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Goodbye Old Love

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Tre finds out that Billie and Mike "used" to be a couple, after he had left! SLASH!

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The door creaked open and a doctor came into the room.
He was surprised by Tre convulsing on the floor.
It took the doctor and Billie and Mike's help to get the spasming drummer back onto the bed.

"Tre? It's okay it's not who you think it is." Billie said softly, rubbing the drummer's arm tenderly.
Tre stopped spasming and looked around the room.
'He's not here.' He thought happily.
"Frank... We need to check you again..." The doctor said, flipping through his clip-board.
Tre looked up at Billie and Mike.
Mike looked a little worn down, and Billie looked concern as usual.

"If you'll please follow me Mr. Wright." The doctor said, as Mike and Billie helped Tre out of the bed.
Tre followed the doctor down the hallway.
When Tre was gone Mike let out a sigh and dropped into one of the chairs in Tre's room.
"Every since he's been back, it's always been ups and downs." Mike stated, as he rubbed his hands through his hair.
"But after everything he's been through... God I hate his father so much!" Billie pointed out before clenching his hands tightly together.


An hour later Tre came back with the doctor and sat on the hospital bed.
"Mind if I have a word with both of you?" The doctor asked Billie and Mike.
They nodded their heads and followed the doctor outside Tre's room.

"It seems like he had some "problems" with one of his parents."
Billie snorted at the doctor, 'Well duh! Stupid old bitch!'
"So it might be good if he'd go to therapy." The doctor continued ingoring Billie's snort.
"Yeah... that may work." Mike said after a few moments of silence.
"Well... here's the room he'll have to report to." The doctor said, giving them a piece of paper with the room number on it.


Tre sat fidgeting as his therapy lady watched him closely.
He opened his mouth and the doctor looked out him expectly.
He quickly closed his mouth, and began drumming on his legs.
"Well... That's all for today." Doctor Ross stated as she stood up and streched.
"I'm sorry... I've wasted your time again." The drummer choked out.
"No. You'll talk when you feel like it Frank." Doctor Ross said as she patted his back...

~~~~ MONTH LATER ~~~~

Billie and Mike notice that the therapy was working out; Tre would answer to Tre!

"So where's Tre?" Billie asked, tuning his guitar.
"He's coming. Remember on Fridays he has therapy after work." Mike said.
"Don't start without me!" Tre's voice shouted, as he ran into Mike.

Mike groaned as he landed on the floor with Tre on top of him.
"Bitch... Get off!" Mike said, pushing the drummer off of him.
"Love you too Mike." Tre replied as Billie tried to control his laughter.

Tre noticed this and said, "Billie... you got to laugh, if you don't then... I'll h-h-have a heart-attack."
Tre fell to the floor, while pretending to have a heart-attack.
Both Billie and Mike cracked up in fits of laughter.
Tre smiled as he saw his best friends laughing...

"Alright... Let's practice." Billie said, as he tried to calm down.


After practice the three felt thirsty...
"Well I got some beer upstairs. Tre why don't you go get it." Billie said, as the drummer walked up the stairs.

He stood at the door and after a few minutes of staring at the knob, got the courage to open the door.
The room looked the same...
Tre began looking for the beer, and came across a letter on Billie's desk.
He grabbed it and noticed it was from Mike.

'Wonder why Mike was writing to Billie.' Tre thought as he started reading the letter:

Dear Billie,
Last night was really fun! I swear it was! I just couldn't go through with "IT". I know we've been going out for a while, but let's not get too greedy and needy. And remember I'm not Tre! I love you Billie, but take it down a little.
Hugs and Kisses ~ Mike


"What's taking him so long?" Mike asked.
Billie shrugged his shoulders as he headed towards the stairs.
He was stopped by Tre coming down the stairs, slowly.
He looked pale and was shaking a little.
"Tre what's the matter?" Billie asked as he neared towards the drummer.

Tre placed the beer on the floor, and glanced from Billie to Mike.
"Can you two explain this to me!" He shouted as he threw the letter at their faces.
Billie picked it up and gasped, as Mike stared at the floor after reading.
"You two were a couple?!" Tre shouted, hurt in his voice.

"Well... Yeah. Tre we didn't know where you were or if you would ever come back. We were both a mess, without you. We found comfort in each other..." Mike said, looking the drummer in the eye.
Tre sniffled than said, "I shouldn't have come back. Fuck you! Fuck each other!"
With that said, Tre bolted from the warehouse, going who knows where.

"Oh Tre... It happened a while ago..." Billie said softly, as he looked at the ground.
"Should we go find him?" Mike asked.
Billie nodded his head and said to Mike, "I guess now he'll have to know the truth that happened between you and me..."

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