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Acid and a Coma

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Billie and Mike try to help Tre, before it's too late. SLASH! SADNESS! (Might be crying during this chapter).

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Billie twisted the knob and pushed the door open...

The room was dusky and Billie stumbled in the dark room, tripping over empty vodka bottles.
"Tre? Where are you?" He shouted into the room.
A huge sob sounded out, and Billie followed the noise.

He found his drummer curled into a corner, holding onto his right arm.
"Oh God... Tre..." Billie whispered as he inched closer to the drummer.
Billie crouched down and stroked his drummer's face.
Tre looked up with pure panic at the singer.
His eyes darted from Billie to the open doorway. Billie noticed this and said softly, "No Tre. Don't run... again. We'll get through this. It's okay... I'm here now."

Tre's eyes stopped shifty and caught the gaze of his worried friend.
~ Lover... you mean. ~ His mind corrected him.
Tre couldn't keep it in anymore... He bawled, and reached out to Billie like a needy child.
His fingers tightened on Billie's shirt fabic. His face tucked into the singer's chest.
Billie wrapped his arms around the drummer; stroking his hair tenderly.
"Shh... Tre, it's okay." He whispered, as the drummer continued to bawl.

Billie tried his hardest to shush the agitated drummer, but to no avail.
Tre didn't listen, only buried his face more into Billie's chest.
Billie sighed and laid back on the floor and held Tre closer.


Finally Tre's crying had subsided, and the drummer looked up at Billie with red watery eyes.
A few tears wormed their way out, and Billie instantly brushed them aside.
That little contact sparked something in Tre; for his lips smacked upon Billie's.
Billie was in shock at first, but pushed back against Tre's lips.
The drummer didn't pull back; kissing with much energy.

Billie dropped his arms down, but as they made contact with Tre's side...
The drummer shrieked out from pain and pulled away from Billie's mouth, and began to cry.
"Tre? What is it?" Billie asked, looking at Tre's side.
"N-n-nothing." Tre stammered.
"Bullshit." Billie said, grabbing Tre close and pulling the drummer's shirt up.

"Oh Tre! Why?" The singer shouted in desperation.
Tre's side was completely black and blue, turning a little dark purple.
"W-why what?" Tre stammered trying to push his shirt back down.
"You did get hit by that truck. Why do you do this to yourself?" Billie said, lightly stroking the bruise and noticing his drummer wincing at the contact.

Tre stared at the singer before replying, "I DON'T KNOW! DAMMIT I DON'T!"
He covered his face with his hands and cried.
"Shh... Tre." Billie said, continuing to stroke the bruise lightly.

"Oh good... You got inside." A voice stated from the doorway.
Billie knew it was Mike, but Tre began looking around the room wairly.
He let out a small squeal.
"No... Tre. It's alright it's only Mike." Billie said.
The drummer glanced around again before shoving his face into the singer's chest once more.
The drummer's body shook, and Billie rubbed his back soothly.

"What's the matter with him?" Mike asked, as he began rooting through the medical kit he had brought.
"I don't know Mike. He's afraid of something." The singer said, still rubbing the other's back.
'But what?' He thought sliently.

Billie was amazed at how much medical stuff that Mike knew.
He cleaned the bruise up as best he could, making Tre winced and cling to Billie more harder.
Then he began to bandage the bruise up.
He also wrapped the re-opened "old" cut.

Billie breathed a sigh of relief, until he noticed Tre struggling to breath!

"Oh no! Tre! What's wrong?" Billie shouted, staring with great sadness at the drummer.
"I'm so s-s-s..." The drummer began, but began coughing bitterly.
"So what Tre?" Billie asked, straining to hear.
Tre only reached into his pocket and brought out two small packets...
"I'm sorry Billie..." He said, dumping the packets into Billie's waiting hand, then fell slient; eyes closed.

"TRE! TRE!" Billie said, trying to shake his drummer.
Mike began dialing 911.
Billie looked at the packets that Tre had given him.
He couldn't understand what it said and handed it to Mike.
"OH NO!" Mike shouted.
"This is acid! Is very dangerous and can result in death if used too much! I think he took both packets at the same time!" Mike shouted, sounding like a teacher.
"DAMN!" Billie shouted, grabbing an empty vodka bottle and smashing it against the wall.


"Is anyone here for Frank Wright?" A female doctor asked, walking into the empty waiting room.
Billie wanted to strangle her and scream, "Of course! We're the only ones here!" But he kept quiet.
"Yes. We are." Mike said, heading towards her.
Billie only slumped in his seat, and the doctor pulled Mike aside and explain what happened.

A minute later Mike walked back and sat next to Billie.
"So... What happened?" The singer said, getting edgy.
"They had his stomach pumped. Got the alcohol and acid out. But... He'll be "quiet" for a while." Mike replied, looking at the tiled floor.

"What do you mean "quiet"?" Billie asked, head raised and staring at the bassist.

Mike tried to decide the best approach, before replying, "I'm sorry Billie. All that acid..."
"What? Speak dammit Dirnt!" The singer shouted.

"He's in a coma, Billie!"
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