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romeo && juliet's

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Start spreading the news. I'm leaving today. I'm going to be a part of it. New York. New York

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Because you all review for me
and make me feel like a good writer
I have written an extra long chapter
I hope it makes sense. I got inspiration.
Listening to "Sams Town"
I will update again, after three reviews :]
Thank you to those who always review
You keep me writing.
x Brodes

PS: I am from New Zealand hence my spelling of words && my temperature lol.

Romeos & Juliet's

The city sprawled endlessly below me. Coloured lights lit up sporadically casting that Christmas feel in the air. A blanket of snow covered the city. Sheltering it from the warmth. Taking heat and giving ice. Huddling into my seat I glanced at my watch and swallowed the last of the water in front of me. The plane was alive with the sounds of people. Laughing. Whispering. Loving. Feeling. Pursing my lips I glanced around the plane and watched as the seat belt sign lit up. Fastening my belt across my lap I gripped the arm rests tightly as the plane began its accent into the snowy city.

'On behalf of your captain and crew, I would like to thank you for flying with us tonight. We wish you a very safe and Merry Christmas. Eat, drink and be merry. Outside there is an air temperature of 4 degrees. So wrap up warm" the intercom crackled and then it went silent. The plane thudded onto the tarmac and slowly came to a grinding halt. Standing up in my seat I pulled my overhead luggage from the cupboard and slid out of the narrow area and into the small aisle.


A bright white light lit up the stage as the band bounded around. Pushing his fringe out of his eyes Pete smiled at the crowd with limited gusto and enthusiasm. The crowd surged forwards and there were at least fifty signs emblazoned with his name, a love heart and a random girls name. The scene he had become so accustomed to suddenly felt hollow, fake and disappointing.

"Thank you Laguna!" Patrick called out into the microphone, blowing a kiss out into the crowd the band walked slowly off the stage. Slumping down on to the floor Pete put his head against the wall and shook it from side to side, the ringing in his ears was still loud and prominent.

"You are weird tonight" Joe announced as he slid down beside Pete and gave his friend a worried look. "Are you going to come to the party?" he asked, Pete shook his head and stood up.

"I've got this thing to do" Pete answered; standing up and brushing past Patrick. Patrick grabbed his friend's elbow and pulled him to the side. "What man?" he asked with a hint of annoyance in his voice, Patrick's eyebrows knitted together and he sighed.

'There is something up' Patrick said pulling Pete to the side, shaking his elbow from his grip Pete shook his head and folded his arms.

'I am just tired ya know' explained Pete as he unzipped his hoody. Patrick shrugged and sat down on a discarded amp.

'It is that girl isn't it?' Patrick asked, Joe & Andy appeared beside Pete and looked at Pete in frustration. 'We promised girls wouldn't muck up the band' he continued, Pete gritted his teeth and shook his head fiercely.

'I'm pretty sure what we did have, is potentially over' suddenly Pete said punching the wall, Joe took a step back and rolled his eyes.

'Don't throw a psycho Pete. There are plenty of other girls. So she didn't show at one show' Joe exclaimed, Pete shook his head.

'It isn't like that. Tink has a daughter dude' Pete finished quietly, the rest of the band went silent.

'Whoa. Tough break' Andy said quietly.


The gravel crunched underneath my boot clad feet. Clear of snow it was hard to believe that it was the middle of winter in New York. But, my mother being my mother, she detested anything unclean. Reason for the less than mother love she bared for me. Don't get me wrong, my life was a usual standard life. With the perks of having a Bank manager for a father, and a mother who was born wealthy. Dragging my suitcase behind me I looked up at the house. Lights decorated every facet of the house, casting warm red, green and blue warmth around the gardens. Immaculately kept gardens. The leaf bare trees rustled slightly in the cool breeze that whipped through my brown hair. Doing up the last three buttons on my jacket I continued to walk steadily towards the house.

Feeling my phone vibrate in my pocket, I slowly pulled it out and winced as the name Pete flashed up on the screen. Diverting it to answer phone I shoved it back into my pocket and walked quickly towards the looming front door. It was now or never. Pointing my index finger out I rung the doorbell and heard the clattering inside. The door was of solid oak with stained glass ornate figures carved into the wood. Taking a step back, I felt my pulse rate quicken and my stomach become nauseous. The door was pulled open from the inside and my eyes crashed on to her. They welled up with tears and I didn't bother to brush them away.

"Tiabela" her voice came out soft and subtle. Like a melodramatic whisper in a Shakespearean play. Quiet and well rehearsed. Her face showed no signs of emotion, except for the slight crinkles around her eyes. Biting my lip I let go of my suitcase and walked towards her.

"Mama" I breathed quietly, her face slowly broke and I saw tears well in her brown eyes, she brushed them away and opened her mouth to say something, it was taken away from her in an instant.

"Mum, who is that?" a small child's voice broke into our moment. Walking to stand beside my Mother she clutched her hand and looked up at me, her eyes pierced through my heart and in that second, I knew that everything I lived for was vacant. Pointless. Useless. One night stands seemed shallow. Selling my body seemed cheap. Something I had created didn't know I existed and after pushing her out of my mind for five years, I suddenly felt sick. Sick of being tired. Tired of being sick. Sick of being me. Sick of being a puppet on a string. Sick of being the image of myself I had created.

"Bella, this is Tiabela" my mother spoke quietly and calmly, her façade of sadness swept away, like sand on the shore of the ocean. "You will know more about her later. Now come inside Tiabela, it is cold out and we do not want you getting sick" she spoke in a strict tone, Bella looked up at me and her face registered something before it was cast away.

"You look like me" she said quietly, my Mother stiffened as she took my coat off me and cast it into the cupboard, "You have the same eyes and hair as me" she continued, Bella took my hand in hers, I felt something surge through me. Clichéd as it was. It was like a piece of my life puzzle that had been missing all this time, had returned.

"We are related" I whispered to her, turning sharply around my mother glared at me and led the way through the foyer into the kitchen. All photos on the wall were void of me. Family portraits of Bella, mother and my father filled the white painted walls. Nothing of me. I had been erased from their life

"Are you my sister?" Bella asked me, I glanced at my mother who shook her head and sighed.

"Bella, bed time. I'll come talk to you later" she ushered her upstairs, Bella pouted but walked towards the staircase. She did not inherit that quality from me. Kissing me goodnight she hugged me tight and I inhaled her scent. "Tiabela, this way" mother called to me, leaving my suitcase at the door I walked through the dining room towards the drawing room. His back was to me, but I knew who it was. My father.


A pounding on the door alerted Tyler quickly. Pushing the puppy off his chest he stood up and felt disorientated for a second before he recalled where he was. Tink's apartment. House sitting. Einstein bounded towards the door, his tail wagging, his eyes alive with that puppy joy that never fades.

"Tink, lemme in" the voice came out slurred and slightly broken, Tyler squinted down at his watch before he pulled his glasses on. It was three twenty three in the morning. Looking at the peephole, Tyler was bemused and slightly confused.

"Can I help you man?" Tyler asked as he looked through the hole, the figure stumbled and leant heavily against the opposite wall 'who beeped you in?" he continued to question the person at the door, who waved their hand to push the question away that lingered unanswered in the air.

"Tink. I need Tink" the person was getting angry now, the pushed a brown paper bag towards their mouth and drank heavily from it. "She needs to come with me, I paid for her for a week." He continued, Tyler slid off the lock on the door and pulled it ajar slightly.

"Yeah, she isn't here" Tyler began to explain, her was shoved from the outside and fell back into the aparment, Einstein bounded towards the open door and made a dash for it. Tyler torn between going after the dog or staying with the drunken person chose to stay.

"Where is she?" the person asked in a fragmented way "She didn't go to New York, did she?" the voice suddenly broke down slightly as he slumped into the overstuffed couch. "She is a mother?" the voice said quietly.

"Pete, you have to go" Tyler said gently sitting beside Pete who brushed his fringe out of his face. "Go home, and come back tomorrow, I'll explain everything" he prodded Pete, who squinted at Tyler.

"She's a mother" Pete said with dejection, Tyler sighed and bit his lip.

"You need to talk to Tink dude" Tyler said standing up. "Its not like you have anything serious with Tink" he tried to justify to Pete, Pete shook his head and slammed the brown paper bag clad bottle down on the glass topped table, it cracked.

"I think I love her" Pete whispered, Tyler's jaw dropped and his eyes widened. "I think I am over lust. I need to talk to Tink" Pete announced as he stood up and walked out of the apartment. Slumping into the couch Tyler looked up at the ceiling.

Pete loved Tink. Tyler thought to himself as he stared up at the ceiling. He had to tell Tink, he had to get to her before Pete did. Picking up his phone he punched in some numbers.

"Yeah, this is Tyler Bavodi, I need a flight to New York." He scribble down a flight number and pulled his jacket on and walked out the door.
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