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and if your heart stops beating

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...everything stopped...

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"Shit! Gerard!" Mikey gasped, hauling his brother out of the sink.
He stumbled to the floor with him, sitting in the water and realising Gerard wasn't breathing.
"Frank!" he yelled. Frank rushed down the stairs in a dressing gown and went white as he saw Gerard. He froze and began to stammer.
"He- he's...."
Mikey felt tears prick his eyes. He removed his glasses and wiped his eyes on his sleeve, putting his head to Gerard's chest. He lightly slapped his face again and something caught his eye. Some water had trickled out from Gerard's mouth. He pressed his hand down hard on his brother. More water came out. He had no idea how to perform mouth- to -mouth resuscitation but began pounding at his brother's chest.
"Mikey, what the hell are you doing!" Frank cried, his eyes were already red from crying. He dove at Mikey and grabbed his arm before he could hit Gerard again. The two stared in disbelief as Gerard began coughing, water pouring from his mouth. He sat up and was sick all over the floor.
Mikey leapt at his brother, half hugging him, half hitting him.
"What the hell were you thinking?" he asked in a rage. His glasses were still on the floor. Frank bent to pick them up before they got smashed.
Gerard collapsed in his little brother's arms, unable to say a thing. His face was scrunched up with grief. He looked pasty and ill.
"I had a- a nightmare...." He wheezed. Mikey didn't have to ask what about. He stroked his brother's hair and stood up.
"Let's get you to bed," He hushed him, leading him upstairs. Frank followed silently.

Mikey sat on the edge of Gerard's bed.
"What made you drown yourself?" He asked, wondering whether he should lock the door to prevent it again.
"I was burning." Gerard whispered back, pulling the covers up to his chin. "Burning in my mind and a sinking feeling...I felt like it was the end of me."
"A panic attack?" Mikey asked. Gerard nodded. without another word.

"I killed her, Mikey- I killed-"
"Shh, Gerard, don't do this to yourself- the police are still investigating, from what they've got it looks like a suicide- there isn't much evidence to be going on yet." Mikey looked down at his brother. He was the pure vision of guilt and fear. "Just, get some shut eye, it'll be the best thing for you."
Mikey blew out the candle and turned to the doorway where Frank was stood.
Frank bit his lip.
"Sorry about earlier...I thought he was dead.... I thought you were going mad."
Mikey shrugged. "I would've done the same- don't worry." He whispered, pursing his lips together. Mikey caught a sparkle in Frank's eyes and there was a sudden understanding between the two. Neither of them could deny themselves of the burning desire they felt at that moment. No matter what had been going on with the death and suicide attempt of Gerard. These feelings were mutual, heartfelt beyond anything and had been there a long, long time. A fatal kiss as they stood close together in the hallway and they knew they'd never be able to let go.
"I'll see you in the morning." Frank said quietly, feeling his breath catch in his chest. Mikey nodded, and each turned into their rooms for sleep.

A soft moan escaped the Way's lips. He was in bed... Well, half in and half on the floor. It'd been a night of heat and nightmares.

Gerard could feel the sunlight gleaming between the gap in his curtains. Some of the light went through his closed eye-lids. He groaned as he opened his eyes. Putting a hand to his head he asked himself;
"Did I get kicked in the face by a horse?" It certainly felt like it. Another hangover- he should have been used to them by now... he had snippets of memories of the previous day, mourning over his bride's body, drinking, nightmares...drowning, Mikey tucking him up, sneaking downstairs for more alcohol while it sounded like Mikey was getting to bed.
"She's still dead..." He told himself, his hands trembling in front of him. He looked at them angry. making his breathing calmer, they steadied. He stood and ripped the curtains open, letting light pour into the room and he traversed the room in a split second to his Victorian style desk, taking out a quill and parchment.
"She's dead..." he repeated, making a note. "But why?" He held the quill so that the end of the red feather touched his white chin. "I will investigate the matter myself- the cops aren't going to solve this murder!" He declared feeling authority through himself once more, although, there was a little grey mouse sat in the corner looking quite mortified by the insane Way.
Gerard's eyes were caught by the movement of the mouse cleaning it's whiskers and he lunged towards it, still on his seat and shouted at it. The little mouse gave a squeal and ran into it's hole.
It was quite scared, though not petrified, but ran on through many dimly lit passage ways where the only light came in through gaps between the floor boards and under the walls. It came out in what seemed a more tranquil, enchanting room, welcoming even...the mouse crept in and wiped it's dark, shiny eyes with his delicate little pinkies.
The doors to the balcony were open and white curtains blew into the room in a warm breeze. Frank had his head in his hands sat on the edge of his bed, in deep thought. About the death, was it suicide, had it been Gerard? Was it someone else? Then there was Mikey. Had he imagined that moment of strong felt feeling jumping between them due to the fatigue? His head sunk further into his hands and the little mouse crept up to him. Frank opened his eyes and peered through his fingers at the tiny creature. It twitched its nose and blinked up at him, causing Frank a faint smile.

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