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Kei - Hell

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September 19: Dante in Hell

Category: Juuni Kokki - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst, Romance - Characters: Keiki, Youko - Published: 2005-09-08 - Updated: 2005-09-08 - 439 words


The sword was staring at her from its shield. Every time she moves, she can feel those eyes watch her. However, she learns over the years that it was a reflection of things to come. The shadows of her heart that she should not ignore when they give warning. Once when the sword had a shield to prevent it from sending signals it now remains free.

The old sheath gone forever and the peace of the previous kings disappeared. However, the Empress of Kei could live with it. She learned that there are many things one should accept and if they can be changed then so be it changes it would come.

Even her note taking drove Keiki insane but Youko felt it was a way to organize her thoughts and figure some things that drove her insane. After all if Dante in hell then she should make it so that she can create a paradise. A kingdom rests on her shoulder and she needs to make the most of things.

One day Keiki would come across his empress resting underneath a tree. Notes after notes surrounding her on the blanket that she laid upon paperweights were settled so the scrolls would not disappear with the wind.

Ren-Taiho had one time taken Keiki aside when she was passing through on her way to Tai informing Keiki that a ruler is only human and that they as guardians must look after their masters.

Even though Keiki did not talk that much to the Taiho of Ren he felt that Renli had been speaking the truth and was possibly concerned with his treatment of his charge.

Shaking his head Keiki found himself walking closer to his mistress and slowly cover her with a blanket he brought from his room. Squat next to his mistress he breaths in the scent and let his heart calm down in the presence and safety of her.

Even though he would not show that, much softness in her presence, he would always watch over her. There was so much hope riding on those thin shoulders that he was almost afraid that she would fall not from failure but of something else entirely.

Watching over her, Keiki notices the dark shadows underneath her eyes signifying the unrest she has undertaken in all these papers. Protectiveness crept upon him, and slowly he picked up the brush and opens one of the scrolls, and sitting down he started to go over the papers. An blank scroll in his lap as he wrote down summaries of each of the scrolls in hopes to lesson the burden of his mistress.
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