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They say quitters never win.

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Chapter 19

They say quitters never win.

Author's POV:

Kadence and Pete walked back into the venue hand in hand. Patrick saw them and smiled, he was so happy that they had made up. Pete would be happier and Spencer would have two parents.

"Yay! You guys made up!" Spencer said clapping.

"Yeah buddy! And I'm going to be there for me whenever you need me." Pete said picking Spencer up in a hug and pulled Kade in too. Patrick grabbed his camera and took a picture.

"Aww Kodak moment!" Joe laughed. Pete flipped him off and Kadence smacked Pete in the back of the head.

"Not in front of Spencer. He's only 6 remember?" Kadence said.

"Sorry Love." Pete said giving her a kiss.

"Ew get a room!" Spencer said.

The guys' did sound check and then their show and everything went great. The fans were great and Pete even talked about Spencer and Kade during the show and got a great deal cheers. After the show the guys had a meet and greet and Pete wanted to take Spencer with him...

"I don't know Pete. What if something happens to him? I just have this feeling." Kade said.

"Come on Kade, we have great security. They wont let anything happen to Spencer. You can even come with us. The fans will love to meet you too!" He said grabbing her hand and dragging her out there with them.

The meet and greet went smoothly except for the occasional groupies that were sour about Kadence and Spencer. The fans even wanted pictures with Spencer.

For the next few weeks things went like that. The guys would play and then go to the meet and greets and drag Kade and Spencer with them. They would even come to interviews with them. Spencer even got to be on TRL with the boys. He was having the time of his life.

Him and Pete were playing video games, just having fun one night when Pete almost started crying...

"I totally beat you dad." Spencer said. It was the first time Spencer had actually called him dad and Pete was glad.

"You sure did." Pete said, his eyes glazing over. "Trick, you want to play? I need to talk to Kadence."

"It's on Spencer! I'm totally going to win this time."

"You wanna bet?" Pete heard Spencer say as he walked out of the back room on the bus to look for Kade. He found her in the front room writing her monthly article for AP.

"Kade?" Kadence looked up concerned. She heard desperation in Pete's voice.

"What is it love?" She asked.

"He called me dad Kade." Pete said, his eyes glazing over again. Kadence jumped up and pulled him into a hug.

"See, I told you if you would just give him time he would come around." She said pulling back some and giving him a kiss on the lips.

"I love you Kade! I love you so much baby!" Pete said placing another kiss on her lips. They had been going strong for about a month now.

"I love you too Pete!" Kadence said in between kisses.

"Get a room!" Andy said walking into the front room to get a drink.

"If only we could." Pete joked. He kissed Kadence again softly on her lips and let her get back to her work.

Kadence's POV:

I was up front working on my monthly article when Pete came in and said my name desperately. I looked up and he had tears in his eyes. Spencer had called him dad. It made me melt how much Pete cared for Spencer and vise versa. I pulled him in for a hug and we kissed passionately. He was getting pretty heated when Andy walked in. Pete gave me one last kiss and let me get back to my article. I'm pretty much finished with it but I have just a little more to add to it...

Life on the road with Fall Out Boy.

Just let me tell you first that bands have it rough living on these tours buses for so long. It's only been a month and I'm already having back problems. Those bunks are a killer and they're so small! Anyways on with the stuff you guys want to hear. I'm sure you've all heard about Pete's son, our son. Yes, I am THEE Kadence Moore. Pete is a great father and all of the guys act like uncles to Spencer. They all are so great with him! They all love Spencer so much already!

Anyways like I said life on the road is rough. It's so hectic. They guys have so much work to do in such little time. Everyday consists of most of the same thing. They do interviews in the morning, sound check in the afternoon, and then play the show at night.

I went on to explain more about that. Then at the end I added something a little special...

So as I was typing this, Pete walked into the room. He looked like he was about to cry! Spencer had called him dad for the first time. You might not think this was a big deal, but to Pete it was. To have your son call you dad after he's been calling you by your first name for almost a month and a half is amazing! You see, Spencer wasn't too fond of Pete at first because he was never around, that being my fault. But now that he's warmed up to him, I guess he feels it appropriate. I'm very happy about it also. Anyways I'm signing off here. More updates next month!


I finished up the article, edited it for mistakes, and then sent it off to Bruce.

"Finished!" I said triumphantly.

"Can I see it?" Pete asked trying to peek at my laptop. I closed it quickly.

"You have to wait until it comes out in the next AP magazine." I smirked at him.

"Aw, that's not fair!" He said pouting.

"Nope, that's not going to work Wentz. I'm not going to fall for your pout." I said looking away. He came up behind me and started kissing my neck. I leaned back onto him and let my head fall back, my eyes closing in pleasure. I turned around in his arms and kissed him on his lips. He sat down on the couch and pulled me onto his lap, not breaking the kiss. He put his hands on my hips and started creeping his hands up my shirt.

"AHH!!! FIRE!! EVERYONE OUT!!!" Patrick yelled running into the room carrying Spencer who was cradling his hand. They all ran outside and called 911.

Luckily the fire department was able to put the fire out before it was able to get to everyone's belongings under the bus. But everything in the back room was burnt to a crisp or waterlogged.

"Spencer are you okay?" Kadence asked walking up to him.

"Mommy, my arm hurts real bad!" He said holding up his arm to show a burn.

"Spence, why didn't you show me this earlier! That's a bad burn. We need to get you checked out come on." Pete stepped up and picked Spencer up.

"Hey buddy, tell me what happened. How did the fire start?" Pete said trying to divert Spencer's attention from the EMT's prodding and poking at his hand.

"We were playing the 360 and it just started sparking and flames shot out everywhere. Patty-cakes grabbed me but the flames had already hit my arm." Spencer said starting to cry.

"Hey, hey its ok Spence. It wasn't your fault. The 360 malfunctioned. You're going to be fine and we'll get a new better bus than before! And nothing will go bad. I promise." Pete said hugging him as the EMT's finished up with his arm. Pete carried him back over to where the others were sitting as Kadence was instructed on how to take care of his wound along with getting a prescription for pain medication and burn cream. Kadence walked back over and scooped Spencer up in a hug. After a few minutes she put him back down.

"Are you sure you're ok Spence? Geez, you scared me so bad!" Kadence said calming down.

"I'm fine now mommy, thank you!" Spencer said sitting down in Patrick's lap. Pete pulled Kadence into a hug and whispered soothing words into her ear, calming her down instantly.

After the fire fighters were sure that the fire was out, the guys' went to get all of their luggage and got a cab to the hotel they would be staying at until they got another tour bus...

yay! here's another one! well next chapter is the last. i'm sad! this was my baby. the more reviews i get the faster the next update gets put up. i already have it typed up. of course chapter title from fall out boy! REVIEW!!!
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