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What Happened?

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After spending the night with Tre, Billie thinks he really has his old drummer back! But does he...? SLASH!

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Billie moaned slightly as he felt the sun rays on his face.
'Damn. It's morning already?' He thought to himself.
He started sitting up, rubbing his eyes tiredly. It had been a long night. With Tre crying till about three this morning.
'TRE!' He thought suddenly as he finished rubbing his eyes and stared beside him.

The hospital was empty... except for him in it.
"Tre? Tre where are you?" Billie yelled as he looked around the room.
"You might not want to call him that Billie." A voice said.
"Huh? Oh Mike... Almost gave me a heart-attack." Billie said as he saw his friend sitting in chair.
Mike smirked before saying, "Like I said Billie... You don't won't to call Frank/Tre. Well at least not today."
"And why not?" Billie asked smugly, thinking this was all just a joke.

"Well this morning one of the nurses from last night came to take Frank/Tre to get examined. She must have heard you or me saying Tre to him last night. For she said Tre, and he flipped! Literally attacked her. I didn't see it happened, but they were able to get him off and into the examining room." Mike explained to Billie; wide-eyed.
Billie let out a frustrated sigh.
"What is happening to him Mike? God... All I want is our drummer back! Is that so hard to ask for?" Billie said, suddenly snapping on to Mike.
"I don't know what's happened to him, Billie!" Mike retorted angrily.

"TRE... OR FRANK, WHATEVER THE HELL YOUR NAME IS... WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?!" Billie screamed into the room.
"Wouldn't you two just love to know." A voice stated out.
Billie and Mike turned and saw Tre/Frank standing in doorway, jeans and a T-shirt on already.
"I don't need the hospital. I fine now. Goodbye, Billie, Mike." Tre/Frank replied before bolting down the hallway.
'No! Not this time Tre!' Billie thought wildly as he placed his shoes on and rushed after Tre/Frank.

Mike stared after his two friends, before following after them.


"TRE! WAIT THE HELL UP!" Billie yelled at his friend.
"LEAVE ME ALONE! PLEASE!" The drummer shouted over his shoulder, while ducking away from Billie.
"NO!" Billie shouted an answer to Tre/Frank's question.
Tre/Frank rushed hurriedly down an 'old' path.
Billie stopped at the entrance of the path.
'The creek...? Oh God!' He thought, remembering the place well.

"TRE! PLEASE COME BACK!" Billie yelled as he walked on the path.
Billie didn't hear anything... Until he heard a splash.
"TRE!" Billie yelled as he followed the splash.
"OH MY GOD!" Billie screamed as he found Tre somehow choking himself, while dunking himself underneath the water.

'I hate myself! I want to die!' Tre/Frank thought miserably as he attempted to choke himself and dunk himself underneath the water.
As he fell to the bottom of the creek, he saw grey spots appearing in his vision.
'Take me, please! NOW!' Tre/Frank thought bitterly.
Instead of seeing black spots, two hands grabbed around Tre/Frank's waist bringing him up to surface.
'NO!' Tre/Frank thought as he tried to fight the hands.
But it was useless; since he had already tired himself out.

"STOP FIGHTING ME TRE! I'M TRYING TO HELP YOU!" Billie yelled as he pulled his drummer out of the water onto the bank.
Tre/Frank stared wildly around him, before his eyes rested onto Billie.
Tre/Frank got so fulled of emotions and energy, that he ran at Billie; jumping onto his back and started hitting him.
"Tre! Stop!" Billie said as he avoided Tre's punches.
"I WANTED TO DIE, BILLIE! WHY'D YOU STOP ME? WHY!?" Tre/Frank screamed at him.
"No... Tre you don't want to die." Billie said as he neared Tre.
"STOP FUCKING CALLING ME THAT!" Tre/Frank roared at him.

"I can't Tre. I can't stop calling you that." Billie said as Tre/Frank started sniffling.
"Billie... I want to be called that... But I'll get in 'trouble'." Tre/Frank said after a few moments of silence.

Tre started sniffling more before he turned towards Billie and again jumped him.
Billie at first thought Tre was trying to attack him again.
But it ended up being something that both needed:
Tre hugged Billie as tight as he could.
Then he pulled away and tried again to bolt away from Billie.
But Billie was a little quicker than Tre and he rushed to his feet and grabbing a hold of Tre; he pinned him against his chest.

In a typical fashion Tre fought against Billie's grip.
Billie still keeping a firm grip on his drummer stared blankly at ahead, before saying, "Again? Tre what do you mean again?"
Tre didn't respond; only kept fighting against Billie.

Billie, feeling his legs buckle from the weight, slid down to the ground; Tre still against him.

"Tre... What happened? Please Tre... Tell me!" Billie said as Tre still fought against his chest.
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