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A Hospital Stay For Frank

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Frank spends some time in the hospital.

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********Frank's POV*******

Fuck what is wrong with me I'm losing everything Sam, the band. I don't want to deal with this I want to leave this world altogether everyone would be so much happier with out me. I picked up the bottle of vodka that they left out side it's almost completely full and chugged it down all of it. 'Fuck' I say under my breath I think I drank to fast I felt dizzy I try my best to get to the bus but it seems like the closer I get the farther then I actually am . I finally make it I open it up and walk up the stairs to find Sam talking with Jepha they stop and look at me. I want my bed the room is spinning to much.

"Frank are you ok?" I hear Sam asks me I spin around too fast. I can't see straight I can't focus. I fall to the floor, the last thing I remember is Sam crying over me saying 'Frank I love you I'm sorry I made you choose I just want you to be clean if you get clean I will be your girl again if you just make it out alive please' and Jepha screaming to call 911!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~Normal POV~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The doctors say that Frank overdosed on a number of thing one being alcohol another being cocaine. Hopefully this will scar him into stopping everything. I sat next too frank In the hospital for a week waiting for him to wake up. To day is day 8 I hope he wakes up.

"GEE HE SQUEZED MY HAND" I yell for Gerard down the hall he was waking up. Gee come running down the hall. I turn back around to see frank crying in his bed I run to his side.

"Frank baby what's wrong?" I asked him.

"I was hoping I was dead" he said crying. I turn to se geared standing there.

"Gee can I talk to him alone" I asked him as he nodded his head and left.

"Frank you tried killing yourself. Why?" I asked him.

"Sam I am losing everything you my band my life I can't take it I want to die I want to make everyone happy." He sobbed as I crawled on the bed.

"Frank all anyone wants is to see you clean. I want to be with you but not when your like this I want a clean and sober Frank not a drunk and high one" I tell him hugging him.

"I know but it will be hard I don't like thing being hard to quit"

"Frank that's what I'm here for if you stop everything right now I with marry you again and you will have you band back and your life" I tell him stroking his hair.

"okay I will get clean I need you" He told me as my heart did little flips of joy.
"Yay thank you frank I love you" I tell him kissing him.

"I love you to dose this mean you will marry me again?" he asked me.

"Yes it does you will have everything back" I tell him as I kiss him again.

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