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"Do you want me to go back up-stairs?", asked a voice. I jumped and Sean pulled his arm away from me and started looking around the room nervously. It was Ryan. I didn't even know he was up! Sudden...

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The moment Ryan closed his door, I opened up my laptop and e-mailed Annie:

Hey Annie!
Well, I told you that I would e-mail you about the party, so, I'm e-mailing you! Anyways, when you left me, I went over to the refreshments to get a drink, but all they had was beer, and you know I don't drink beer! So, this boy takes me to Josh's fridge, and gets me a coke. Then, Kenny shows up and tries to....flirt, I guess you could call it, but I'm not will to....flirt. So, that boy, Landon, ok, sorry, I have to switch topics for a minute. You were so right! Landon is totally hot! How could I have missed him before?

Ok, so, anyways, Landon comes up and starts defending me and stuff. So, then Kenny pulled me close to him, totally gross, and tries to reach up my shirt, even worse! But, he doesn't get passed my stomach, thank God, because, guess what? Landon tackled him! I was like, "Yay! He's my hero!". JK! I didn't really say that, but I was thinking it! So, then Kenny jumps on top of Landon and starts punching him and stuff.

Kenny then came over to me and threw me over his shoulders and carried me upstairs. He didn't have time to do anything though. That's when Ryan came in. He pulled me away from Kenny and picked him up by his collar, and told him not to ever touch me again. I've never seen him so mad and......scary, before.

So, he looked over at me and said, "Get in the car!". I really wanted to stay and watch the fight, but Ryan was really scary, so I did as he told me too. I saw a glimpse of him beating the snot out of Kenny, but that was it. So, I went downstairs, and told you that I had to go and I would e-mail you. Then, I got in the car and waited for Ryan. I was surprised though, when I saw you with him. Hopefully you will tell me your side of the story!

Ok, well, that's it. The whole story. TTUL! Bye,

I re-read the e-mail and just to make sure I didn't leave anything out. Then, I pressed the send button. I closed my laptop and put it back up on my desk. I then put on my pajama's, well, actually, a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, and went to bed.


I woke in the morning to the sound of my alarm clock blaring Brittany Spears music at me, and Ryan yelling, "Turn it off, Jenn!". Honestly, what radio station still plays Brittany Spears? I got up and turned it off, cursing myself for not remembering to un-set it. It was Saturday, that meant no school. "Sorry!", I yelled, and climbed back into bed. I laid there for about an hour and then finally gave up. I couldn't fall back asleep, so I got up and checked to see if Annie had e-mailed me back.

1 new message! Read the bottom of my screen. I clicked on it, and Annie's reply popped up.

hey, jenn
omg! that sounds totally awesome! too bad it wasn't me! then I would have been the one that ryan was saving! oh, well! so, you finally met landon! I told you he was great! Ok, so, my side of the story. I was dancing with some of the other people, when you came down crying, and told me that you had to leave. I thought you were just mad because ryan was being a dick and wouldn't let you stay. But then he came down and told me to get in the car too. I wasn't happy about that. I tried to protest, but then he started to carry me. He let me go when we got to the door though. So, then I got into the car and he took me home.

So, I was sitting here all mad, thinking that he was being a jerk, crashing the party, when really, he was protecting us! Have I ever told you how much I love your brother? Probably every other day, but I'm going to tell you again anyways! I LOVE YOUR BROTHER! He is so amazing! Anyways, I'll TTUL! Time for bed. I'm pooped! Good night!

annie *

I hit the reply button and replied to Annie's message.

Ok, first of all, ewww!! Ewww, ewww, ewww, ewww! You can not love my brother! That is just gross and weird! And second of all, yes, you were right. Landon is great! And you were also right again, my brother is great! At first I was kinda mad that he had the nerve to follow me, like I couldn't take care of myself. But, now, I'm really glad he did! Well, it's morning now, so GOOD MORNING! G2g bye!


I press the send button and closed my laptop. Surprisingly, that took a whole hour just to read her e-mail and send her a reply! It was about nine o'clock now, so I got up and went down-stairs. When I got there, I found that Sean was sitting on the couch. "What are you doing down here?", I asked.

"Well, when your alarm clock went off, it woke me up and I couldn't fall back asleep", he said. "Ok, sorry about that", I said. "Na, it's not biggie", he said. "I really am sorry though. I meant to un-set it so it wouldn't go off, but with everything last night, it just slipped my mind and I forgot to do it!", I blurted out. I hate talking to this guy! I always get nervous and I start to mutter things and talk really, really fast so no one can hear me anyway!

"No really, it's cool. Wanna sit?", he asked, making room for me to side down. "Sure", I said, walking over to the couch, and sitting awkwardly close to him. "So, Ryan was telling my about last night", he said. "Oh, yeah. Nothing happened, I'm ok", I said. "Yeah, I know you are", he said. Was that some sort of complement?

"Ryan was really ticked last night", he continued. OMG! Why did we have to talk about this now? "Yeah, I know", I said. "He was all pissy last night. Yelling about how he's going to kill Kenny and how you are such a....", he stopped mid-sentence. "A what?", I asked. "Nothing, just a stubborn little girl", he said. Then, he put his arm around me. My whole body tensed up. I let me head rest on his shoulder.

"Do you want me to go back up-stairs?", asked a voice. I jumped and Sean pulled his arm away from me and started looking around the room nervously. It was Ryan. I didn't even know he was up! Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Saved by the bell! "I'll get it!" I said jumping up and running to the door.

I opened the door and was surprised to find.......

(To be continued!) Mwahahahahha!!
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