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Mice holes and Murder

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Like, what is going on in this mad house?!

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Only a short chapter, but I need to get some shut eye. enjoy!---

The little mouse headed back to its hole in the skirting board rubbed its eyes once more and made a dash for the gap. It scampered downwards, through the nooks and crannies of the house and into the kitchen.

Bob and Ray did not live in the same house and had gone home to their wives.

Gerard was now in the kitchen, grabbing some money and a small hunk of cheese. He was in a rush as he wanted to set out as quickly as he possibly could to begin his journey to discover what had motivated his bride to kill herself. A small crumb of cheese fell from the table and the mouse nibbled it and darted out of sight before Gerard spotted it.
Gerard ate the cheese and headed for the door.

Mikey and Frank left their bedrooms at the same time, greeting each other with a smile as they did and headed downstairs. It was about midday now and it seemed that perhaps, though parts of life were pretty grim now, perhaps there were glimmers of hope.
The sound of a horse's hooves and a carriage drawing up outside on the otherwise noiseless cobbled street were heard. Mikey poked his face out of the tall window on the stairwell and his face fell grim as he realised that it was the detective.
"Oh, Frank they're back..." Mikey turned from the window and headed down the last few remaining steps to reach the door as there was a knock.
Frank nodded to the detective as he appeared at the open doorway.
"Mikey, I'll get some tea, I just have to go to the study once its done, I think I left something in there..." Frank told him, disappearing down the corridor.
Mikey stepped aside to let the detective in, he was alone today. Leading him through to the parlour, the detective took his hat and coat off, taking in the scenery of many framed paintings of the Way's family.
They sat down.
"Is your brother not here, erm...Gerald, is it?" the detective asked, making notes already.
Mikey thought, he'd not seen him, but he'd only just got up and the mansion was quite big...
"I don't know, I didn't hear the door open-"
"I see and could you tell m-" the detective and Mikey looked up at the same moment, a blood curdling cry and the sound of smashing rockery was heard. they ran through the kitchen and into the study to find Frank staring at the walls. Cherry tea soaked through the once white rug like blood. The word 'killer' had been scrawled across every inch of the walls. Mikey heard footsteps fall heavily in the hall way and Gerard came in, he must've heard Frank's scream.
The four looked up at the walls and the detective tore up the notes that he'd made the previous day. Maybe this wasn't suicide.
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