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So predictable

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Peyton finds Pete so predicrable and anoying.

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The Cornell headed over to the Wentz family at 5 sharp. Her mother had a thing with always wanting to be perfect on everything. Always on time and really for anything. She was wearing one of her many expensive dressed. She tried to be the perfect mother and wife. Peyton found that annoying. Her mother pushed the door bell and told me to behave myself.

"Mom!" Peyton said annoyed. And her mother tried to fix her hair. "Leave me alone." Then the door opened and Pete's mom was standing there. She had a friendly smile on her face and showed them into there dining room. And then went off to find the rest of the Wentz family. Peyton looked around. It was nice and looked really cosy and like a home. Not like their house where everything was "perfect." She saw some pictures in the book shelf and decided to check them out. The first picture was of two small boys riding their bikes down the street out side. She recognised Pete as the older kid. The next picture was of a toothless 6-7 year old in a soccer uniform, smiling big in front of the camera. It was also Pete. Then there was a picture of Pete recently taken. He was still in a soccer uniform surrounded by his team mates holding a big trophy. She looked at the picture closest to her and it was also Pete. All dressed up for a prom. With a beautiful blond girl on his arm. She looked really stupid in that pink Barbie dress. So that was the kind of person Pete was, a jock and a pretty boy. The kind she always hated and the once who hated her. She heard Mrs Wentz re-entering the room followed by Pete, his younger brother. That she told them was named Andrew. He was really skinny and had a geeky look. Mr Wentz was a tall man looking like Pete with the same mouth and strong eyes. Andrew on the other hand had the same round friendly face as his mother.

[Back to the roof]
"Oh I had forgotten how judging you were when I first met you." Pete said and laughed.

"Can you blame me?" Peyton said. "I saw you everyday from my window with that stupid girl of yours and the stupid friends. All I wanted was some peace and quiet as I painted and did what ever."

"You didn't leave that house for the rest of the time of the summer break. I almost thought you hade died." Pete joked. "You know I liked you from the start. You were what I wanted to be. Myself and not being what everyone expected me to be. But you hated my guts."

"Guilty." Peyton said and held her hands up. "I can still remember my first day of school."

[Back to past]
She woke up by the sound of here alarm clock ringing. Slowly she opened her eyes and sighed. She didn't want to go back to school nor a new one. She got up dressed and took a sandwich in the kitchen. Her sister was taking her one hour shower and Peyton grabbed her bad plugged in her head phones. Her car was standing in the driveway newly watched by her mothers other. It was a black Cadillac convertible. The roof was up. She un-locked the car and threw her bag in the seat next to here, She saw Pete walking out his house wearing a sport jacket and a bag over his shoulder. One of his idiot friends were waiting for him in his car on the street. He was in the way so she couldn't back out. She waited for them to leave and began to drive her 10 minute drive to school.
New Trier Township High School was like every other school se ever had attended. Smacked with laughing and screaming teenager high on sugar and other stuff. Today was an extra noisy day since it was the first day of school. And everyone was screaming when they saw there friends that they hadn't seen fore a while. She parked her car in the closest empty space and headed for the school office where she had been told to go. It was a total mess and it was packed with students complaining over there schedules and other "important" stuff. After a long wait she manages to get quick talk to one of sectaries. She gave her a schedule, a map, a code to a locker and told her to hurry of to class that would start soon. Peyton stumbled out of the office and began to look for her locker

"Look out!" Some one screamed and the next she knew she was hit in the head by a football. It really hurt and she rubbed her head where the ball had hit her.

"Are you okay?" Pete asked and picked up the ball and threw it to one of his friends.

"I'm fine." She said annoyed and she her locker and walked toward it. She tried to open it but it was stuck.

"Oh, let me help you. You got to do like this." Pete said and opened her locker.

"Why are you following me?" Peyton said angry.

"Whoa, chill. A simple thank you had been enough." Pete said and opened the locker next to hers. "I've got my locker her too." He took off his jacket and hung it up in the locker.

"Pety!" A girl screamed and appeared from no where and kissed Pete. It was that blond girl from that photo she had seen. Her girl friend gathered around her all dressed the same way as her. The girl looked at Peyton and Peyton turned her face towards into her locker. Where all the books she needed were. She looked at here schedule and saw she had math for her first English class. The girl and her "gang" left and Pete took out the same books as Peyton now was holding. 'Great, just what I needed.' Peyton thought and left for class as the bell rang. Her English teacher Ms Ranchell was a beautiful woman with long black hair. She smiled big at the class and welcomed them for other year and told them what they would be doing this year.

After English it was time for here favourite subject chemistry. The school wasn't as big as it had looked from the outside and Peyton quickly learn here ways around. When the bell rang again she entered her chemistry classroom. She sat down in the front and took out her head phones.

"Welcome back students." Mr Andersen said and looked around the classroom through his moon shaped glasses. He was looking to being around 40. "So what were going to do first is that were going to pair you up with your..." He was interrupted by Pete walking into the classroom. He looked around and took the only left seat in the classroom. He mumbled being sorry about being late to Mr Andersen. "So as I was saying before Mr Wentz stormed into the classroom. Your lab partner for this term will be the person sitting next to you." 'Goodie, I'll be stuck with Pete this term' Peyton thought. "You'll get your first lab now. So read p. 452 and do the lad. All you'll need is in the back of the class and by next lesson I expect to be handed a lab rapport. You may begin." He sat down on the chair behind his desk and observed the students.

After her class Peyton was the first one to leave the classroom and walked to her locker.

"So do you want me to come over later so we can work on the lab rapport?" Pete asked her and began to put away his chemistry books.

"Don't bother. You just leave that pretty little nose of yours out of it. And I'll make sure you'll get an A." Peyton snapped, why he was trying to be nice to her. He had just met her.

"Don't act like you know me. Because you don't." Pete said and slammed his locker.

"I don't?" Peyton said looking him up and down. "You're an all-state soccer player with the pretties' girl in school as your girlfriend. You will probably end up as Prom king. Marring your high school romance and live happily ever after in a pink mansion with two perfect kids. You're just like every other jock. Neither you like it or not." Peyton started closed her locker and began to walk to her next class. She was angry and wondered how on earth she had had the guts to tell Pete that.

After a long day of school Peyton lay down tired on her bed and closed her eyes. She was caught in her thoughts. Suddenly she heard something smack ageist her window. She opened her eyes and walked toward her window. It was Pete he had thrown a small stone on her window.

"Hey, what the fuck do you think your doing?" Peyton said angry.

"You don't know me." Pete said.

"What?" Peyton said confused.

"You don't know me." Pete repeated. "You don't know who I am You don't know who I am on the inside, who I am under the surface. How it's like to always be under pressure and feeling like a failure. To look into your fathers eyes and know that everything you do isn't good enough. Don't you dare judging me. Because you don't know me. You don't." Pete stopped and breathed. He had said everything in just one breath. He kept his eye contact with Peyton. She saw something in his eyes. That scared her but she couldn't stop looking into them. He was just like her. She didn't know what to tell him.

"But I do know what it's like..." She broke off and chose her words carefully. "Can you honestly look at me and say that I'm alright? The only different between you and me is that I don't hide who I am. I don't care what everyone else thinks. I can manage on my own. But I don't need you to stand under my window and yell at me." Peyton closed the window. She leaded ageist the wall next to the window and slid down the wall and began to cry.

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