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ive done ugly things. ive made mistakes

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twenty one. twenty one and not a birthday gift.

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ive done ugly things. ive made mistakes

Rain fell in almost horizontal sheets. I hugged my knees closer to my chest and put my chin on the top of them. Huggling closer to myself I glanced up at the clock and watched the minute hand drag almost lazily around the white face. Sighing I closed my eyes and leant my head against the window frame. I was twenty one years old today. That was old. Stretching my legs out I watched as Einstein ran around in a circle happily chasing his tail before bounding over to me and trying to jump up but failing miserably. Scooping him up I buried my face into his soft fur and felt warm tears splash my cheeks.

"You are the only constant thing in my life Einstein" I whispered, he turned and licked my face in response, I smiled wryly and hugged him tightly. Looking back out the window I watched as a hooded figure paced up and down outside the pavement, glancing up every so often. Feeling apprehensive I slid back the window and walked out onto the small deck that I had.

Leaning against the railing of the balcony I looked down and felt my breath catch in my throat. It was him. It was Pete. Scrambling back into the house I closed the window and pulled the curtains. Running around the house I piled magazines into neat stacks. Fluffed the couch cushions and grabbed all the dirty dishes and stashed them into the dishasher. Flicking it on with my foot I wiped down the bench and sprinted into the bathroom. Turning the shower on I ripped off last nights clothes and washed and dried myself before walking calmly to my room. Something inside of me had suddenly switched. Why was I making such an effort. It was Pete. He was a client. Nothing more. My thoughts drifted carelesly back to last night. Tiabella my name rolled off his tongue with ease and grace. Thumping on to the bed I sat and glared at my reflection in the mirror. Twenty One Years Old. No presents. No cards. Nothing. Twenty One Years Old. And not one person had bothered to call. Ring or write. Hearing Einstein bark I heard the intercom crackle and his voice filled my room.

"Tink. You have a client" Charles called out. Wiping away the fresh tears I sat up off the bed and walked to the closet. Goodbye Tiabella. Hello Tink, I thought with biterness.


Suburbia New York. White picket fences. Large front yards. Swings attached to leaf bare trees. The flurry of December snow flitting down before landing silently on the busy New York streets. Alive with the sound of life. The sound of love. The joys of Christmas. A small five year old girl plays in the garden in front of her house. Bundled up in an overcoat with a large fur hood. Her small hands engulfed in oversized mittens. Her legs clad with thick winter stockings hidden with warm ugg boots. Her hazel eyes stare out to the wonderland that is snow. Unaware of her flaws. Unsure of her beauty. Wadding a ball of snow in her hands she throws it with poise and it lands with a thud on the windscreen of a black limousine.

"Bella. Inside please" the womans posh voice calls out against the harsh silence of the street. Picking up her discarded school bag the girl slings it over her shoulder and walks towards the car. Inside the womans breath catches in her throat. This girl is the spitting image of her own daughter. A daughter left forgotten in the glamorous world of Los Angeles.

"Mama?" the girls quiet voice calls out as she slides in next to the lady who huddles her jacket closer to her thin body. "I thought school would be cancelled today on the account of the dnow" the girl asks as the car pulls away from the curb. Straightening her tailored shirt the woman shakes her head and brushes flecks of snow of the girls jacket.

"School will not be cancelled unless we can't get there" the woman replies, looking down at the palmfinder on her lap she bit her lip and glances at the date. Twenty third of Decemeber. Tiabella Mendez birthday. Her daughter.


Sipping the warm liquid carefully to avoid burning my throat I smiled warmly at Pete as he struggled to draw two sentences together. I had not told him it was my birthday. Another small unnecessary fact about me.

"So will you be there?" Pete asked as he set his drink down, I shrugged and stretched slightly before answering.

"What time?" I questioned, Pete glanced at his watch and sniffed.

"About seven tonight? We're not opening for them, we're like the middle entertainment. Gym Class Hereos' are first" he explained, I nodded and felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.

"Will you excuse me?" I asked drawing out my phone, Pete nodded and stood up as I left. Such a gentleman I thought to myself as I walked away from the table to the warm morning outside. "Tink speaking" I answered looking back inside the cafe and smirked as Pete was tearing a napking up into little shreds.

"Tiabella?" the strict voice came out over the phone, I felt my heart beat quicken slightly. "It is your Mother" the voice continued confirming my worst fears, biting my lip I took a seat outside on the ledge of a planter.

"Hi Mother" I answered, there was a slight pause in the conversation before her voice filled up the void.

"Happy birthday" she announced suddenly, tears welled up in my eyes. "I understand its your 21st today. That is a milestone, perhaps you would like to come home?" she asked me, feeling a wave of nausea come over me I steadied myself on the cobbles. "Tiabella? Are you there?" her voice came through again with a hint of annoyance.

"Yes, I'm here" I answered quietly, Pete had turned to look at me, he smiled warmly, I faked a smile back. "What time do you want me?" I asked. In the background I could hear a small girls voice call out to my Mother. My heart froze. The world spun in the opposite direction and all things dragged to a stop.

"Tink, we have to go" Pete's voice called out to me as he leant against the doorframe, looking up at him I nodded and turned away.

"I'l leave tickets for you under your real name Tiabella. Don't disappoint me, we have something to discuss" my Mother's voice sounded softer almost sad. Turning off my phone I slid it into my pocket and walked back into the cafe.


"No. Fucking. Way" Tyler exaggerated the words as I rushed around my small apartment, shoving clothes into suitcases. Piling shoes into bags. Sweeping all makeup into a small case I turned my straightener on and stood in front of the mirror.

"She rung me, and said Happy Birthday" I exclaimed as I dragged the straightener through my hair, Tyler grabbed some protectant and squirted into his hands before pulling it through my long hair.

"That is beyond weird" Tyler pointed out as he took the straightener off me and began to straighten th eback of my hair. As we well remember Tatiana Mendez cut me off cold turkey four years ago. Apart from the odd deposit into my bank account, my mother had made me promise I would never come back to her world, I would leave behind everything that I was except for my name.

"She said she has something to discuss with me" I said suddenly biting on my thumb nail. "What do you think it is?" I asked suddenly feeling very ill. Maybe she was cutting me off full stop. "Will I be in violation of the order she got out against me?" I felt the overwhelming urge to be sick, pushing it down I sat on the bed and looked pathetically at Tyler who shrugged and straightened his own hair.

"Do you think, maybe, it could be about Bella?" Tyler asked me, shaking my head I stood up and pulled on some stilletos. "Come on Tink, it may well be. I mean after all..."he stopped abrubtly as the room became very silent Pete walked in and looked around the room.

"Leaving?" Pete looked confused, I shook my head.

"I have to go to New York" I answered, Pete's eyes narrowed.

"New York?" he almost scoffed at me, I folded my arms across my chest and nodded.

"Yeah, my Mother needs me" I announced, Tyler sat down and almost enjoyed the drama unfolding in front of him. "So I'm leaving tonight" I finished, Pete nodded his head.

"So, you're not coming tonight then?" he asked, I shook my head. "That's cool. I'll see you around, I guess" he smiled wryly, I glared at Tyler who was pointing at him and me and making kissing motions.

"Pete, wait up" I called out. He turned around and I enveloped him in a hug with a soft kiss on his lips. "Good luck for tonight" I smiled at him, he kissed my cheek in response.

"You too" he smiled at me as he walked away.

Rushing back into my room I ripped off my tee shirt and pulled on a singlet and cropped jacket. Fluffing my hair out I outlined my eyes with eyeliner and looked at Tyler who was hugging Einstein.

"As I was saying."Tyler began to continue, I took Einstein off him and kissed his soft head. "Maybe, your Mother wants you to take Bella back" Tyler finished, I slumped on to the floor and shook my head. "After all Tink, she is your daughter" he finished, sighing in disbelief I groaned and balled my hands into fists.

"Lets go." I announced as we walked to the door. Standing in the hallway was Pete. His jaw was slack and in his eyes was something I had not seen before. Disbeleif In that second I knew he knew. I owed him no explanations. Or did I?
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