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Warehouse Comfort

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Tre's gone and cutting himself again! Can Billie and Mike help him in time? SLASH!

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"Dammit it!" Billie shouted, throwing his hands up in desperation.
Mike stood, leaning against a tree, while he pondered about where Tre could be.
"Why is he running away from us? Does he hate us now? Mad at the world and his father? What is his problem?" Billie asked out loud.
Mike lifted his head and stared at Billie before replying, "He doesn't hate us Billie. He's more afraid of something his father did to him. And we have to think clearly about where he might have gone."
Billie nodded his head as he thought hard about where Frank - Tre - might have gone.

~~~ Frank (Tre) ~~~

'I'm not crying...' Tre thought as he ran down the sidewalk, pushing past many citzens.
~ Then why is your vision cloudy? ~ His mind mocked him.
'SHUT UP! I don't care about Mike... I don't even give a damn about Billie!' Tre shouted bitterly in his head.
~ No you don't. You want him to find you and comfort you. You want to feel his lips on yours, like when you two were younger... ~ His mind corrected him.

As Tre fought the denial in his mind, he stepped into the street without looking...
A horn beeped out and slammed on its brakes.
The front of the truck pushed a little into the drummer's side.
Tre shrieked a little, before pulling himself upwards.
"OH MY GOD! I'm sorry... Do you need to go to the hospital? Do you need some help?" The driver said, rushing out of his car to the drummer's side.
"It's okay. I'm fine." Tre lied, stiffly getting to his legs.
"You sure? Cause if you need to..." The driver began.
"I FINE! CAN'T YOU PEOPLE LEAVE ME ALONE?!" Tre shouted, running from the scene.
The driver stood there, speechless, as he watched the drummer running away.

~~~ BILLIE & MIKE ~~~

Billie and Mike headed towards the 'accident' five minutes too late!
"What happened here?" They asked a lady who stared at the street.
"Some idiot walked into the middle of the road and got hit by that truck. Then he got up and started mouthing off and ran off in that direction." She said, pointing to where their old warehouse was located.
"I think we know where he's going now Mike." Billie said, as he and Mike headed towards their own warehouse...


Tre stumbled through the broken doors as he clutched his side.
He made his way to his drum kit and sat down behind the drum stool.
He breathed slowly, letting the cool air rush into his lungs.
~ You want Billie to find you all crippled like this? Don't you? ~ His mind again mocked at him.
'NO! Dammit... I don't care about Billie.' He said to his mind, while a couple of tears began working their way down.

Tre winced as his side screamed in agony.
His eyes scanned for some med. kit, but instead rested upon his backpack.
He crawled to it and took out a important object of his youth years... The red pocket knife screamed to him!

He grazed at the knife and was about to bring across his arms, when he thought suddenly, 'What if Mike and Billie come in here and find me cutting?'
He frantically searched around for a place to hide, but to no avail...
His eyes did however scorn the stairs.
He made his way to his feet and hurried over to the stairs.

On the second level he walked down the hallway and found a room slightly ajar.
He made his way in and saw that Billie must have used this room, for there were a couple of his shirts, shoes, and ties in the room.
He didn't care about Billie's stuff being in here as he quickly shut the door and locked it.

'Peace at last!' He thought as his eyes caught sight of a little bottle beside Billie's bed.
He picked it up and found that it was Vodka.
'Oh Billie... You shouldn't have.' He said into his mind.
"Thanks Billie!" He said, pretending to salut Billie as he lifted the vodka to his lips.
He took little sips, until he was actually gulping the entire thing down, and working on his second vodka...


Billie and Mike blasted into the warehouse and began yelling, "TRE! TRE WHERE ARE YOU?"
"Do you think he's here Mike?" Billie asked, sounding worried.
"Believe me Billie I have a hunch that he is here." The bassist replied.

They searched everywhere on the ground-floor, but no Tre!
"Maybe he went upstairs!" Billie said, heading towards the stairs.
On the second level they split up and began checking all the rooms.
Billie came across his own room, and found it shut.
He tried the knob, but it was locked!
'I found you Tre!' He said into his head as told Mike that he had found their drummer.

"TRE! Are you in there?" Billie asked, pounding on the door.
"Go away! I don't want to be around you two anymore!" Tre's words shouted from the closed door.
"Tre let us - let me - help you." Billie said, again pounding on the door.
"I would rather die. Besides in here I can do whatever I want to my body." Tre said, as he spinned the knife in his hands, in his drunken state.
"Bill, I'm going to get some med. kits from house. I believe it's best if I do and you stay with Tre." Mike said, leaving before the singer had a chance to reply.

With Mike gone, Billie continued to coax Tre out.
"You can't help me Billie... No one can help me!" He said as he poured more vodka down his already dry throat.

His mind began to spin and he heaved slightly.
He didn't understand what he was doing until he felt a enormous pain on his arm.
He had reopen - recut - his old 'scar'!
He stared at the blood leaking out, before his arm and side screamed out at him, and he collasped into a heap while screaming.

Billie pounded on the door heavily as his heart raced.
He found an old paper-clip on the floor and almost jumped back as he heard Tre screaming from inside.
"Don't worry Tre! I'm coming." Billie said, as he used the clip and was rewarded with a faint clicking noise.

He turned the knob and push the door open...
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