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I turned around and stomped down the stairs to my room. I had to think of a way to go! Then it came to me! I'll just sneak out when Ryan isn't looking!

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I turned on the water and set it to the right temperature. I got in the shower and let the warm water beating down on my back wash all my troubles away. I grabbed the shampoo, squeezed some into my hand, and rubbed it around in my hair. It was Dove. It was always Dove. My mother used it once, loved it, and never bought anything else since. I didn't mind though. In a weird way, the smell of it soothed me.

I rinsed out the shampoo and moved on to conditioner. My mom once told me that you shouldn't rinse out the conditioner immediately. So, I left the conditioner in and washed my body. I rinsed my body, then my hair. I turned off the water and got out. It was cold outside of the shower. I grabbed my big pink fuzzy towel and wrapped it around me. I grabbed a smaller towel and wrapped it around my head. I went up to my room and started my search for something to wear.

I turned on my radio. 'It's Gonna Be Love' by Mandy Moore. I love that song! So, I decided to sing with it, not realizing that my door was standing wide open.

It's gonna be love
It's gonna be great
It's gonna be more than I can take.....

I turned around to see my brother and one of his stupid friends staring at me like a was one of those circus freaks. My face turned bright red! It was Sean! The one friend of my brother's that I was totally crushing on. Great! And not to mention the fact that I'm in my towel! They laughed and continued on up to Ryan's room.

I run up to the door and slammed it shut. I went to my closet and looked around, until I finally found what I was looking for. My plain black shirt, and the jeans that Annie and I had put hand prints on. Mine was on the left butt pocket, and her's was on the right. I remember putting them there. Annie tried to put her hand print on my face, but luckily for me, Ryan walked in and saved me!

My older brother Ryan is 17, two years older than me, and Annie totally has the hot's for him! She says she doesn't, but it's totally obvious that she does. I won't lie, my brother is a pretty attractive guy, and he's totally awesome! So, I have no reason to wonder why Annie loves him so much! It still kinda grosses me out sometimes though!

I put on my shirt and pants. I walked over to the body size mirror and examined the sight before me. The top looked a little plain, so I grabbed the jean jacket Ryan bought me for my birthday. It was one of those short one's that only goes to the middle of my back. I walked back over to my closet and looked at my shoes. I almost chose my black heals, but thought better of it. I didn't want to walk around all night in heals. So, I chose my black flip flops and closed my closet door.

I walked down to the bathroom to get a hair tie for my hair. I opened the drawer and pulled out two hair ties. I grabbed the other one for just incase reasons. They break really easily if you pull on them too much. I was walking back up to my room when Ryan stopped me. "Hey!", he said. "You weren't wearing those when you did that, were you?", he asked, pointing at the hand prints on my butt. I let out a little giggle. "No, I wasn't. You were there, remember? You saved me from Annie", I said.

"Oh, yeah! Annie. She's hot!", he said. "Eww! Ryan! She's my best friend! You think my best friend is hot! That's just weird!", I said. "Well, maybe you should have uglier friends", he said, walking back up to his room, where Sean was waiting for him. I rolled my eyes and walked back up to my own room. I first put it up in a pony tail, but thought that looked too plain, and used the other hair tie to put it up in a sloppy bun.

When my hair looked acceptable, I put on some eye shadow, eye liner, blush, and lip gloss. Lots of people said I looked really pretty when I put on make-up, but I still only did it for special occasions. Now it was time for the hard part! Convincing mom to let me go. What a great friggin jolly!

I walked out to the kitchen where my mom was attempting to cook lasagna. My grandma made it every time she came over, but, my mom didn't seem to have as luck with it. "Hey, mom!", I said. "Hey, sweetie! How was your day?", she asked me. "It was good. No homework! Finished my math in class", I said. "Well, that's good."

"Yeah. Uh, mom?" "Yes, dear?" "You see, well, I was wondering if I could go to this party with Annie tonight?", I said. "What? Where?", she asked, looking at me suspiciously. "Um...", oh my God! What was it that Annie told me to say!? Then I remembered, she never made up an excuse for that question! So, I decided to stick with the truth. "It's at Josh's house", I said. "Ok, and who is Josh? I don't think I've met him", she said.

"Um, he's just one of my good friends", I lied. "How come I've never heard of him?", she asked. "Well, I only see him in the hallways. There's not much to tell about him", I said. "Ok, well, do you have his phone number so I can talk to his parents first?", she asked. My whole body suddenly switch to panic mode. ", but I can call Annie and get it for you", I said. Oh, God! Please let Annie has an excuse for this too! "Ok, well, you get it for me. Or you're not going", she said.

I ran up to my room and grabbed my cell phone. I don't normally use when I'm at home, but I didn't want to risk mom eavesdropping with the other phone. I dialed Annie's number. It rang once.....twice.....three times, oh God, Annie pick up! It rang one more time before she answered the phone. "Hello?", she said.

"Oh my God, Annie! We have a really, really, big problem here!", I said. "Oh my God! What is it? You can still go right?", she said. "Yes, but only if my mom can talk with Josh's parents!", I said. "Oh, that's it! Whew! You really had me worried there for a second!", she said. "Annie! This is totally something to worry about!", I said. "Not really", she said.

"What are you talking about?" "Well, Josh has a brother. He's about Ryan's age. Your mom can talk to him", she said simply. "Ok, but that's not going to work!", I said. "Yes it will, Jenn! Just chill!", she said. "Ok, but I need his phone number!"
"Ok, hold on, I'll get it", she said. I was on hold for about five minutes until she found the number. "Found it!", she said. She gave me the number and I wrote it down. "Ok, but wait about ten minutes before you call him", she said. "Why?", I asked. "Well, I have to call him and give him all the information", she said, as if it was a no brainer. "Ok, good idea", I said. "Ok, bye!", she said, hanging up. "Bye", I said, doing the same.

In order to pass the time, I started pacing around the room. I always do that when I'm nervous. I checked the time. It had been fifteen minutes since I had hung up with Annie. That should have given her plenty of time. I brought the phone to mom and gave her the slip of paper with Josh's number on it.

"Thank you", she said, dialing the number. I sat there, holding my breath, as she waited for someone to answer. "Hello", she finally said. "Um, I was wondering if I could talk to Josh's mother?", she said. "Oh, she did. I'm so sorry! Well, can I speak with his father? Oh, this is?", she said.

"You sound very young" My eyes got wide and I let out my breath. "Oh, well, I was wondering about Josh's party tonight? Yes. Well, I was wondering, who is going to be there? Oh, yes, yes, yes. Ok, and how long does it last? Ok then. Thank you very much!", she said, hanging up the phone. "So.....can I go?", I asked. "Well, I approve of the kids that are going to be there, so I guess you can", she said. "Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!", I said. "Uh-huh, just be back by 10, ok?" "Sure thing mom!", I said.

I dashed up to my room and opened up my laptop. I sent Annie a quick e-mail letting her know that I could come, then closed it. I think ran up to Ryan's room. I knocked on the door, and he approved my entrance. "Hey!", I said. "Hey", he said. "So...umm....I was wondering if you could do me a favor?"

"It depends, what is it?", he asked. I felt very uncomfortable with Sean listening. I don't even know why. It just made me feel awkward. "Well, I was wondering if you could give me a ride down to the coffee shop on Center Street?", I said. "OK, what for?" he asked. "Well, if you must know, I'm going to a party at some kid's house", I said. "Who's?", he asked. Ok, I know he was only asking because he cares, but Jesus! He's worse than mom! "Josh Mite", I said. He suddenly bolted up. "Does he have an older brother named Kenny?", he asked.

That must have been his brother's name. "Yeah, I think so", I said. "You're not going", he said, flatly. "What? Why not? Mom already said I could!", I whined! "No, Jenn! You're not going!", he said, again. "Why not?", I asked. "Because, Kenny is a total jerk to girls like you, and I won't let you go!", he said. "Ok, so, what if you go with me?", I asked. "No gonna happen", he replied. "Ok, fine", I pouted. "Good", he said. I turned around and stomped down the stairs to my room. I had to think of a way to go! Then it came to me! I'll just sneak out when Ryan isn't looking!


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