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Life is mysterious in many ways

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How would you react if suddenly someone from your past walks into you life without a warning. Someone you said goodbye too with tears in your eyes. Someone you never thought you would see again. We...

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Life is mysterious in many ways. Have you ever wondered why we are who we are? If you haven't I might ask if your brain is dead or something. The human kind was given a brain was given a brain to function, to move, eat, talk and to think. Thinking is something you do everyday. Even you like it or not, sometimes more than others. Our thoughts are what makes on day different from the other. When a day passes without leaving a mark on my brain I wonder have I become used to do the same things everyday.
At least that's what Peyton's life was like. She was an intern at the Manhattan Grace hospital. Her life was in that hospital. She did everything accept living in that hospital. But it often felt like she did. Studying to become a doctor wasn't easy. But it was what she hade dreamed about in her whole life. When the girls in her age were playing princesses she was a heart surgeon performing complicated precede ions she couldn't pronounce. When the girls in there teens gossiped about boys she read medical journals. It had always been clear about what she wanted to do and wouldn't let anyone destroy that or interfere. She hadn't had a boyfriend since high school and she was now twenty-seven. She hade dated but it was never anything serious. Her mom was always complaining about that and told her she should be more like twin sister Ellie. Who had marred a lawyer and was a stay at home mom with three kids and a fourth on the way. Living in an incredible mansion in California. I myself hade a pretty amazing two room apartment in Manhattan with a breath taking view over New York. Her parent's had bought it to her when she first moved to the big apple. But her big sister had always been better than her and her mom was always pointing that out. She was always complaining of not seeing me enough. But she couldn't stand her family. So living on the other end of the country fitted her perfectly.

Peyton wrote down the last order on the chart and handed it two the nurse. She had only two weeks left on her first semester as an intern. Then she would have a month break something Peyton had been looking forward too. But she had no idea what she would do with it.

"Any plans for tonight?" The nurse Celia asked her.

"I'm going home and I'm gonna take a long nice bath and try to forget that this place never excited. " Peyton said.

"Sounds good to me." She said.

"Cornell!" Peyton's resident Rasgorta called. She was and amazing doctor but also very firm about how she wanted it.

"Yes Doctor." Peyton said and walked to her.

"Incoming trauma in 5 min. I want you to handle it." She said.

"But doctor my shift ends now."

"If I say I want you to handle it you do as I tell you." She said and Peyton knew it would be no idea to fight her. So she nodded and headed for the trauma entrées. It was the first night of the summer and she could feel it in the air. It was something special about it something you can't describe it's just a feeling. You could hear the sirens come closer and then the ambulance turned around the corner and stopped in front of them. The doors opened and the paramedic jumped out. And began to push out the gurney. It was a dark haired man with a neckcollar and a big bandage on his for head.

"Name Peter Wentz. Age 27. He hurt himself in a failed stage dive from a three meter high stage and hit the concrete ground hard." The paramedic began. Peyton didn't realise she knew the man. "Patient appears to be disorientated and confused. Has a big cut on his forhead." They rolled the gurney in the ER and headed for trauma 1.

"Ey, I know you." Pete said groggy. Peyton the finally realised who he was and couldn't help herself to laugh a little. Her high school romance.

"You know him?" the paramedic asked.

"Yes, I used to date him in High School." Peyton said.

Okay, so this was the first chapter. It's kind of short. But I wanted to know what you thought. This is my first Fall Out Boy fic and I would love to read what you think. Did it suck or did you like it. Next chapter you well get to know more about Peyton and Pete's relationship.
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