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i have great news after speaking with teletoon...

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Great news i sent teletoon an e-mail this morning asking them why they cancelled cott and by lunch they sent me an email saying this:

Hi Porsche!

Thanks for your message! We're happy to hear from TELETOON viewers!

In order to keep TELETOON new and fresh for our viewers, we like to give our schedule a "makeover" a few times a year. As a result, some of your favourite shows move spots, while others are removed from our schedule to make room for new shows. At other times, we no longer have the rights to a series and we can no longer air it on our network.

Having said that, we have some good news for you! Due to popular demand, Class of the Titans will be back in March with Bows and Eros airing on March 17 at 2pm (et/pt)! Rest assured that your comments are very important to us.

isn't that great my letter helped yay,

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