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Thanks For The Memories.

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Road Trip

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Chapter 17

Thanks For The Memories

Author's POV:

Today was the last day that Kadence and Spencer would at home. They went home for a week to pack and get ready for the tour, and then the guys were going to pick them up before they leaved.

"Okay Spencer, do you have everything? The guys will be here any minute." Kadence asked Spencer.

"Yep, I'm ready to rock!" Spencer laughed. There was a knock at the door.

"Honey, I'm home!" Patrick yelled entering Kadence's apartment. The guys had visited multiple times and it was like a home for them so they just walked into the apartment.

"Patrick!" Spencer said running and jumping into his arms.

"Hey! What about us?" Joe asked pouting behind Patrick with Andy and Pete. Spencer let go of Patrick and gave Joe and Andy hugs. When he got to Pete, Pete picked him up and spun him in circles. Spencer giggled as he set him down.

"Petey, I missed you!" Spencer said laughing. Pete cringed but no one noticed but Kade. He really wanted Spencer to call him dad. Spencer, Patrick, Joe, and Andy walked into the living room to help with the bags.

"It's going to take time Pete. He hasn't had a father for 6 years. Dad wasn't really in his vocabulary." Kadence said giving him an apologetic look.

"I know I just hope that someday he'll call me dad." Pete said walking away. Kadence walked into the living room and found the guys debating on who was carrying what.

"Geez Kadence, think you packed enough?" Andy asked disbelievingly.

"What? It's a six-month tour! What did you expect? It's only 3 suitcases." Kadence said picking up the lightest one. "Spencer has two, one for his clothes and one for his toys and such."

The guys rolled their eyes and grabbed a bag each. Pete took Kadence's from her and just gave her a look that said 'Don't question me'. Kadence just shrugged it off and went to get her purse and turn everything in the apartment off. After turning everything off she found Pete in the living room waiting for her.

"I just have to call Mindi really fast to see when she's going get here." Mindi was house-sitting for Kadence. Pete just nodded his head and pulled his sidekick out of his pocket. He typed away as Kade was on the phone.

"Ready to go? Mindi will be here in an hour and she already has a key so were good to go." Kadence said.

"Yeah lets go." Pete said sending the text message. They headed downstairs and out of the apartment complex to find the bus gone.

"Where's the bus?" Kadence asked confused.

"Huh, they left without us. I guess they were being serious when they said hurry up or they were going to leave us here." Pete said shaking his head.

"Uhh! You can't be serious. What are we going to do?" She asked.

"You have a car don't you? We could drive it there. The first venue is only about an hour from here. Then we can have dirty drive it back and he can fly out to the next venue after that." Pete suggested.

"Yeah, wait here while I go get my keys from the apartment and call Mindi to tell her I'm taking the car and everything." Kadence said turning around and walking off. Pete took out his sidekick and typed another message.

'Thanks Trick'

Pete laughed to himself as Kadence huffed down that stairs.

"You're acting like riding with me is so bad. We've had road trips together before, just the two of us. It was fun." Pete said.

"Yeah, but I didn't think they would actually leave us here! They are so dead when we meet up with them." Kadence said walking to her car with Pete following her.

After about 10 minutes into the drive, Kadence was already bored...

"Pete, can I use your labtop? I want to check my mail." She whined. Pete just nodded seeings as he was driving. Kadence got it out and went to myspace. She had a few comments and messages she checked and then went to Fall Out Boy's page to see if Pete had really posted the blog about Spencer, sure enough he had...

Kade's POV:

Dear Fans,

Pete here, I have some very big news to tell you. Some of you might not like it because you want to have my babies but others will be very happy for me. And no I'm not engaged (not yet at least) Haha.

But I do have a son. His name is Spencer and he's six years old. I know you may be upset because I didn't tell you guys about him, but the truth is, I just found out about him myself.

Along time ago I got together with one of my best friends and then totally blew it with her. I left on tour and cheated on her. And I regret it all now. If I wouldn't have done it, I would have been there for my son. But she was afraid to tell me about him because I had hurt her so much and she didn't want him to get hurt.

But I recently met up with her again and she told me about him and I got to meet him. He's an amazing kid and I love him with all my heart. It feels so good to have a child. And I'm so happy to be back in his mother's life too. We're not together, but I wish we were. She's just forgiven me, which I'm very thankful for that.

Well I'm going to upload a picture of all of us for you guys. Enjoy :)


The picture was the one of all of us sitting in the living room that Patrick had taken. I went down to look at the comments and was stunned.

'Awe, how cute. Good job Pete, she looks like a keeper.'
'Awe, your son's so cute! You're going to be a great father Pete!'
'You guys looks so great together! I hope you get to be with her!'

His fans were amazing! They were so accepting. I thought it was going to be chaos...well the press hasn't found out yet. That's going to be fun.

'Eww, she looks like a whore. Probably just some groupie you slept with and she pinned the kid on you. You could do so much better. Poor Pete.'

Well, he had cool fans until that bitch came along. God, and I was in such a good mood too!

"Kade, what's wrong?" Pete asked concerned. I realized I had tears slipping from my eyes, from joy and anger.

"I just read what you put on myspace. That's so sweet Pete, thank you." Kadence said wiping the tears away.

"That's not all though, is it?" He asked. He could always tell when I was upset.

"I was just reading a comment. And this one just made me really mad. I mean she doesn't even know me and she's calling me a whore and groupie. But the others were very nice, so I'm not going to let this one fan bother me." I said smiling.

"Good, you shouldn't. I meant every word in that...Do you want to stop and get something to eat? I'm hungry." I nodded my head and he pulled into a Steak 'N Shake. We sat at a booth in the back, so that Pete wouldn't get noticed.

"My name's Molly and I'll be your server tonight. Are you ready to order yet?" She asked with recognition in her eyes. Here we go probably another crazed fan and now they know what I look like, joy.

"Yeah, can we get 2 chicken strip platters with cheese for the fries and a large chocolate shake." Pete said smiling at me. There he goes ordering for me again. I just cocked my eyebrow.

"It'll be right out." She said walking away.

"She knows who you are." I said.

"She knows who we are." He countered.

"True... So I see you remembered what I ordered from here." I said smiling.

"Same thing you get every time you come." I nodded my head smiling. The waitress came back with our food and we shared small talk while we ate. The bill came and Pete snatched it up before I could get to it...

Pete's POV:

Ha. I got the check before she did. I read over it and at the bottom was a little note from the waitress.

'You should defiantly propose to her. You two look so cute together.' I smiled after reading it.

I'm so glad we have the support of most of the fans. I took a napkin, signed it, and put it on the table along with $5. I stood up to go pay for the bill and so did Kadence. I grabbed her hand and surprisingly she didn't pull it away.

We walked together hand in hand and as we passed the waitress I smiled and winked at her. She just smiled back shaking her head. I paid and we were off again. I had a feeling that Kade and me were going to start over fresh, because the rest of the way we held hands and talked as if I had never left. I hope she'll say yes when I ask her...

Whoo! i got lots of great reviews last time so i decided to update again! haha im on a role! i got 2 updates and my 3 page english essay done this weekend! go me! haha. anyways thanks again and keep 'em coming! chapter title belongs to fall out boy of course! i love there new cd! i havent taken it out of my cd player once yet! haha
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