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sweet escape

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up on the rooftop. watching the world go by.

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Sweet Escape

Pushing the ice cube around the bottom of the glass I glanced up at the roof of the house. Pete had abandoned me in search of more alcohol. Pushing the rest of the drink down my throat, I winced and immediately felt sick. Vodka was not a friend of mine. Hitting the back of the glass I waited for the ice cubes to filter into my mouth. They did just that and I almost choked in the process. So far I had learnt the following about Pete in the short two hours I had been there. Fall Out Boy. Decadaydence. Sidekick photos. No serious long term relationships. Still looking for "The One" and I had recklessly told him, the one did not exist. Also about his near suicide experience. All in all. This kid was just the same as me. Confused. Lost and Lonely.

"I have only got bourbon" Pete announced, I groaned and stood up. "Not a fan?" he asked, I shook my head and readjusted my blazer, I caught Pete looking at me, and he blushed and pushed his fringe out of his eyes.

"I should go anyway" I offered, Pete looked somewhat saddened, but he brightened quickly and nodded his head. "Appointments and stuff" I added an excuse; Pete unzipped his hoody and handed it to me.

"You looked cold" he explained, I shrugged it on and smiled thankfully at him.

Standing awkwardly on the patio I had the urge to put my arms around his waist and hug him tight, but I withheld and walked past him into the house, I was unsure where the sudden urge came from, but as one of my clients, I was not allowed to get caught up in lust. Love. Or whatever that sudden urge was. Pete took a camera from his back pocket, I looked at it cautiously.

"Camera?" I asked as we came to a halt at the stained glass door, he nodded and held it out to me. "What?" I questioned, he sniffed before answering.

"As you may, or may not know. I'm kind of a camera whore" he began, I stifled a giggle. "I mean, the pictures of my um, body on the internet" he continued, I leant against the wall, enjoying his discomfort. "Can you and I have a picture? Please?" he asked giving me a look of intense sincerity; I brushed a strand of hair off my face and nodded.

"Sure, just don't let it leak on the net" I joked with him, he looked relieved and smiled. "Where do you want to take it?" I asked, he kicked at the bare boards with his foot and motioned for me to follow. Going upstairs was not part of this plan.


A cold wind whipped my hair out of my face and separated it out into hundreds of strands, thankful for the hoody Pete had given me, I huddled into it and was happy for its warmth. Hemmingway was straining against his lead as we walked up onto the roof. Feeling myself almost fall I grabbed out and felt Pete's hands catch me, I glanced up into his eyes and disentangled myself from his grasp. Second mistake.

"So, here is where I want to take some photos" Pete called to me as he shimmied down the side of the roof, I looked down at him and shook my head.

"Heels" I announced, Pete shrugged and held his arms out to me, I shook my head again. "I'll make it" I sounded unsure of myself and kicked off my shoes and slipped down the side and landed with a graceful thud beside him.

"Nice" he chided me, I rolled my eyes and pulled my shoes back on. Putting his arm around my waist he pulled me close to him and held the camera out in front of him with his free hand, I inhaled his sweet spicy scent and felt goose bumps. "Ready?" he glanced down at me; I nodded my head in agreement and smiled as the camera flashed.

"Are we done?" I asked as I stood awkwardly next to him, Pete shook his head and pulled himself back up on to the side of the roof letting his feet dangle down in front of me, sighing I hauled myself up and sat beside him. It was easier getting up than, getting down.

Lights of the city twinkled below us, reflected on the sea. Feeling slightly self conscious I slouched and pulled my legs up to my chest. Across the harbour a boat with a white sail glided effortlessly over the glassy ocean, the view was beautiful.

"Do you want to stay?" Pete suddenly asked, I looked down at my watch, it was almost four am. Time had passed rather quickly, and I was still unsure just what Pete wanted. I didn't understand this feeling of not being in control. Being with a client was never like a brown paper package tied up with string. It was more like. An exquisite oil painting done up with a gorgeous satin bow. Pretty on the outside. But disgustingly cliché on the inside. It was either casual sex, a dinner date or someone pretty on someone not so pretty's arm. Feeling the warmth of Pete's thigh radiate against mine I felt my heart beat quicken. Being in lust wasn't mean to be difficult.

"I can't..." I trailed off; suddenly my lips were engulfed by soft warm ones. Feeling his teeth graze my bottom lip, my eyes closed instinctively and I was giving back as much as he was giving me, his hands roamed my body up underneath his jacket I was wearing. My blazer. Taking control was something Pete Wentz was able to do. My fingers toyed with the back of his neck, suddenly something clicked inside of me and I pulled back. "I have to go" I said standing up abruptly and walking back in through the window into the house.

"Tiabela! Wait!" Pete's voice called to me, I froze. He had used my real name. No one in this business called me my real name. No one had cared enough to ask. No one, until him.
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