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Broken box and a violet red sky

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How Peyton and Pete first meet

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"I wish I didn't have to leave." Peyton said and grabbed Pete's hand.

"Neither do I. But this is the way it's going to be. You in New York and me here in boring Wilmette, Illinois." Pete wiped away one of Peyton's tears with his thumb. "It has been a good year, a good summer. We both know we're destinated for bigger tings than this. I'm gonna be a musician one day and you're gonna be an amazing doctor someday." He looked up at the violet red sky. The sun was going down and Peyton and Pete we're laying on roof of Pete's parent's house. It was the last night of the summer and tomorrow Peyton was going to New York for Collage. Pete was going to stay here.

"Do you remember the first time we met?" He asked and laid his free hand under his head. He was still looking at the sky.

"How could I forget?" Peyton laughed. "It was exactly a year ago. And I was so pissed being forced to move here...

[Even longer back in the past]
... Peyton stared out of the window of here parent's new black Volvo. It was raining pretty badly and the car turned up to their new street. It was a normal street looking like every other street she had ever lived on. When you have been moving every year since you were 13 it all look the same. The car stopped in front of the new house. It was a little bigger than the last one. It was a red house with white window and a big porch.

"Oh, mom! It's just as amazing as you said!" Her twin sister said delighted and clapped her hands. Peyton just rolled her eyes and turned the sound of her portable cd-player up. And all she could here was Friday I'm in love with the Cure. Her mom, dad and sister ran up to the new house and entered it. Peyton didn't move she just stayed in the car and watched the drops of rain fall down the window. After an hour the rain stopped pouring and she decided to check out the new house. She opened the door and walked towards the house.

"So you finally decided to leave the car." Her mom said as she walked out on the porch carrying on of her many plants that she loved so much.

"Where is my room?" She asked not trying to sound mean. That would just get her in trouble.

"What have I said about that attitude young lady?" Her mom said and gave her an icy look.

"Sorry beloved mother, could you please tell me where my room is?" She said bored.

"Do up the stairs and it's the last door to your left." She said ignoring the tone in Peyton's voice. Peyton didn't say another word to her mother and just walked passed her and into the house. The house was already finished and looked almost exactly like it had done in Florida. Her mom hated changes. Peyton's family moved a lot, she was used to it but she still hated it. She was born in New Jersey and had lived there until she was 13. It was the only place Peyton had felt happy living in. And if you would ask her where here home was she would properly say New Jersey. It was also the last place her family had been truly happy. The family might look happy from the outside. But when no-one was around here parent's was always fighting. The year Peyton turned 13 her dad made a mayor break true in the computer software business and over one night made millions. That's when the moving began, because of her father's job. They moved across the country once a year. When Peyton was young the family barley had any money but at least they were happy. It's true what they say, money can't buy happiness.
Her room was all white and all that was in it was a bed, a desk and 4 big and empty bookshelf's covering on wall entirely. And of course her beloved drum set. That she had begged for in moth before her parents bought it to her. Her mom had known better than to try to decorate her room.

"Red paint just as you asked for." Her mom said entering her room pointing at two big tins in the middle of the room. "Could you please carry in all your boxes from the truck now? We don't want to rent it more than we must you know." She left the room and Peyton lay down at her bed and stared at the white roof. It would take her the whole afternoon to carry in all her millions of boxes filled with books, cd's, cloth's and other stuff. She better get to it she thought and took a deep breath and walked out to the truck. It was only here things left but it was still a lot of boxes left. She grabbed the first one marked books and carried it up to her room. When she came down to get another box she noticed a dark haired boy on the driveway to the house on the opposite side. It looked like he was carrying out the trash. He saw her looking and the quickly looked down at her shoe's. He was pretty cute but different from the boys she usually liked. She took the closest box also marked books. All her book boxes would kill her. She only made it a couple of feet before the box broke and all her books ended on the drive way. She cursed and bend down on her knee's and began to fix the box.

"Do you need help?" The boy said who was now standing next to her. He kneeled down next to her before she had time to answer him. "I'm Pete by the way."

"Peyton." She said. "You don't need to help me I manage well on my own, thank you." But he didn't stop putting down the books.

"I don't mind." He said. "My mom is seriously getting on my nerves at home. Saying I should do something with the last days of the summer." Peyton couldn't argue with that her mother was just in the same way. "There." He said and closed the box and lifted it up. "Where is you room?"

"This way." She said and took another box and led the way to her room. "Just put it over here." She putted her box on another one.

"Cool drums." He said and did when she had told him. "You play?"

"Yes, I do." She said shortly not looking for a conversation. "There are more boxes if you wanna help?" Pete nodded and they both headed down. On the porch she found her mother speaking to what it looked like a next door neighbour. She had the same eyes as Pete so it must be his mom.

"Oh yes we would be delighted to come and have dinner with you and your family." Her mom said smiling.

"Should we say at 5 then?" The woman said. "I see you've already met my oldest son Peter." She said and looked at Pete and me.

Okay, so this is the end of chapter two. I wanted to get another chapter out there too you. So here it its. In the next chapter we will continue where we broke off now. But I'll only update if you review. And I can say it's a shame if you don't because I got a lot of things planned for this fic.

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