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Closing Time

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Valentine's Day for our floral assasins, in just a few words.

Category: Weiss Kreuz - Rating: G - Genres: Parody - Characters: Ken, Omi, Ran, Youji - Published: 2007-02-15 - Updated: 2007-02-15 - 138 words - Complete

Youji slid down the steel safety door, clunked his head against it, and sighed as the weight of a thousand worlds (or, possibly, a billion flowers) slid from his shoulders. "God. It's over." he muttered, slumping bonelessly.

"Youji!" Omi called from behind the register, faintly irritated. "Don't just stand there, help Ken and Aya clean up."

He straightened, somewhat stiffly. "Yeah, yeah. Actually," he swung his gaze around, "I suppose this is one of the best Valentine's yet. Calm and all that."

Aya glanced up from sweeping fallen flower petals. "Three girls," he started, syllables clipped short and precise and annoyed, "bought flowers and then gave them back to me."

Ken laughed a little when Youji replied, "Well, at least it wasn't three boys," and Aya growled something about "so he's jinxing White Day now" under his breath.
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