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Pete is in the hospital and Peyton descovers she still has feelings for him.

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Peyton began to exam Pete in trauma 1. Checking reaction in his pupils and other parts of the body. She made sure Pete's neck was stabile by taking some x-rays. But she still didn't remove the collar in case of bleedings in the brain.

"Where does it hurt Pete?" She asked him but he was still pretty out of it. "Give him 5 mg of morphine." She told the nurse. "And call head CT and tell them I'm on my way up with a patient." The nurse did what she was told and punched the drugs in to his IV. The called CT and said that they were ready for them.

"Were gonna go for a little ride." She said and felt like she was talking to a five year old. He nodded and Peyton began to wheel him to the elevators.

"I'm sleepy." Pete said and closed his eyes.

"No Pete, try to stay awake with me." She said. "You need to stay awake for me. Okay?"

"I'll try." He yawned and the elevator door opened and off to the CT scanner they were.

An hour later Peyton had ruled out any bleeding and removed his collar. She was now stitching up his wound in his brow.

"So how did all of this happen?" She asked him.

"You want the short part or the long?" Pete asked her.

"Just tell me."

"Okay, well I was playing a show and I was on stage off like an idiot. We were almost done with our last song, 'This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race.' And I felt like doing a re-enact off the video. Not my brightest moment. Well so I climb up the speaker and are about to jump but I slipped and the next this I remember is seeing you." Pete said. "Hm, I must be dead."

"Why do you say that?" Peyton asked.

"Cause you are here." Pete joked. Peyton laughed and looked out the window of Pete's room and saw the rest of Fall Out Boy walking down the hall.

"I'll be right back." She said and putted a bandage over Pete's wound. She left the room and headed for the guys. They looked lost and approached the desk.

"Ehm, were looking for Peter Wentz." On of them said to the desk clerk. She knew that his name was Andy.

"Hello I'm Doctor Cornell and I am Pete's doctor." Peyton said and they all turned around. A second later Joe threw himself around her neck.

"PEYTON!" He yelled and Andy and Patrick looked confused by Joe's action. "This is Peyton. You know she used to play drums in me and Pete's old garage band."

"Oh, that Peyton." Patrick said.

"So you made it as a doctor." Joe said and finally pulled out of the hug. And looked her from up and down. "" I dig the coat."

"Thank you. I just made it out of medical school and this is my fist year out in the hospital." Peyton said. "You wanna come and meet Pete?"

"Yeah, how is he?" Patrick asked worried.

"He has no signs of any bleeding on the brain. But is a little off 'cause the medicines he has been given." Peyton said.

"When can he leave the hospital?" Andy asked.

"We will keep him hear for observation for 48 hours to be shore of no bleedings." Peyton said. "Sometimes bleedings can appear hours after trauma." She started walking towards Pete's room and the guys followed her. Pete's face lit up when he saw his band mates entered the room. He was still pretty out off it.

"Tricky!" He yelled when he saw Patrick.

"I'll leave you alone." Peyton said.

"No stay!" Pete said.

"Can't. I've got to go and cheek on you lab's." She lied. Being around Pete had brought up all these feelings she tough was history. He still made her knee's weeks and her palm's sweat. She grabbed Pete's chart. But dropped it. Quickly she picked it up and left the room. She left the chart by the others. And walked slash ran to the girl's bathroom. She stared in to the mirror facing herself. She splashed some water in her face and took a deep breath. 'Come on Peyton stop feeling like this. You can't go through this again. Not now. Not ever again' she thought and looked into the mirror again. Her mascara her run a little and she quickly wiped it away. Took an other deep breath and left the bathroom. Deciding to spend as little time as possible around Pete. She looked at her clock. 10.34 pm her shift had ended at 8. But she knew he had to stay in the hospital to keep an eye on Pete. She walked past Pete's room noticing that the guys had left since visitor hour had ended at ten. He looked so alone in that bed sleeping. She could help herself to smile at him. He still had her heart and she knew it. She seated herself in the chair next to his bed and after a while of watching him she fell asleep.

She didn't wake until the next morning. The ER was filled with people screaming and making noise. But she was too tired to be woken up by it. She looked up at a smiling Pete.

"Good morning." He said he was now back to normal.

"Good morning to you too. What time is it?"

"It's like five past eight." Peyton jumped out of here chair. The round had started five minutes ago.

"Fuck. I got to run. I'll cheek on you later!" She called as she ran through the ER looking for where her attending and the other interns were. She found them by the front desk going through today's assignment.

"Nice of you Cornell to join us today." Doctor Rasgorta said and continued with what she had been doing before Peyton had arrived.

"Cornell!" She said after the rounds were over. "I want you too keep Mr Wentz happy. You will stay on this hospital until he is discharged. And give him what ever he needs. Am I clear?"

"Yes doctor." Peyton said and doctor Rasgorta walked away. I just shook my head and walked towards Pete's room to do a morning check up on him.

"Heey." The guys said as she entered the room. Patrick, Andy and Joe was now back.

"Hello, you gonna eat that?" she said pointing at the sandwich on Pete break fast plate. But before he answered she had already taken it.

"Apparently not." He said laughing and Peyton sat down on the edge of his bed.

"Hey, shut it. I'm you doctor and I can do what ever I want with you!" Peyton joked and took a big bit on the sandwich, she hadn't have time to eat any breakfast yet.

"Is that treat?" Pete said.

"It depends."

"On what?"

"If you're a good boy or not." Peyton said and swallowed the last piece of the sandwich.

"I see you haven't changed a bit."

"And what's that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing." Pete said

"Well any way I got work to do." Peyton said and grabbed the chart. Looked at it and then began to exam Pete.

"So what's the verdict?" Pete joked but no one except Peyton laughed.

"You look good right now, but we can't be too careful. You did have a big fall just yesterday." Peyton said seriously. "And that's why I need you three to leave so Pete can get some rest." Peyton continued and walked the guys out of the room.

"When will he be able to play again?" Patrick asked.

"He needs to be in bed for at least two weeks." Peyton said.

"It's a good thing than that we got two week to be exact break." Joe joked and then they said goodbye and headed for the cafeteria. And Peyton headed to her locker thinking she should change her clothes. But she barely made it before her beeper began to beep.


She felt her heart sink and began to run to Pete's room.

"Excuse me!" She yelled as she bumped into on of the nurses. The reached Pete's room where Pete was having seizure. She quickly lower Pete's head rest and ordered demoral to stop the seizure. And then Pete's body stopped moving she breathed out. But then Pete's heart stopped beating.

"Get the Crash cart!" She yelled.

So that was chapter 4. Nice of me to leave you hanging right? Please tell me what you think and I might let Pete live.

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