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Tai - Monster

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September 17: Scenes from the life of a double monster

Category: Juuni Kokki - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst, Drama, Romance - Characters: Gyousou, Taiki - Published: 2005-09-08 - Updated: 2005-09-08 - 477 words

Amnesia is a funny thing that one can remember having once, one-regain memories they would come in floods telling stories and feelings to emotions. It is a wonder that one does not go insane when all of these things come flooding in like torrents of water drowning and crushing together.

Right now Taiki was sitting in his chair staring at the painting he painted. He had requested from the Kirin of En for some paint and a canvas to be brought back. His friend as his memory dictates did so and Taiki felt glad at least he had something, that was solid; that felt comfortable to him in such a foreign world.

It had taken time to purge the poison of Hourai from his system. Poison being the consumption of meat his father force him to eat to all unnatural products that would make Kirin's ill.

He had suffered as his body slowly threw away the ill effects of the by products and with the care of those on Mt. Hou he was able to recover slowly under the anxiousness of his King.

His King. It tasted so weird feeling ecstasy over that word let alone the presence of his master. However, it was a painful battle to rescue the King of Tai and to restore order to the lands. It took two years the first one with help from the kingdom of Kei. Then another year with their own forces to take back the palace that rightfully belongs to the will of heaven.

Taiki's Shirei were recovering in the care of one of the fairies. Taiki could not remember her name but her motherly face told him he knew of her from long ago. Nine years since he disappear and reappeared and he slowly was gaining grown on that feeling of strangeness every time he sat in this foreign world.

However, as he painted he slowly began to piece together the parts of his memory that were shattered since the lost of his horn. The fairies of Mt. Hou could not do anything they said proclaim it had never been heard of such a act to have a Kirin lose one's horn. However, only time would tell if the horn would remain a stub or grown on its own.

"Kouri." A voice shattered his thoughts as he slowly looks up from his canvas into ruby red eyes.


Those ruby eyes soften and slowly a hand he knew that would be steady set against his shoulder. Surprise glinted in his eyes at the unsteadiness of those hands that remain the same but now changed.

"Be patient with me." The Emperor Tai whispered as the hand tightened with a firm squeeze.

Slowly Taiki closed his eyes and smiled wanly, "Hai." He knew it would take time before they both would feel comfortable with how things now stood.
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