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aka ClassoftheTitans_fan here. Sorry I have not updated in a long time on ficwad here, but i couldn't wait to...(ead for more!)

Category: Class of the Titans - Rating: G - Genres: Romance - Published: 2007-02-17 - Updated: 2007-02-17 - 343 words

I am taking a break on Class of the Titans right now. But I hope some of you will take a look at my new Story in another categeory...But don't don't worry i will continue my COTT stories, after this one, and this one I've been excited about, It's going to be called Sunset Club. It's gonna be in the Original category in Romance.

(i know this is not Classofthe titans but it's the only cateogeory i know where ppl actually review! and i really would like comments on this story)

Plz tell me what u think, no complaints plz, and if u would like to check it out, plz do, and tell me! I hope u will all like this one as much as my others!!!

luv u all!!!

It's going to be about 4 best friends, actually for me i find it moving...but that all depends on others. It's about any other teenage girl's lives. It takes place in the summer.

The 4 characters of this story are

Tracey (a really good soccer player and really fast runner, she's the main character, and basically leader of the group everyone depends on her, she's a strong not hyper but out-going not shy girl type of girl, it would be hard for anyone to dislike her)

Blair (Even though a;ll four are best friends, Blair and Tracey are the closest. Tracey teaches her many tricks about surfng even though she's an expert at volleyball, she does it to get a guy's attention.)

Deisha (A total flirt, crazy kind of girl, and even though she hangs with Serenity a gilr who's super shy in the group, they are best friends to be. Deisha loves tennis, but later on t=in the way she finds a broken heart)

Serenity(A really excellent dancer, but she will never show her friends whats he really has. Until one night...)

And i hope u guys will like it...but i won't put that story up today, maybe tomorrow. Tell me what u think!!! plzzz
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