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Bloodstains and Tea

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Hmm, I hope this is a bit longer than the other chapters I wrote as I won't be able to do anymore updates today. I'm quite busy hehe. I hope you all like this one, I'm not sure if its that good :s

Gerard's mouth fell open and his whole body shook as a new wave of tears came over him. Whoever had done this was tearing him up. He wrapped his arms around himself and fell to the floor, his head resting in the spot where the red tea had been spilt. He howled with pain and curled up, sobbing.

The detective stepped away and just looked at Gerard a little astonished. he'd seen men cry a couple of times, but never this severely, he felt a little disturbed. As far as he'd known, only children cried like this. He thought he felt Frank look up at him briefly and turned away, busying himself with notes.

Frank looked away from the detective and down at Gerard, rubbing his arm to comfort him, then gently rocking him back and forth to stop the tears. He wanted to wrap his arms around his friend, but restrained himself. He didn't like the detective being here in the first place, never mind taking notes on their private life. They could sort this out themselves.

Mikey must've felt the fire coming from Frank, because he took a step back as Frank jumped up wildly and swiped the quill and notebook from the detective, casting them into the remaining embers of the fire. Tears were in his eyes.
"There's nothing to write about here...just emotions to calm and a wall to clean, please leave us alone..." His voice wouldn't go on as an overwhelming sorrow came over him and he too, sunk to the floor beside Gerard, crying rivers.

Mikey fought back tears as he met the detective's eyes who, very politely, it must be said, tilted his hat and with a nod showed himself to the door.

* * **

"I'm sorry," Frank murmured over a hot drink, clasped in his hands in front of him. The steam misted him slightly from the view of Mikey. Well, that and also that Mikey had removed his glasses to rub his weary eyes. He hadn't been able to fight the urge to cry for long.

Mikey shook his head, his golden-brown hair shaking slightly.
"Don't apologise- if you hadn't told him to leave someone else would have and it wouldn't have been said so nicely." He watched Gerard swing in and out of sleep with his head in Frank's lap as he played with his raven black hair.

"So what now?" Gerard asked in a murmured tone, his voice more of a murmur due to the fact that his head was on it's side and half asleep. Mikey rubbed his face and thought.

"Well, I'd rather sort this whole mess out ourselves. Whatever the outcome, it can't be nice but we must have more of a lead than anyone else..." Mikey replied, looking up at Frank for a confirmation.

Frank nodded agreeably,
"If we do the detective work, then at least the case is in our own hands and we can make a decision on whatever the outcome is, instead of the police." Gerard shifted is head in a nod. He rolled over onto his back and watched Frank's neck and under chin as he sipped his tea.

"I'm scared." He told them in a very quiet voice, much like a child again. Frank stroked his hair. Mikey looked down at his brother sympathetically.

"We're here for you- whatever happens, we're here and you can always count on us."
"Don't be afraid." Frank added in, looking down at Gerard, whom then pursed his lips together and nodded, closing his eyes but not giving up to the fatigue in his body. He felt like he'd never be able to sleep again after what had happened...

The day passed relatively quickly. Everyone moped about, Gerard hardly saying a word- but simply lost in thought. Frank seemed a little more apprehensive than normal, and Mikey managed to busy himself by making plans for what would become their detective agency.
It was odd that their first case was the murder of the fiancée of one of the team, but Mikey realised that they wouldn't have started the agency if they hadn't been affected by crime and the chilling scenarios that was their life.
He sat in the study, the walls now cleared of the blood messages. Hunched over at the desk, he wrote into a black, leather bound book about the morning they had discovered her corpse;

September 30th, 1899

The discovery of her body was the worst thing that any of us have ever experienced. This isn't an opinion- it's fact. The way that day shook us will be buried in our souls 'til the day we die and will rot with our flesh in our own graves. Her body was taken to the morgue that night while Gerard slept.
I believe it was my older brother, Gerard who discovered her laying in her own blood, the gun still in her immobile hand, making it seem like suicide. The grief it has brought over him is deeply harrowing. It wears me to the bone to see him so mournful.
I just can't understand what would bring anyone to kill such a brilliant woman. She was discovered dead in the early hours of the morning on what would have been hers and Gerard's wedding day.
I remember a ghastly howl of pain- Gerard- but never did I hear the gunshot, I can infer from this that the shot was made in the dead of night and stifled with a cloth so as to muffle the sound.
He came gal-abounding down the wooden steps, I was in the parlour, my eyes closed as I thought what we should write about for our next melody. My train of thoughts of sweethearts and sailors was terminated as Gerard fell to his knees, his hair and hands stained with blood.
I remember that sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach- the realisation that something truly horrific had occurred in this house while I'd been lost in thoughts about some pathetic day-dream.
"What in God's name have you done?" that's what I asked him- and now as I realise that Gerard is the real victim of this, I feel sick with myself.

Somehow, as Gerard re-told me how he'd discovered her like this as he knocked on the door and spoke sweet nothings to her through the door to be replied with silence, I found myself trying to calm Gerard. Obviously it was no use then, but by at least trying, I found myself deal with the situation a whole lot more calmly than could have been expected.
Frank had been shocked even more than me, I gave him time to mourn for the loss before sending him out on an errand to inform our close friends, Bob and Raymond, and then the police.

We had all presumed it a suicide, but the writing on the wall was enough to warn us against that...

Mikey carried away in his messy scrawl into the books, recording in detail what had happened and then made a list of bullet points of things that had happened which could contribute as clues.

The rest of the evening passed slowly and Gerard turned into his own bed. He'd been spending a lot of time alone and sleeping a lot more than he used to before the whole 'My Murder-scene Romance' thing.

author's note; heh heh, I wrote most of this fanfic ages ago, before the life on the murder scene DVD, so I just thought that was kind of funny...yeah...

As he trod slowly up the creaky staircase Mikey caught his eyes and said goodnight. Mikey couldn't help but be shocked by the dark circles around his brother's eyes. It looked as though he wasn't getting nearly enough sleep as he should. Perhaps when this was all over with, just perhaps, Gerard might be able to return to his normal routines and get on with life.

The younger Way brother listened as Gerard's bedroom door closed and he stepped into the parlour quietly shutting the door to behind him. Feet dragging on the floor and arms dropped like a weary guerrilla's he dropped himself into one of the large green armchairs.

The large room had the tendency to have a cold feel to it as it was large and the walls were quite a cold colour, and the floor was tiled. Although tonight, it was rather the reverse, a warm, and for once, welcoming golden glow had settled in, like an early morning sunrise on fields of wheat. This orange haze had been made by the fireplace, crackling in somewhat a merry tone.

Mikey couldn't help but feel out of place in this pleasant place after all the problems of the previous days. It wasn't so much the death of the bride that had upset him, (no question it had- and deeply at that), but the events following for some reason had more of a reaction and swelling of feelings in him.

He had never particularly liked Gerard's late fiancée in the beginning, in fact he'd never really got to know her truly well. The truth was that when Gerard had fallen in love with her, he'd been a changed man- though, in Mikey's opinion, perhaps not in the best ways. He loved his brother dearly, but wished that he was how he had been before he met her.

As for the issues that had startled Mikey more than the death, well, there was Gerard trying to commit suicide for one thing. that night when he'd found his brother with his head stuck in the sink, his body un-animated was the most horrific scene his mind could recall. He could remember it so clearly that he still got a knot of pain inside him when he thought about it. What would've happened if he'd not entered the room in time? What if Gerard found himself willed to try suicide again? Would Mikey be there?
Mikey turned his head down, closing his eyes and drew in a breath. No, there was no need to think such things- he and Frank were both there for Gerard.

He and Frank. Mikey and Frank. Mikey Way and Frank Iero. That was another thing that'd been on his mind, and due to the murder, he was not surprised that he had not been able to give it much thought over the last few days. He felt like kicking himself as he realized that had she not died, things might be different, perhaps, easier between him and Frank.

"Hey," Frank said quietly, leaning on the door way which led into the hall. He had a small, yet sincere smile of his face, all the youth and beauty a man could have. Mikey felt more warmth radiate from Frank than from the fire.

Frank sat on the sofa next to the fire, curling his legs under him in somewhat a feminine-esque style. He rested his head on his hand, he too seemed lost in thought. Suddenly he looked up at Mikey. "Do you think we should mention the detective agency to Bob and Ray?" he asked lightly.

Mikey looked at Frank for a second or two and then returned his gaze to the fire, mulling it over.

"Hmmm..." He pushed his square glasses up the bridge of his nose with one finger. "They're not just musicians- but really close friends...brothers...maybe we could mention it to them. I can't see them being over enthusiastic about joining it. It can be a bloody grim job after all. Besides, Bob's got the grocery to run, and Ray the fottagerrafz thingy..."

"Photographs? Photography?" Frank added, understanding what Mikey meant.
"That's it-" Mikey nodded. Frank nodded in response. Right.
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