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Long Live The Car Crash Hearts.

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The end.

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Chapter 20

Long Live The Car Crash Hearts.

Pete's POV:

After we got all of out stuff out of the bus, we left for the hotel.

"So how are we doing the rooms?" Andy asked once we got there. I kind of wanted me and Kadence to have a room together but I didn't think that would happen since we had Spencer.

"You can share with Joe, I'll take Spencer, and Pete and Kade can share a room." Patrick said. I think he can read my thoughts.

"Spence will you be okay to bunk with Patrick tonight?" Kadence asked.

"Yeah! We can stay up all night and have a sleepover and everything." Spencer went on talking to Patrick. Kadence gave him Spencer's medicine and told him when he would need to take what pills and all. When she was done we grabbed our bags and went to our designated rooms.

Me and Kadence's room had a great view of the beach and a balcony to look out on. It had one full sized bed in the middle, a kitchenette off to the left and the bathroom to the right.

"Wow, it's so beautiful in here!" She said in awe.

"I know and so are you." I said coming up behind her and pulling her into a hug.

"Stop it Peter, you're making me blush." She said hiding her face in the crook of my neck.

"I speak the truth." I said picking her chin up and kissing her lightly on the lips. The kiss deepened and I lead her back to the bed without breaking it.

An hour later we were lying in bed, a mess of tangled limbs. She kissed my chest and made a trail of kisses up to my lips and pecked them lightly.

"I love you Pete." It was the first time since we had gotten back together that she actually said it to me. I was ecstatic.

"I love you too Kadence." I said kissing her passionately on the lips. We both soon fell into a peaceful sleep.

I woke up hours later to an empty bed. I sat up as Kadence walked out of the bathroom with just a towel on. I got up and gave her a kiss before heading into the bathroom myself.

Once I got out, Kadence had left the room. She must have gone to check on Spencer. I got dressed and went to check on him as well. I knocked on the door only to get no reply, so I went to Andy and Joe's room. I found everyone in there sitting around playing go-fish.

"Bored much, you guys?" I asked laughing.

"Took you long enough in the shower. Sheesh." Joe said. "I'm starving, lets go get something to eat."

Everyone agreed on going to the restaurant in the hotel and then afterwards they would go shopping.

At the mall...

"Ok, lets split up just incase we find some crazy fans. Everyone get your disguises ready." Patrick said pulling his hood up and putting on dark sunglasses. Everyone else followed suite. Kadence, Spencer, and I went in one direction and Patrick, Andy, and Joe went in the other.

"So, where to first?" Kadence asked.

"Spencer have you ever been to Hot Topic?" I asked and Kadence raised her eyebrow at me.

"No, what's that?" He asked.

"It's the store I go to, to get my clothes. Lets go." I said grabbing his and Kadence's hand.

"Whoa, this place looks awesome! Hey look dad, it's Fall Out Boy. Do they have that shirt in my size? I want one!" He said getting excited.

"Yep and you can get anything you want in here." I said grabbing a shirt in his size. He spent 2 hours in Hot Topic picking out different shirts and other articles of clothing. He even got himself a pair of slip-ons. By the time we were done shopping all together, he had himself a whole new wardrobe. He even had more than Kadence did. He defiantly takes after me.

We met up with everyone else and headed back to the hotel.

Author's POV:

The group only spent one night in the hotel and then they got another bus and were on the road again. When they played the show that night, the fans were very concerned about the fire on the bus. And Spencer loved it when they all found out that he had gotten hurt because he got all kinds of attention. The fans were bringing him teddy bears and such hoping he would get better soon.

They had been on the road for 5 months now and everyone was doing just fine, including Pete and Kadence. In fact, Pete planned on proposing to Kadence that night. And Kadence also had some big news for Pete. They were out to dinner for their 5-month anniversary when they both said each other's name at the same time.

"You can go first." Kadence told Pete.

"Kade, I'm so glad that you gave me another chance. And I'm so glad that we've been going strong. I love you so much and I don't know what I would do without you or Spencer in my life." He said getting down on one knee if front of her chair. Kadence gasped and tears started falling from her eyes immediately.

"Will you marry me Kadence?"

"Yes! Of course I will Pete! God, I love you so much!" She said pulling him in for a hug after he put the ring on her finger.

"So, you had something you wanted to tell me." Pete said after she had let go of him.

"Oh, yeah. Um... well... I'm pregnant Pete." Kadence said looking him in the eyes.

"Really!?! Another baby! This is great! I love you so much Kadence." Pete said pulling her in for another embrace. They were ecstatic and when they got back from dinner they told everyone about the big news. Of course everyone was happy for them, especially Spencer since he would be getting a brother or sister.

8 months later...

The guys were back home on a break since Kadence was do any day now. They were having a party to celebrate Pete and Kade's new home and Christmas. Everyone was sitting at the kitchen table enjoying themselves when Patrick screamed.

"Kadence did you just pee on me?" Patrick asked wiping his now damp leg.

"No! I think my water just broke!" Kadence shrieked.

"What is it baby? Are you okay?" Pete asked jumping up and going to Kade's side.

"I think it's time Pete. The baby's coming." Kadence said. Patrick ran upstairs to grab Kadence's hospital bag as Pete helped her out to the car. Pete sped off to the hospital; the others would meet them up there in their own cars.

The others were waiting in the waiting room for an update on Kadence and the baby. They decided to wait to find out the gender until the babies were born. They did find out though, that they were having twins.

Pete ran out to the waiting room with the biggest smile across his face.

"It's a boy and a girl!!" He yelled.

"Can we go see her yet?" Chelsea asked. Her and Patrick had gotten engaged too, just the other night. Pete nodded his head and they all followed him into Kade's room.

She sat in her hospital bed holding two little bundles. Patrick went up and asked if he could hold one.

"Of course you can Patrick." Kadence said handing over their newborn daughter. She handed Chelsea their son.

"Wow, Christmas babies. That has to be the best present ever huh?" Andy asked.

"Best I've ever gotten." Kadence agreed.

"Have you thought on any names yet?" Joe asked.

"Chase Michael Wentz for our son." Pete said.

"And Rose Marie Wentz for our daughter." Kadence smiled.

"So, when's the wedding?" Chelsea asked handing Chase to Joe.

"I was thinking about 3 months from now, so that I can get my figure back. So sometime in March sounds good. What do you think Pete?" Kadence asked.

"I think that sounds perfect." Pete said placing a gentle kiss on Kade's lips.

Three months later, they got married and were pronounced Mr. and Mrs. Peter Wentz.



Well this is the end. I'm kinda sad now I have nothing to write! haha but I will probably start another one here soon. Anyways I want to thank everyone who reviewed!!! You guys are all amazing! You kept this story going! Once again chapter title belongs to Fall Out Boy. Once again thanks! Bye!
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