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Tre wakes up from being inside a coma for 2 weeks. SLASH!

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"Oh Tre... I wish you would wake up." Billie whispered softly.
Mike and him were visiting Tre again. It had been close to two weeks since Tre had been put into this coma.
Mike sat near the window as he obseverbed the people below...

Doctors kept saying that Tre was making progress.
His hand would move a little... Yet he wouldn't open his eyes.
"Come on Tre... Wake up. You know you want to wake up." Billie continued, stroking the sheets slightly.
Billie was about to leave when Tre's hand slide into Billie's.

Billie stared in shock as Tre's hand was fisted into his own.
"Tre?" The singer asked lightly, but hope was whizzed away as he saw Tre's eyes still closed.
"Bill? Our hour's over... We got to go." Mike said softly as he headed out the door.

Billie nodded his head to Mike before kissing Tre's hand softly and whispering, "I hope you wake up soon... I love you Tre."

After Billie and Mike left, Tre twitched a little on the hospital bed, but finally calmed back down.
His eyelids fluttered a little, but didn't open, but he did lip one beautiful word - "Billie".

~~~ NEXT DAY ~~~

Billie and Mike stared at their non-responded drummer the next day.
Billie sunk deeper into his chair and Mike began dozing off a little.
Tre mumbled a little before shrieking out.
"What the...?" Mike asked as he and Billie stared at the drummer.
His shrieking stopped and they looked at each other with confusion.

"Should I go get a doctor?" Mike asked, inching near the door.
Billie nodded his head, and headed towards Tre.


Tre gulped as the icy waters pooled into his throat.
"Help! Someone please help!" He shouted, getting throttled by the waves.
"No one will help you. No one wants to. You're just a fag!" His father's face leered down from a nearby cliff.

Tre stared at his father before the words began to take affect.
'He's right.' He thought sadly.
"Of course I'm right!" His father's voice boomed.
Tre started losing hope and began floating on top of the water.

"No! Tre don't give up! We're here!" A voice shouted from the cliff.
Tre glanced up in confusion and saw Billie and Mike there. His father somehow gone...
Tre overjoyed by seeing the two began thrashing about.
"Hold on Tre... We'll help you!" The two friends said, as they threw a rope and pulled Tre in...


Billie began dozing a little.
'What's taking Mike so long?' He thought tirely.
He didn't noticed the form next to him move slightly...

"Yes Mike? Did you find a doctor?" He asked, before he felt something shoving his arms.
That voice seemed familar... "TRE!" He shouted as his eyes bolted awake and were caught with a blazing blue.

"TRE!" Billie shouted with joy as he open his arms.
Tre shrieked with joy as well, as he literally jumped into Billie's open arms.
"Billie... You're here!" Tre said, burrowing his head against the curve of Billie's neck.
"Of course I'm here. Why wouldn't I be?" Billie said, rubbing Tre softly.

A while later Mike walked back in with a doctor and nurse.
"Ah! So he's awake... Well Mr. Wright let's take a look at you." The doctor said, heading towards Tre.
Tre answered most of the doctor's questions.
Finally the doctor said they would check on him again tomorrow.

With the doctor gone the three friends laughed a bit.
"Tre... I thought you were a goner." Mike said, as he gave his friend a hug.
"Ah... You wish Mike!" Tre said, making the bassist smile.
"You caught me there Tre." Mike replied, all three laughing.

They joked around a bit, till the door began to open...

Tre froze to the spot his mind replying the memory of the last time he had joked about in a hospital.
The day his father came and took him away from everything.

"Tre... You okay?" Billie asked, noticing the drummer going still.
"H-h-he's b-b-back!" Tre stammered, before falling to the floor.
His hands crossed his chest and he choked out, "I can't breath! Billie I can't breath!"

"Tre who's back?" Mike asked.

"TRE!" Billie shouted to his spasming friend...
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