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Happily Ever After

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The End

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Drama, Romance - Characters: Frank Iero - Warnings: [!] [!!] [!!!] [V] [X] - Published: 2007-02-25 - Updated: 2007-02-25 - 138 words

***********2 Year Later*********

Me and Frank got married on October 31 his birthday. We have one kid her name is Emily Rose Iero she is beautiful. My Chemical Romance just came out with a new cd Frank is a lot better he is sober kind of he still smokes cigarettes but I don't care cuz I do to. We got a house together in Jersey. I don't talk to my parents anymore the tried showing up for the wedding but we kicked them out cuz they rued my life I disowned them. Me and Emily go on tour with them every chance we get. Frank goes to a therapist when he can he don't like it but it helps a lot. We are very happy I love his so much.


R&R This is the end hope you enjoyed it
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