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Felt The Chill On My Face

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Time to get out guys...

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A/N: I'M BACK!!! giggles Tis wonderful don't ya think? half the room shakes head Oh...oh well comes the next chapter and oh!!! The Used rock, news flash (don't kill me for posting that in a My Chem section people reckon they've made up) AND I'M GOING TO SEE THEM!! The Used that is not My Chem sadly...but still!! giggles Yeah anyway...I'll stop rambling now...
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Chapter 36

Mikey stirred and opened his eyes sleepily as the click of a key in the door brought him back to reality. Running a hand across his eyes he sat up, the fact that it was far too early for any food to be coming running around his head. The door opened and closed again seconds later as Gerard slipped in, an almost cocky grin spread across his pale features. "Hey fuckers." He grinned as Mikey shot to his feet and nearly bowled his brother over as he threw his arms around him. "Crap, gee we thought you'd bloody gone and left us!" He muttered as he drew back and beamed at the vocalist.
"Me?" Gerard asked, looking offended "Leave you? You gotta be kidding but why I don't is still a mystery to me..."
Mikey punched him playfully "Yeah love you too bro." He grinned, shaking his head as he looked down at the still sleeping Frank. Gerard just laughed as his brother kicked him gently and the guitarist muttered something and curled up into a ball. "C'mon Frankie wake up!" Mikey told him, bending down and waving a hand infront of his friend's face. Frank groaned and opened his eyes something telling him that Mikey sounded far too happy for someone cooped up in a small room. Yawning widely he sat up and almost yelped in surprise as he saw Gerard. Standing up shakily and still half asleep he bit his lip, shaking his head slightly. "To Hell with you bastard." He muttered and sat back down again.
"Yeah, well thanks Frankie." Gerard muttered, sitting down next to the guitarist. Mikey looked at them both in confusion. "What the hell guys?" He asked, still standing up, with his back to the door.
"You bloody fucked her didn't you?" Frank asked tiredly. "And don't argue with me Gee."
Gerard bit his lip and wrapped his arms around his knees, drawing them closer to his chest. "Yeah," He replied quietly. "I did."
"Why?" The guitarist asked, equally as quietly "Why the hell Gerard? I...I thought you'd forgotten her."
Gerard looked at him in shock, and then he smiled "Yeah, I have but I did it cos she told me she'd let Mikey go." He told them simply.
Mikey swore "Gee! fucked that bitch just so I could go..." He kicked at the carpet as his hands balled up into fists "I'm not going." He told his brother defiantly. "I'm not fucking going."
Gerard shook his hand and got to his feet "No, we're all going. Come on, I've got the keys."
Both pairs of eyes looked at him in confusion "How?" Frank asked cautiously. "You haven't done someone else too have you?" He spat in the vocalist's direction.
"Get up Frank I'll tell you later." He growled at the guitarist "That's if you don't mind running away with a slut that is." He muttered.
Mikey looked at his brother sadly "C'mon then Gee, let's go." He murmured as he headed for the door. Gerard looked down at Frank "You coming?" He asked quietly.
Frank sighed and nodded resignedly "Yeah, on the road again then fuckers." He told them both as he got to his feet.


Kaela dashed down the corridors as fast as her little legs would carry her, past her mother's room where the door had already been thrown back and on, on to Penny's room before it was too late.

Melaina crashed into the small room that held every earthly possession Penny owned, mostly hidden in leather bags under her bed that was back against the end wall. The girl was still curled up under the sheets but it didn't take much for Melaina to tell she was still awake.
"Where's he gone?" She asked the silent room, her voice so calm and cold it made her seem more frightening than if she was screaming.
Penny uncurled herself from the sheets, her one fist curled around something Melaina couldn't see. Her blue eyes held a young but fixed spark of something almost like excitement as she answered. "He's gone." She told the Empress "He's run, run away."
"I gathered that." Melaina snarled, her perfectly calm façade cracking slightly.
Penny shrugged "As to where he's gone how should I know, I can't read his mind." She smiled slightly.
Melaina shook her head "And you let him go." She muttered "Why the hell I gave you the keys in the first place..." She trailed in as her ten year old daughter shot in seconds later and swirled around to stand in front of the servant. "Don't you dare hurt her Mama." She whispered.
Melaina cocked her head to one side "And why would I do that love?" She asked quietly.
"Cos she let them go, let them out to the mansion." As soon as the words had echoed from the little girl's month she knew that she'd just condemned someone else to death.
Melaina smiled "Thank you Kaela," She turned to Penny as she went to sweep from the room, her stormy eyes sparkling with malice "Your punishment is temporarily withheld Penny Langman - I have other business to attend to."


A strange light echoed from Penny's room that night, green and eerie it spilled down the empty corridors that held the rooms of those who'd gone to hunt down what was left of My Chemical Romance. She herself was sitting on her bed, a strange incense burning in a pot at her feet, sending clouds of green smoke floating out into the room. Her eyes were closed and she was chanting something in a foreign tongue under her breath, her hands clasped on her lap. There was a whoosh seconds later and inside the column of smoke a figure began to materialise, the smoke seeming to build them until the room had cleared and only the figure of a man stood in the centre of the room. He looked around, bewildered as Penny opened her eyes slowly and glanced up at him. "You should have told me you had such good looking friends Bob."

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