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Tai - Black and Gold

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September 18: Arrangement in black and gold

Category: Juuni Kokki - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst, Romance - Characters: Gyousou, Taiki - Published: 2005-09-08 - Updated: 2005-09-08 - 528 words


Maybe it was him being reminisces of what he use to do when he was younger and foolish. To just simply discard the robes of black and gold in a step and run free across the fields letting the wind tinkle his mane. Letting the scent of the green fields of Mt. Hou sound him as he twist and turn and roll around the green pastures.

Even now in this teenage body recovery of the poison from consumption of impurity being purged from his body. The urge to simply discard everything and run over came him in the weakness of illness.

Gyousou had entrusted him to Mt. Hou for a few months in hopes that the Kirin would recover from the bout of illness. However, his master did not comprehend that illness would go away if the soul was strengthen by the presences of their master.

Every weekend of course his master did come to visit him. To ensure that his Kirin was in good joys.

The fairies had babied him of course remembering how he use to be. Now enjoying the grown up version of the Kirin of Tai, some would linger and eat with him to keep him company from the loneliness.

And during night he would lay as those gentle fairies would bring along a lotus for him to sleep with. Daily rituals of cleansing in the lake added with powerful herb kept on going on day in day out.

Slowly the murkiness crept away to leave Taiki tired and weak from it's journey out of his system.

However, it has been a while since the murkiness was gone and he felt frisky with energy. There had been shame in him when he discovers that his horn was left to a stub that he flat out refuse for anyone to see him in such a state.

Now being alone in this field since the fairies were already asleep in their beds gave the Kirin of Tai enough courage to shed his robes and change.

The feeling of morphing into another form came easier since when he was younger. The ability seem long forgotten was summon quickly and with a flicker of his ebony mane he was off running across the field onto the mountains.

No one would witness the Kirin without a horn running as if something was chasing him. The beauty of night made into flesh was what some individuals would proclaim the Kirin of Tai to be. However, that is if only they can see him with starlight sparkling his hide and the flicker of sparkles as he landed and jumped onto another boulder.

Freedom came with a price. If this were what he had to pay then Taiki would be pay it to be with his King.

After all a promise is a promise. He would one-day return to the Kingdom he belongs too.

Dark ruby eyes watches the Kirin prance then turn to the gentle fairy beside him, "Thank you for taking care of Kouri."

The woman designated to be the caretaker of Taiki when he was brought to the twelve kingdoms smiled, "no thank you, for being Taiki's hope."
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