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Tre's Past

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Tre explains his past to Billie and Mike. Major Angst! SLASH!

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"Tre... What happened? Please Tre... Tell me!" Billie said as Tre still fought against his chest.

Mike hurried his way down the familiar path, stopping as he heard crying come from nearby...

"LET ME GO! PLEASE BILLIE! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PLEASE!" Tre shouted fighting, to no avail, Billie's hands and arms - which prevented him from leaving.
"Billie? Where are you guys?" Mike's voice ranged out.
"Over here Mike." Billie said, as Mike followed his voice and appeared before his broken band-mates.
"MIKE... HELP ME! GET HIM OFF OF ME! PLEASE?!" Tre shouted, looking up at the bassist with wet eyes.
Mike gave a shrug to him, while turning his to meet Billie's.
Tre noticed this and shouted to the bassist, "YOU FUCKING SUCK! A LITTLE PIECE OF SHIT IN THE BACKGROUND, BITCH!"

The comment was harsh, and Billie's eyes went wide.
Mike on the other hand, snapped!
He ran towards Billie and Tre, pushing Billie's hands off of Tre, literally shoving Billie away.
Mike grabbed a hold of Tre and started punching him.
Tre shrieked a noise and pushing Mike's hands off, he tackled the bassist to the ground. The two clawing and attacking each other.

Billie groaned slightly, rubbing his head - where he had hit it, after being roughly shoved by Mike.
'Mike, Tre!' He thought as he stood up.
He gasped as he saw his band-mates wrestling and attacking one another.
"MIKE, TRE! STOP!" Billie shouted as he ran towards them.
"MIKE, TRE... DAMMIT GUYS! STOP!" Billie shouted as he grabbed a hold of Mike and dragged him off of Tre.

Mike blinked a little bit, before mumbling out, "I'm sorry Billie..."
"I not the one you should be saying sorry!" Billie retorted bitterly.
The two stared at Tre, who was still on the ground.
"I'm sorry Tre. But never call me that again... Kay?" Mike said to the stun drummer.
Tre shrugged and rolled onto his side; tears starting to go down his cheeks.
Billie noticed this and slipped down next to the drummer.
"Tre? It's okay. Please Tre... Tell us what happened! What did your father say or do?" Billie said wiping the tears away.
Tre shook his head and clentched his eyes close.
"Please Tre?" Mike begged softly, getting down to the ground as well.
Tre looked at his two best friends, before finally nodding his head.

"Okay... Then tell us Tre." Billie said as the drummer stared at them with watery eyes.

"This is what happened..." He said - voice cracking a bit.


They saw Tre's family car already packed up with their things, a U-Haul cart hooked up to the car.
"NO! No, Billie..." Tre shouted to Billie as he was led to the car.
"TRE!" Billie shouted to his best friend.
"BILLIE! MIKE!" Tre shouted loudly, never minding he was making a scence.

Billie and Mike got close to the car before it drove off in a cloud of dust.

"TRE!" Billie screeched.

Tre cried uncontrollably in the backseat of the car.
"DAD! WHY? I LOVED HIM!" Tre said crying as he punched his father's seat.
"Shut up!" His father said slapping him hard.
Tre winced and curled into a ball; not saying anything.


"Here we are honey." Tre father said sweetly to his wife.
She smiled a little, while opening the door.
"Get out, and help your mother! NOW!" Tre's father snapped at him.
Tre - terrified, opened his door and helped unload the U-Haul.

Finally after everything was in their 'new' house, did Tre's father erupt...

"Don't call me that! I hate that fucking name." Tre shouted to his father.
Tre's father became more angry and attacked Tre.
His hands fitting around his neck, squeezing.
Tre eyes went huge, and he choked out.
"Frank... Stop!" His mother said.
His father dropped his hands.
"Here's the rules... Frank. You'll never again go by the name Tre. You'll never be gay. And you will never ever see Billie Joe Armstrong again! Never mention his name in this house! Understand?" His father said, well Tre stood there baffled.

"But I love Billie..." Tre began only to scream as his father punched him hard in the stomach.
"Here's a little reminder for you Frank!" His father said as he began punching and kicking Tre!
His mother clapped a hand over her mouth before leaving to the kitchen!
She started taking the dishes out and loading them up in the cabinets, still hearing the smacking and crying from her husband and son.
Few minutes later her husband walked in.
"Hope you make something good tonight hon." He said, giving her a quick peck on the cheek.
"What about..." She began.
"Frank needs two days to cool down." Tre's father said winking at her.

Tre banged on the door of the closet, where his father had placed him in.
"LET ME OUT! PLEASE... DAD!" He shouted.
Finally, his throat sore, he stopped holloring and cried himself to sleep...


"Oh Tre!" Billie said as his arms encircled the drummer.
"Now you guys understand why I can't be called Tre!" The drummer said, clutching Billie's shirt for comfort.
"Yeah... Now we do." Mike began sarcastically.
"Mike..." Billie warned.
Mike shrugged his shoulders.
"I missed you Billie... I want to see you again, but..." Tre said, his hands clutching more tightly against Billie's shirt.
"Shh... Tre." Billie said softly, kissing his drummer's forehead, as Tre cried openly into his chest.

Mike stood and began collecting twigs and dead branches.
"Mike... What the hell are you doing?" Billie asked as he watched the bassist; Tre still crying into his shirt.
"We're going to be here tonight. So might as well get a fire going." Mike said, placing the twigs and branches into a pile and pulling out his lighter.
Seconds later a fire began blazing, and the sunset made the trees look golden.

"Tre?" Billie said, rubbing the back of his drummer, who still had his face pressed against Billie's chest.
Tre nodded his head against Billie's chest as he basically clung to the lead singer.
"It's okay Tre." Billie said placing a kiss on top of Tre's head.

Finally the light was gone, and the stars came out. Giggling and smiling down at the three friends.
Billie smiled at the stars; laying on his back gazing at them.
He felt a tremor and rubbed Tre's back smoothly.
Tre was still clunged to Billie, who had his arms wrapped around his drummer as well.
Mike had his arms around Tre as well.
"This kind of reminds you of back then?" Mike stated, as Tre moved a little.
"Yeah." Billie said, kissing Tre's cheek, making the drummer quiet down.

A small breeze blew it's way down to the creek.
But the three friends didn't fell it, being curled up together.


Tre was the first one up next day.
He glanced at Mike and Billie next to him.
'Thank you Billie.' He thought as he got to his feet and walked away...

Billie stir slightly as he tried to bring Tre next to him.
His eyes snapped open as he felt nothing!
He stared next to him, only to find Mike there.
"Mike! Wake up! Tre's gone... Again!" Billie said as he nudged the bassist awake.
Mike opened his eyes and stared at the spot where Tre should have been.
"Where the hell is he?" Billie asked starting to search around...
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