faces while Mrs. Weasley looked practically intimidated. Mr. Weasley on the other hand looked ecstatic, as if Christmas had come early, and Trevor knew a sharp eye would need to be kept on him; after all, they had already found him 'investigating' a light socket earlier. You would think that after the first electric shock he wouldn't have tried to stick his wand back into the opening, but he did and the mingled electrical and magical energy in the room had been intense.

"Come on" Harry and Blaise suddenly took off, the Weasley children following eagerly "let's get started."

The smirking guards looked ready to give chase, but Manuel held them back long enough for a word.

"I know you wish revenge for this mornings prank, but save it for when we get home. They have guests that are innocent of their activities. Giving them cause to be wary is acceptable though."

The smirks that had dimmed when Manuel had forbidden them to prank the Demoni at the amusement park returned full force; this would perhaps be even more fun. They would have the Demoni so wary of return fire for that morning's prank that they would be constantly looking over one shoulder. The guards took off to spread out all over the amusement park, occasionally passing conversations through their radios as they planned. Meanwhile Harry, Blaise, and the others were making plans that were just as important.

"What should we ride first" Harry called to Blaise.

"Something slightly tamer than normal" Blaise decided "we don't want to throw them straight into the big stuff. How about the Rickety Roller?"

Harry made a face "alright, but that ride's shaky. The Sickened Skull is much smoother."

Changing directions slightly the group made their way to the Rickety Roller and ran through the empty turnstiles. Grinning they made sure their friends were in their seats and had the lap bars pulled down tightly before taking their own seats. With a click that echoed through the covered station where you boarded the rollercoaster cars the bars locked and a jolt ran through them. With a rumbling click-clank the thick track chains began pulling the cars out of the station and up the incline that would send them on a whiling ride of whiplash.

Harry and Blaise sat perfectly composed as they reached the top of the starting slope of the ride though grins flitted across their faces at the thought of the upcoming ride, how they wished they could see the expressions their friends wore as they realized what they were about to face.

But the excited and somewhat apprehensive cries, the Weasley's really had no idea what was going on with the ride, told them everything and when they finally hopped out of the cars everyone was smiling even though they appeared to be slightly shaken. The jerky whips around the curves of the track had done a number on the teens used to the smooth turnings of their brooms, brooms they could move with as they were the ones controlling the flight.

"Bloody hell" Charlie muttered "that must be what a Wronski Feint feels like, that sudden plunge before pulling up, but on that thing you have no control."

Harry grinned "your brooms probably go faster than that, but when you don't have control it seems so much faster and much more dangerous. The fastest coaster here only goes up to about 100 mph."

After that it was a constant race from one ride to the next with stops at the various concessions stands in between. The guards were also popping up at various moments, giving the Demoni looks that bespoke warning and they knew that while they were safe for the time being hunting season would begin when they went back to the mansion. The worst thing that happened during the whole day, besides Percy throwing up after riding the Sickened Skull for the third time, was the fault of Mr. Weasley.

It was nearing the end of the day and Harry, Blaise, Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George, Ron, and Ginny had just gotten on the parachute ride and strapped themselves into the seats and had been hoisted up to the top of a pole along sturdy steel cables. Now, had things gone as they were supposed to the ride would have dropped them straight down into a fast plunge before the ride slowed automatically at a certain point. What they hadn't realized when they were being hoisted back up was that the ride attendant that had helped strap them in was the only one operating that ride for the day and he hadn't yet made it back to the control box to start the ride. Mr. Weasley had though and his fascination with plugs and buttons and anything electric had compelled him to play around with the unattended treasure in front of him.

Things got even worse for the group on the ride when they managed to take their attention off of the fact that they were being jerked uncontrollably up and down long enough to hear the attendant yelling that he couldn't get into the booth because it was locked.

"That's it" Bill gritted his teeth and pulled his wand after a particularly violent jerk that had them either throwing up or near to it "Veno Desina!"

Magic and machinery collided and through sheer force of will Bill's spell overrode the electrical circuits and fried them, bringing the ride to a blessed halt. Inside the box Mr. Weasley seemed to realize that the ride was no longer working and upon discovering that the door with the eckeltric box wouldn't open apparated outside in time to hear the children yelling to be gotten down.

"What's going on" he asked in confusion "did something go wrong?"

"Something started happening with the controls" the frantic attendant growled as he paced, waiting for someone to show up with the maintenance truck to get the kids down "the boss is gonna skin me alive for this."

Mr. Weasley blushed, but remained silent as he realized that he was the one to have caused the trouble with his insatiable curiosity. He was also about to use magic to fix his mistake before realizing that he couldn't in front of the muggle and so joined the muggle in waiting helplessly. Ten minutes later the truck finally arrived and the bucket was sent up so that they could be un-strapped and let down two by two. Harry and Blaise were let down last and came down just in time to see them grilling the hapless ride attendant mercilessly, only to stop abruptly when they saw their children safe on the ground. In an embarrassing, but much welcomed display, Harry and Blaise were swept up into their father's arms and hugged tightly before being led away. It was apparent that their day was suddenly at an end.

Slightly put out the group began to head towards the parking lot even as they were a bit relieved to be going home, that last ride had put them all a bit out of sorts. The good mood of the group was returned though when they came upon the mime.

"What in Merlin's" began one twin.

"Name is that man" picked up the other.

"Doing" they ended in a chorus.

Harry looked over and saw that they were looking at a mime.

"That's a mime" he said before explaining "they don't talk, but they'll stand there and act things out to try and make people laugh and to just be amusing."

The look in the twin's eyes spoke of mischief as they tripped over to the mime, bowing with a flourish to the man who clapped his white gloved hands to his painted face and pretended to look in shock between the twins before fainting. Neatly recovering from the practiced fall the mime jumped back up and grinned at the twins and went to lunge at them before acting as if he had been jerked back by some invisible force. Glaring around suspiciously the mime began reeling an imaginary rope towards him, but by now the twins had caught on and 'grabbed' at the other end. A furious game of tug-of-war ensued with the mime digging his heels furiously into the ground as he pretended to fight against the twins before suddenly letting go of the rope.

For a moment the twins almost seemed to lose their place in the game before falling backwards into a tangle. With pretend look of shock on his face the mime helped the twins up and fluttered around them, brushing them off before allowing a smirk to grace his painted face as he waved them off. The twins looked ready to go back for another round but Mrs. Weasley grabbed onto the collars of their shirts and pulled them towards the now waiting cars. Exhausted but in high spirits the group piled into the vehicles and made their way back to the Darkov mansion where the Weasley's would floo home; Trevor had warded a room in which a fireplace was hooked up to the floo, but it was protected so that you could only floo out and not in.

"Be on your guard" Manuel was instructing Harry quietly as they walked towards the barrier at platform 9 ¾ "I don't like how things went last year, but at least this year I know Severus will keep an eye on you. And for the love of the clan keep yourself fully armed at all times, I'd send a Dagger with you if I could. Also, don't let that headmaster talk you into anything or get you to reveal anything, there's cunning behind that grandfatherly façade."

Harry nodded as his father talked, they had been through this many times already that morning but he knew it was worry that had his father relentlessly pursuing the topic. The worst thing was that Harry understood the concern and felt it himself though not to the extent that Manuel did. He was the one who had faced the possessed Quirrell at the end of last year with no help in sight except for Blaise, how he had frantically wished for the protection of the guards that had been with him over the years then.

Looking up Harry and Manuel noticed that Blaise and Trevor had already disappeared through the wall leading to platform 9 ¾ and it was now their turn. Walking boldly forward with purpose so as not to attract attention by acting furtive Harry and his father strode towards the barrier only to come in contact with a brick wall. Puzzled Harry and his father looked at each other knowing that they had the right place, but the barrier wasn't letting them through.

"What's going on Harry" Manuel asked knowing that there was nothing he could do as this dealt with magic and he wasn't a wizard.

"I don't know" Harry spoke softly "I can sense the barrier here, but it seems to be shut for some reason. Trevor and Blaise made it through though. What if something's happening on the other side and they're in trouble?"

The same thought had been tumbling through Manuel's mind "is there any way you can get us through?"

Harry frowned before concentrating his magic and imagining the barrier opening up to let him and his father through. Slowly Harry began to, well, force his magic out was the only way he could think of to describe it and he felt the barrier try and ripple open even as some unknown force opposed him. Struggling Harry pushed on, refusing to give up as he used more magic, taking strength from his father's belief in him as well as the comforting hand upon his shoulder. With a sudden surge the barrier opened under his relentless assault and Harry told his father to go through before him, he knew the moment he walked through the barrier he would be unable to keep opposing the force that continued to fight back. Nodding Manuel backed through the barrier, watching his son's back all the while as he prepared to pull his child to him if needed. With a nearly inaudible cry Harry threw himself through the opening he had punched through the barrier and landed awkwardly in his father's arms, the barrier snapping resolutely shut behind him.

"You alright" Manuel asked Harry urgently after he finished scanning the station and realized that there was no threat, no one had even taken any notice of them.

"Yeah" Harry spoke softly, fighting off dizziness but unwilling to tell his father.

"Let's find Trevor and Blaise and get you to a compartment" Manuel said, surreptitiously supporting Harry though he made out that it was more of a protective gesture; he knew Harry would not confess to the tiredness that was writ across his young face and would refuse help if it was presented as that.

Pushing forward through the crowd Manuel drew Harry along behind him, pretending not to notice that Harry was leaning a bit heavily on his arm as they made their way to the end carriage where they knew Trevor and Blaise would be. He didn't care if anyone called out rudely as he shoved a path through the milling throng; he only wanted to see Harry to a compartment where his son could safely rest. In relief he glimpsed Trevor worriedly scanning the crowd and waved his best friend over, ignoring the questioning glances he was sent as they both flanked Harry. With mere minutes to spare they settled an exhausted Harry into the compartment with Blaise, Manuel promising to fill Trevor in later as the train was about to leave.

"I love you Harry" Manuel whispered as he placed a kiss upon the boys forehead, smiling yet worried when he noticed the boy was already asleep.

The warning whistle sounded and Manuel quickly secured a promise from Blaise to watch over Harry as he slept and to make sure he ate when he awoke before leaving the compartment so Trevor could throw up a hasty ward that only the children could take down. With that both men left the train and stared at it as the scarlet engine departed, a sense of foreboding suddenly filling them.

"Severus will be there to watch over them" Trevor spoke suddenly, softly, as if to reassure them both; but it didn't matter, the only thing that would really reassure them now was to have their children safely at their sides.

~~ ~~ ~*~

Meanwhile on the other side of the barrier a young redhead was panicking. He had slipped away from his mothers coddling only to drop his pet rat. Naturally he had chased after his worthless pet only to realize that the hunt had taken him back through the barrier into the muggle world. Quickly he had ran back at the barrier, hoping to make it through before the train left, only to smash headlong into rough brick. The barrier was closed and he could only watch helplessly as a nearby clock struck eleven, the train had left without him and he was stuck in the muggle world, unknowing of when his parents would come back through. That was if they didn't apparate home, but they couldn't apparate without leaving the car.

Ron's eyes widened as inspiration struck. The car! It could fly and turn invisible. It couldn't be that hard to drive it, after all the twins along with Harry and Blaise had snuck it out earlier that summer. All he had to do was hit the invisibility booster and get it into the air before following the Express to Hogwarts. Grinning at the thought of the twins expression when he landed the car at Hogwarts Ron scampered off towards the parking lot. They sure would be jealous and wish they had been along with him, it would be something to tease them about for a long time.

~~ ~~ ~*~

"Come on Harry" a voice called and he felt a fleeting touch on his shoulder before he jerked awake, knife coming out.

In a corner of the compartment Blaise stood with a knowing look upon her face, she had been expecting him to lash out and had jumped back after giving him a shake. With a wiry smile Harry sheathed his knife and stretched out his body, working out the cramps he had acquired while sleeping.

"What time is it" he yawned "are we near Hogwarts yet?"

"No" Blaise replied shaking her head "but the trolley lady is right outside and I figured you'd need something to eat."

"Thanks Blaise" Harry smiled at his friend and turned to greet the trolley lady as he selected an assortment of candy before sorting some wizard money out from his pounds and paying for it.

Thanking the trolley lady Harry dumped the candy into the empty basket Blaise had handed him and turned to see that Blaise had set out the food Lucille had sent along with them for the trip. Seriously, with the amount of food Lucille had packed them you would think that the school didn't feed them any; there was probably enough food for five people. Spread out on one of the seats were a large variety of sandwiches, crisps, two canteens of soup, pickles, cookies, mini cakes, and two thermoses of soup. In the end it turned out to be a good thing that Lucille had packed so much for the twins and Ginny could be heard out in the hall and they were looking for them.

"In here" Blaise shoved the door open and motioned the Weasley's in "we're just about to have lunch."

The Weasley's eagerly joined when they learned Lucille had packed the lunch and threw their own food into the mix to slightly swell the available amount. Lee Jordan ended up joining them as well and the compartment was full of laughter and plotting as pranks were thought of and the twins teased Ginny about going through the sorting. As the train drew up to the station Harry was wishing that he had gotten the chance to sleep a bit more before the feast, but a wave of magic swept over him as they passed through the wards around the station and energized him slightly. They paused at the station long enough to bid Ginny good luck as she went with the other first years towards Hagrid and the boats before walking along with the other students towards the carriages that would transport them to the school. Thankfully only the first years went by boat and the twins along with Harry, Blaise, and Lee Jordan secured a carriage by themselves for the ride to Hogwarts.

"What are the things pulling the carriage" Harry asked once they had set off and Blaise nodded to indicate her curiosity as well.

"Things pulling the carriage?"

The others were puzzled and said the carriages weren't pulled by anything that they could see. Harry and Blaise exchanged looks but said no more on the matter as the carriage rumbled over the rocky path towards the castle. But their curiosity hadn't abated and when the carriages pulled to a stop they walked to the front and studied the horse-like creatures there. They were a black and bony creature with leathery wings jutting out from their backs and eyes that shone a clouded white in the night. The creatures also possessed a spirited air about them that reminded him slightly of Azrael when the stallion was in a demonic mood, only Azrael wasn't skin and bones and didn't have wings. These were the types of horses you could imagine pulling the chariot of Hades. Taking a chance Harry reached out and rubbed one of the creatures on the nose, glad that it didn't bite at him but leaned into the touch gracefully, before he headed into the school with Blaise and the others for the sorting and feast.

~~ ~~ ~*~

"Weasley, Ginevra" McGonagall called out, gathering Harry's full attention in order to see where the youngest Weasley went to.

It took a few minutes, but finally the hat shouted out "GRYFFINDOR" and Ginny happily took a seat at the Gryffindor table next to the twins who were rowdily congratulating her. Managing to catch Ginny's eye he mouthed 'Ginevra' questioningly and received a blush in response, causing him to chuckled before he turned back to the matter that had previously attracted his attention; the absence of one Professor Severus Snape at the head table. His worry over the professor was short lived though as the head of Slytherin house swept into the great hall amidst the groans of students who had been hoping he had not returned to harass them for yet another year. A quick word with Dumbledore and McGonagall had the transfiguration teacher heading out of the Hall behind Professor Snape; Dumbledore left a few minutes later after starting the feast.

Rampant speculation filled the hall as to what had called three of the teachers away from the feast, but no one seemed to have any real ideas except for the Weasley's. They had noticed that Ron was missing and caught the attention of Harry and Blaise to indicate their missing brother. Harry and Blaise nodded in acknowledgement but knew that there was nothing they could do about it and so turned back to eating, noting when the missing professors returned. Nothing else noteworthy happened during the feast except for Gilderoy Lockhart being introduced and giving a longwinded speech about nothing before sitting down with a flourish so that Dumbledore could give his announcements. It was going to be a long year Harry thought as he settled back into the familiar comfort of the Slytherin dorms and he was going to give Lockhart as much trouble as he could.

~~ ~~ ~*~

Meanwhile a tiny creature with large, floppy ears and tennis ball eyes was ironing his already bandaged hands, occasionally stopping to bang his head with the oven door, all the while muttering how he had failed his master.

"Couldn't get to Mister Harry Potter" he was muttering "couldn't keep him from the train. Master be mad at poor Dobby. Master punish Dobby. Dobby punish self for Master. Dobby do better next time. Master must give Dobby a new chance. Dobby do better next time."
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