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En Growth

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September 6: Hogwarts, A Life

Category: Juuni Kokki - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Humor - Characters: Enki, Shouryuu - Published: 2005-09-08 - Updated: 2005-09-08 - 856 words

It was such that Hogwarts, A life came to exists. No expression of infinite wisdom could stop matters of this importance for there has never been a Kirin manual. Which someone like Shouryuu cursed every so often he never did understand why Tentei decided to create beautiful creatures such as Rokuta.

At first, he wonders if Tentei had a serious sadistic streak in humor. After all who wouldn't be tempted by such a holy animal as the Kirin of En. Then again that is why this is a Hogwarts, A life for there may be importance of study but he could never figure out how Enki thought let alone his bouts of mood swings.

When offer a peach the Kirin of En would be happy, when pissed off the Kirin of En would trash his closet full of wine, how the Kirin knew about his secret stash would be another issue to be consider about later.

Five hundred years Shouryuu could get use to the appearance of his Kirin never growing. Five hundred years the En-ou could deal with his aggressive drives in bedding. However, in five hundred years he never thought there would come a day when change such as this would happen.

"Rokuta open the door."

"I'm not coming out!"

It had happened a few days ago that he became worried when his Kirin did not come out of his room. Then as the days went and gone he grew anxious thinking that something was wrong. Fear of the shitsudou arising onto his Kirin ensures that he would be pounding on the door. Shouryuu did not think he had done anything that would anger Tentei so he was not sure why Enki would not open the door.

This was the fourth day since his Taiho enclosed himself. Even though he was a very impatient man, he felt he had been patient enough. "Rokuta if you don't open this door I'm going to cut through it!"

Maybe it was a threat but Shouryuu never would order his Kirin to anything especially since it would break the trust between the two.

"Fine!" Enki's voice came from behind the door. The dark hair man was finally relieved that perhaps things would look up. However, that would plummet in a second by the continued response. "Then do so..."

Feeling like smashing his head against the wooden walls of the doorframe, Shouryuu grimacing took out his blade and slice the door into two. "Rokuta." He called in annoyance as he walked into the room looking here and there. "Where are you, Brat?"

"I can't believe you did such a thing!" Enki's angry voice came from the pile of clothing and bedding on the bed.

Did that bundle suddenly move? If it did, it was funny but at this point En-ou was not in such a good mood to laugh. "Brat come out here and tell me what is going on."

The bundle shuffled and fell apart climbing out of the pile was his Kirin, a rather embarrassed one in fact, and now slightly taller. The now teenage Enki push his hair back and kneel in front of his master, "Shouryuu."

Taken aback Shouryuu crouch to lift up the face of his partner for life, "How this happen?" Right about now he wishes for a set of manuals to tell him how to deal with such a situation let alone how Kirin's physiology works.

Bluish eyes shifted away in embarrassment, "I am not really sure. I would have thought I'll have stayed the same in size since you've taken the throne." Lowering his eyes in embarrassment of the close proximity near his master, "Even Taiki didn't change size until he left for Hourai and it is common for him to grow there."

A theory slowly grew over En-ou as he drew Rokuta into his lap. Even though the Kirin grew a few inches, his body still fit against his lap with no problem also the weight of a Kirin never was heavy to begin with.


"I think I understand what is going on. You said that Taiki would have grown over in Hourai." Pausing to organize his thoughts, "You've been exposed to Hourai for months to even days. When you come back, you have never changed, even when you went to find me over there." Shouryuu's dark ebony eyes stare into ocean blue orbs, "I suspect that it has finally caught up into one full growth spurt."

"Still to change over night is unexpected." Fidgeting in the lap of his master and feeling unsettled with the changes since it was incredibly unexpected since he had spent five hundred years in a child's body and all of a sudden to gain a few years is very unnerving.

A laugh came from the darker man, "Yes it is however, and no matter what you'll still be my Kirin." Stroking a firm hand through the golden hair that grew a few inches to Enki's sudden growth spurt, "Besides you still look as delectable as always."

"Pervert!" Rokuta muttered as he lean forward and laid his brow against the chest of his master.
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