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"Hey", said Ryan. "Hey", I said, not looking up at him. I was still about him telling mom. "You alright?", he asked. "You're a real jerk, you know that?", I said, throwing my pillow at him."What ar...

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We rode in silence all the way to Annie's house. "Bye. Thanks for the ride, Ryan", she said before getting out and walking up to her door. "No problem", said Ryan. We waited to see if she could get in, then drove away. The moment we got out of Annie's driveway, the talk began.

"Jenna, what were you thinking?", asked Ryan. "You could've been hurt! You could have been /raped/!", he continued. "I can't believe you tried to sneak out when I wasn't looking! Tell me Jenna, /what were you thinking/?"

"I don't know! It's just....well, Annie made it sound like such a big deal! Everyone was going to be there and it was going to be so great!", I explained. "But, I guess she was wrong"

"Hell yes, she was wrong!", he yelled. "Ryan, please don't yell at me!", I said. "I'll yell at you if I damn feel like it! I have a right to yell at you!", he shouted. "Ryan, please! Stop yelling!", I said. "Jenna, do you realize what he was trying to do you?", he asked. "Yes, I do", I said. "Now do you understand why you shouldn've listened to me when I told you not to go to that party!?", he said, still yelling.

"Yes, Ryan, I know! Ok! I should have listened to you! Now, please stop yelling!" Now I was the one yelling. "Look, Jenna, I'm not doing this to you to be a jerk. I'm doing it because I care", he said.

"If you really cared, you'd stop yelling!", I said. "Ok, fine", he said, lowering his voice. "I just keep thinking about what would have happened to you if I hadn't needed to borrow your cell phone!", he said. "It makes me sad"

Oh my God! My cell phone! I left it on the table with all the food and drinks! Oh, God! I'm in trouble now! "Well, thank you for caring, and needing my cell phone, but, if you don't mind, I was wondering if you could tell me why you couldn't just use yours?", I said. "Mine is dead. And before you ask, mom was on the house phone", he said.

"Um, Ryan, dude. You just missed your turn", said Sean. He was just sitting there listening the whole time. I almost forgot he was here! "Dammit!", said Ryan, turning around in someone's driveway.

"Um, Ryan?", I said. "What?", he said. "Um, I was wondering if you could NOT tell mom about this?", I asked. "Yeah, ok. She'd probably go crazy, and then I'd be in trouble for not telling her about Kenny, and blah, blah, blah. So, it's probably best not to", he said. "Thanks", I said.

"Yeah, you're not off the hook yet", he said. "When we get home, I want you to go up to your room and stay there. I want to talk to you some more", he said, pulling into the driveway. "Ok, mom", I said, getting out of the car. I walked inside, and went strait to my room, just as Ryan had said.

I got to my room, closed the door, and flopped down on my bed. I could hear Ryan talking to mom down stairs. Oh, God! He was telling her about the party! He said he wouldn't! Jerk! I was just about to open my laptop and send Annie an e-mail about what happened, just like I said I would, when I heard Ryan and Sean, right outside my door.

"Yeah, I think she'll be alright", said Ryan. "She might be a little freaked out though for a while", said Sean. "No, she's a strong girl. She'll be fine. I'll meet you upstairs in a minute, I need to talk to my sister, alone", said Ryan. "Alright", said Sean. I could hear Sean's footsteps walking upstairs, and my door creeking open.

"Hey", said Ryan. "Hey", I said, not looking up at him. I was still about him telling mom. "You alright?", he asked. "You're a real jerk, you know that?", I said, throwing my pillow at him."What are you talking about?", he asked.

"Don't play dumb! I know you told mom! I could hear you!", I said. "You should accuse people of doing something unless you know that did it for a fact. I didn't tell mom", he said, throwing the pillow back at me. "Then what did you tell her", I asked. "I just told her that we were back and Sean and I decided to stop and pick you up from that party on our way back from the pizza place", he said.

"You didn't get pizza", I said. "Yeah, we went to save your butt instead", he said. "I already said thank you! You don't have to keep reminding me!", I said. "Look, I didn't come in here to argue! I came in here to see if you were ok", he said.

"Well, I'm fine. He didn't do anything", I said. "He would have if I hadn't gotten there when I did", said Ryan. "Well, that, and if Landon hadn't tackled him", I said, smiling. I don't what I was about him, but just saying his name made me want to smile.

"Who's Landon?", he asked. "Honestly, I don't know. I just met him at that party", I said. "Well, he's obviously going to be seeing a lot of you", he said. "What do you mean?", I asked. "You're one of those girls that know's what you want, and won't stop until you get it", he said. "Huh?" "You like him. You won't leave him alone until you know that he likes you back!", he explained. "Oh. How do you know if I like him or not!?", I asked.

"Ok, not that the fact that you smiled when you said his name gave anything away, but you also fall in love with any and every boy that talks to you!", he said. "No I don't!", I defended.

"Yes, you do. You're boy crazy", he said. "I'm not boy crazy!", I said. "Yeah, ok. And, by the way, I know you like Sean, and so does he, so you can stop pretending you don't", he said walking out the door. I blushed. "Wait!", I said.
He turned and looked at me. "Yeah?" "Um, thanks for coming when you did. You're a good brother", I said, smiling. "Yeah, well, it's my job, I guess", he said, walking up the stairs.
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