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The Take Over, The Breaks Over.

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Pete comes up with a plan...

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Chapter 18

The Take Over, The Breaks Over.

Patrick's POV: (ooh that's a new one)

We were sitting in the bus waiting for Kadence and Pete when I got a text message from Pete...

Hey, go without us. I have a plan. We'll meet you guys up there in about an hour.

I hope he doesn't do anything stupid. I think they make a really cute couple and Spencer really needs both of his parents in his life.

"Hey, go ahead and start driving. Pete and Kade are going to meet us up there later." I told Dirty, who was driving. I know scary, right. Andy and Joe gave me curious looks.

"Where are mommy and Pete?" Spencer asked.

"They're going to meet us up there later. They didn't want to ride on the bus. They needed to talk so they're going to drive up to the venue." I said squinting down to his level. Joe and Andy nodded going back about their business.

"Oh, ok. Want to go play video games with me? I'm bored already." I laughed at him; he's just like Pete.

"Yeah, lets go. I'm the king of video games." I said

"Yeah right. I bet $5 I'll beat you." He challenged.

"Oh, it's on!" I said setting up the game.

30 minutes and 10 games later...

"Lets see, you owe me...$50. Hand it over!" Spencer said holding out his hand. Some how he kept on beating me and I just kept on betting more money.

"You're such a little cheater." I said being a sore loser.

"I told you I would beat you. But you didn't believe me. Never underestimate the power of my six year old self." He said taking the money I gave him and walking off.

"We'll be there in about 5 minutes guys so get ready." Dirty yelled from the front. Everyone got all there stuff ready and got off the bus as it came to a stop. I grabbed Spencer's hand so that he didn't get lost at the venue, it was pretty big.

We had been sitting in our dressing for about 20 minutes when Kadence and Pete finally showed up...

"PATRICK MARTIN STUMP!" She yelled. Oh geez, here we go. Apparently Pete didn't tell her that he told us to leave them...

Author's POV:

Kadence found the guys just sitting around and walked right up to Patrick after yelling his name.

"How could you leave us like that!?! I said I'd be out in a minute." Patrick shot Pete a look and he just shrugged his shoulders.

"You took too long. We're on a schedule Kade. It wasn't my fault though, Dirty is the one that was driving and wouldn't wait." Patrick said pointing at Dirty.

"Hey, don't blame this on me! I drove when I was told to. And they told me to drive." Dirty said putting his hands up in defense. "At least you two look like your getting along. What did you have sex on the way up here, you were twenty minutes late."

"NO! We stopped and got something to eat. We were hungry." Kadence said getting defensive.

"Well then why are you guys holding hands? Huh?" Dirty asked pointing at their conjoined hands. Both of them had forgotten that they were holding hands. Kadence pulled hers away quickly and Pete looked hurt.

"He helped me earlier when I almost fell and I forgot we were still holding hands." Kadence lied. She did not want anyone thinking that they were together when they weren't.

"I'm going to get some of my stuff." Pete said looking down as he walked away.

"Nice going mom! You made Pete sad!" Spencer said.

"What did I do?" Kadence asked clueless.

"He liked holding your hand mom! He still has a lot of feelings for you! Duh!!" Spencer said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "I think you should go apologize to him."

"'ll be right back." Kadence said looking shocked as she walked away.

"Good job buddy!" Patrick said high-fiving Spencer.

Kadence walked out to the bus to find Pete. He was standing in front of his bunk unpacking some of his things. Kadence cleared her throat and Pete stopped what he was doing and turned around to face her.

"Yes?" He asked.

"I'm sorry." Kadence whispered.

"For what?" Pete asked.

"I didn't mean to hurt you earlier by pulling my hand away. Its just...I don't want anybody to think that we're together...because were not, are we?" Kadence asked confused.

"I don't know Kade, are we? I mean its up to you, have you actually forgiven me? I really want to be with you! I love you so much! I wont do anything that stupid ever again. I pro-"

"Don't promise, they mean nothing to me." Kadence interrupted him. "You've showed me so much in the last 2 weeks. You've showed me how much you've changed. And yes, I have forgiven you. But Pete I don't know if I'm ready to give you and me another shot. If it didn't work out last time, then why would it work out this time?"

"Because I've changed Kadence! You've given me a son and its shown so much light on the situation. I don't know what I'd do if you and Spencer left me. Sometimes we have to take chances." Pete said.

"And sometimes we have to take pills... Pete I went through a very bad depression the last time I got attached and you left. I wouldn't be able to handle that again!" Kadence said looking him right in the eyes.

"I'm so sorry I caused that Kadence! But I swear I will never let that happen again! You and Spencer are my life! I would die if you guys left! I don't know what I would do with my life! Please Kadence just give me another chance!" Pete begged stepping closer to her.

"Ok Pete, I will. But you better not hurt me or Spencer or I'll have to have Patrick kick your ass!" Kadence said laughing.

"Oh man, you should have seen him last time, when we first left. He was about to kill me. I'll never let that happen again!" Pete said pulling Kadence into a hug. They stood there for what felt like forever. Pete pulled back a little and brought his lips to hers. The kiss deepened as Pete ran his tongue across Kadence's bottom lip and she granted him entrance. They jump apart startled as there was a knock on the bus door.

"Hey, we have to start sound check, you coming Pete?" Patrick asked popping his head in the door.

"Yeah." Pete said messing with his hair as Patrick walked away. "Come with me and watch?"

"Yeah, lets go and get Spencer." Kadence said and grabbed Pete's hand as they made their way back into the venue...

Yeah! im still on a roll! haha. i was bored so i decided to update again because i love you guys so much! haha. im kinda happy right now cuz were supposed to be getting like 4-6 inches of snow! i hope we do! then i wont have to go to that stupid basketball game tomorrow! haha. anyways chapter title from Fall Out Boy of course. pls review!
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