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cupids chokehold

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dinner dates. stolen kisses. friends

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thank you so much for the reviews!
hopefully this isn't a let down.
i really truly do.
x brodie

Cupids Chokehold

Leaning further back in my seat I glanced uncomfortably at the person sitting opposite me, his greying hair was slicked back to cover the spots on his scalp, I witheld a shudder and smiled at him as he poured another glass of champagne for me.

"Have you had a good night?" he asked with a slight wheeze, I smiled brightly at him and nodded speaking clearly.

"Yes sir, I surely have" I agreed. Standing up he pawned off a hundred dollar bill and pulled his coat up over his grey jumper. "Leaving?" I asked, his eyebrows furrowed as he nodded and placed another hundred dollar bill on the white crisp tablecloth.

Watching as he left, I slumped back into my chair and groaned. A waitress came along and put down a cheque, I smiled and withdrew a silver credit card and handed it to her, she took it and placed it on her tray, glancing down at my silver watch I stood up abrubtly and walked towards the maitre'd. Pulling my black coat over my red dress I took back the credit card and placed it into my purse. Walking out into the chilled air, I pushed my hands into my pockets and waited as the silver BMW rolled around the corner. Sliding into the passenger seat I pulled my hair out from its tight bun and wound down the window.

"Did he pay?" Charles asked as he held out his hand, I nodded and withdrew five one hundred dollar bills. "He tipped extra?" he noted as he put the notes into his glove compartment, that was literally overflowing with cash. I nodded and lit up a cigarette, Charles gave me a disapproving look, I sucked in the nicotine and blew out the cancer.

"Where to next?" I asked, Charles pulled out his sidekick and scrolled down, I kicked off my stilettoes and wriggled my toes in front of me. "It better not be another dinner" I groaned as I rubbed my stomach. There was only so many dinners a girl could eat. "That guy was weird Charles. He was really, really old" I annouched, Charles nodded and smiled.

"He has some intense connections" Charles replied as he stopped at the traffic lights, in the air the smell of sea salt was overpowering, but made me feel at home. A gentle sea breeze whipped through my hair, closing my eyes I put my face towards the window, I could hear the sea lapping gently at the shore. "Tink?" Charles voice broke through my dream, shaking my head to clear it I glanced over at Charles and noticed the car had stopped.

"We're here?" I asked looking out the window, Charles nodded and noted for me to get changed, "Whats the occasion?" I questioned, Charles looked at his sidekick again and wrinkled his brow.

"Casual drinks and maybe something else" he answered, I groaned and slid into the backseat of the BMW. Pulling on a pair of black skinny jeans and gold flats, I pulled off the dress and pulled a black blazer over my pink bra and fluffed out my hair.

"Be good Tiabella" Charles called as he handed me my wallet and phone, I placed a kiss on his forehead and walked up the drive. Moving slightly in the breeze I saw a swing hanging off a porch, the scent of jasmine was overpowering and my stomach felt unnerved.


Raising a glass to his lips he looked out the window and readjusted his shirt for the seventh time. Draining the wine from the glass Pete leant against the wall and stroked Hemmingway with his foot. Glancing down at his watch he smiled as he looked at the time. Five minutes until eleven. Five minutes of his own time. Five minutes to, Pete had the sudden urge to be sick. Rushing towards the bathroom he threw up the wine, the taco from dinner and something else. Suddenly there was a resounding ring from the door. Splashing his face with water Pete dragged his fringe down across his forehead and pulled the thumbs up.

"Coming!" Pete called as he bounded down the stairs, tripping over Hemmingway in the process "Damit" he cursed as he pulled open the stained glass doorway and felt his breath catch in his throat. "Whoa" he breathed finally. The girl turned around and Pete watched her amber eyes widen in surprise, shock and then they were void of all emotion.

"Hi" she said uncertainly, Pete smiled and stood at the door, she shifted uncomfortably and shoved her phone into her skinny jeans pocket, for a second Pete wondered how jeans that tight could fit someone, shaking his head he stepped aside from the doorway.

"Come in" he beckoned her in, stepping over the threshold Pete smiled at her, she bit her lip and looked around the foyer. "Sorry, I've just started moving in and stuff" he tried to explain, she shook her head and pushed a piece of her fringe out of her eyes.

"Uh, no. Its quaint. Like, lived in" she murmured standing uncomfortably in the doorway. "So, what can I do for you?" she asked suddenly, Pete shrugged and walked towards the kitchen, motioning for her to follow.

"Drink?" he asked as he poised a bottle of Savuignon Blanc over a glass, she smiled and nodded. "Thanks for fitting me in, so late in the day" Pete added as he handed her a glass, taking it she pursed her lips and shrugged.

"Holidays have started, so money's tight" she explained, Pete nodded and walked out onto the deck, she followed uncertainly and sat on the ledge of the bannister. "Nice place" she noted, Pete smiled and sipped his drink. Feeling apprehensive, nervous and somehow weird Pete downed the rest of his drink and sighed.

"Is this...?"

"Weird?" she finished, they both laughed and Pete saw her blush.

"Tink?" Pete asked, she turned to look at him and smiled. "You know that night..."he trailed off, Tink sipped her drink and nodded.

"When we..." he continued, Tink sat back and looked almost as if she was enjoying his struggle "Well, I wanted you to know that I dont normally do, what we did, like.."

"Pete?" Tink began, Pete glanced at her. "Don't stress the small things. I do what I do, and you do what you do" she finished, nodding his head Pete laughed.

"I was hoping, we could you know. Be friends?" Pete asked sounding pathetic, Tink paused and finished her drink before nodding.

"Why not? Friends is something I can do, and it will save you money" Tink giggled, Pete pulled the fingers and dragged a bottle from under the chair. "So Pete, tell me about yourself" she announced sliding from the railing of the porch and settling opposite him. Pete swallowed and felt butterflies of his own erupt.
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