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En/Tai - Health

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September 7:Herr doctor

Category: Juuni Kokki - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama, Romance - Characters: Enki, Gyousou, Shouryuu, Taiki - Published: 2005-09-08 - Updated: 2005-09-08 - 491 words


All of the twelve kingdoms know that Kirin's are compassionate creatures and strictly vegetarians. They do not eat meat for it may provoke a negative reaction. Most Kirin's consume fruits, grains, vegetables, and legumes.

For each Kirin they have difference preferences on what sort of foods they like to consume. Tai Kirin for instances likes anything sweet, whereas the En Kirin loves the taste of peaches and cannot get enough of the stuff and it is very fortunate that in the En-province that many of this fruits were grown.

It has been rumored that if you want the En-Taiho to come to your place have peaches around. It was such a rumor that Enki would scowl and avoid the region even though the temptation of such fruit drew him.

So life went on and Enki kept on consuming peaches until one day his master came by to pick on him. "So how are you enjoying the prunus persica?"

Drawing confusion from Rokuta the King of En smirked and gestured to the peaches. "Kei-ou was nice enough to lend me a book she managed to obtain in Japanese on herbs."

Annoyance bristle his Kirin, "Then just call peach a peach not that prun something."

"Where is your sense of wisdom and knowledge Rokuta?" Shouryuu teases, "Besides it says here that the peach when eaten induces love, or is used to try to win the heart of whomever the peach is given too. The fruit is also eaten to gain wisdom." A charming smirk came over the En-ou's masculine face.

"So what?"

Shouryuu faked a yawn and stretches, "So have you fallen in love with me yet since I've given you those peaches?"

Only response given was the tossing of peaches at the King of En.


"Master?" The soft voice asked in sleepiness while the feeling of a thumb rubbing his wrist awakens him lightly.

"Sorry to wake you up." The King of Tai whispered softly as he rubbed peppermint over the brow of his Taiho. Its' been said that Peppermint (menthe piperita) has long been used in healing potions for those that are sick and to those that require protection.

Fingers linger and drowsy ebony eyes stare at the King with adoration. "Master..."

"Don't worry about it Kouri." The gruff voice soothed the small teenager, "Just get some rest." Since the reappearance of Taiki the King of Tai had made it common for him to have his Taiho to sleep in his chambers. Perhaps it is the fear that somehow this would all be a dream and that his precious one would disappear from him.

So each night he has made it into a ritual to burn Lotus scented leaves in the room to bring protection to its sleeper and to rub peppermint leaves against the brow of his beloved.

It would break his heart if he would one day awaken to the cold lonely nights without Kouri beside him.
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