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46. You Didn't Care to Know Who Else May Have Been Here Before

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in which stuff happens to make Molly doubt her decisions bout Marc, and then in which she devises a plan to "help someone in need"

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The next week passed by fairly uneventfully for Molly. She went to dinner a few times with Marc and was very surprised when he was a total gentleman and didn't try anything with her. It was the last Sunday in February and Molly was making breakfast with Kyle in their kitchen when she decided to broach the subject.
"So, he hasn't even tried to kiss me yet?"
"Oh?" Kyle looked up from the stove curiously.
"Yea, he's been acting like I'm his student." Molly continued setting the table and pouring coffee.
"Is that a bad thing? He is a lot older then you. Maybe he's trying to take things incredibly slow."
"Ok that's great and all. I mean, yay nice guy. But, I miss sex." Kyle laughed at Molly's pout.
"You know, it is the twenty-first century. You could initiate."
"But...but...isn't that a little whorish?" Kyle stared at her roomate before shaking her head and turning back to the food.
"I sometimes forget how naive you are. You hide it behind this exterior of worldlyness and then you say something like that. No it wouldn't be whoreish for you to kiss him and try and move things along Molly Anne."
"Hm...maybe I will."
"Ok well enough about your sex life, since mine is stalled right now. Let's eat."

A few hours later Molly was sitting in Marc's living room in his apartment for the first time. He was cooking dinner for them tonight at his place and had gone to get some wine. Molly decided to take the time to look around the apartment a bit. It was an old brownstone on the Upper West Side with a view of Central Park out the front window. He had the top two floors of the four floor building. Everything was wood, everything was antiqued, in short it was gorgeous.
"Damnnnnnnnnn" Molly whispered to herself as she peeked around while looking for the bathroom. Just as she was about to open a door down the hallway Marc's voice startled her.
"Oh geez Marc you scared me." Molly said spinning around, "I was just looking for the bathroom." She added hastily. Marc pointed to the very open door that had the light turned on right behind her. "Uhh...right. I'll be right out." Molly hurried into the room and shut the door. /'shit shit shit. Now you look like a snoop./Molly thought as she went about her business. Washing her hands she looked at her reflection and took a deep breath before exiting the bathroom and going back to the living room.
Molly found Marc standing by the couch holding two glasses of red wine and the vision struck something in Molly and made her remember another night she had exited a bathroom to see someone standing there holding wine. ' no. Do NOT go there.' Pushing the thoughts out of her head Molly smiled and approached Marc. Taking the glass from him she took a sip.
"Dinner is ready my dear."
"Well then, let's eat."

Two hours later Molly gasped as Marc skillfully kissed his way down her neck and started undoing the buttons on her shirt. She was laid out on the couch with him hovering over her as he slowly undressed her. Molly looked into his eyes and couldn't help but think they should be green and his hair should be longer and lighter. Shaking her head slightly to get those thoughts away Molly thought back to exactly how she had gotten here.
"Dinner was amazing Marc."
"Thank you. I wasn't sure if you would like it since we've eaten at vegetarian places a few times."
" thought I was veg and still made roast lamb?" Molly asked him confused.
"Uhh...well yes. Vegetarianism is a waste of time though. I figured you'd enjoy whatever I made you." Molly stopped short in the living room as Marc sat down on the couch.
"Righttt." Molly said to him before joining him on the couch. "Well, I don't think its a waste of time. It's something I've tried on and off throughout highschool. Some of my best friends believe in it very strongly, in fact one of them is vegan."
"Molly, as much as I enjoy our debates. This one could turn into a fight and I don't want that." Marc said reaching out and running a hand lightly through her hair. "So let's just leave it at something we probably don't agree upon."
"You're right. Now where were we?" Molly asked holding out her glass for a refill.
"I believe we were discussing the merits of Hemmingway. You seem to think he's overrated and I think he's a genius."
"Yea and you would get along really well with Pete if only for that reason."

Somehow a heated argument over literature had turned him Molly leaning forward and kissing him. Which had quickly led to her now being naked on his couch and lying there as Marc moved on top of her. He was kissing her and thrusting harder and harder and Molly kept thinking she should be enjoying herself. 'Ok, O'Conell at least make him think his hard work is paying off' Making the appropriate noises and moving her body in the hopes that it would help him finish faster Molly internally yawned. Finally his breathing quickened and he slumped over her and kissed her. Molly turned her head slightly and tried not to shudder in disgust at his sweaty body.
"Yes love."
"Umm...don't take this the wrong way but I have an eight a.m. class tomorrow and its nearly midnight. I really have to be going."
"You aren't going to stay?"
"Uhh..." Molly said eloquently as she got up and started pulling her clothes on, "Not tonight. Next time for sure." 'NEXT TIME?! crap. I'm not good at this game. "I just really can't tonight."
"Oh....well then let me take you home at least." He said as he started getting dressed himself.
"No!" Marc looked curiously at her. "I mean, it's fine. I'm just gonna grab a cab downtown. I promise." Molly leaned up and kissed him deeply and thought 'well at least he does that well.' "I'll talk to you soon." She said as she pulled away from him and then put on her jacket.

Ten minutes later Molly walked down into the subway station to catch a train to her neighborhood. Glancing around at the empty terminal she made sure to stand right by the stairs so that just in case anything did happen she had a quick get-a-way spot.
'WOW.' Molly thought to herself, 'talk about starting off in high gear and a disappointing finish' When Marc had been kissing her and starting out she had been impressed, skilled mouth and hands are always a good thing. When he had skipped foreplay all together she had dismissed it. She was pretty raring to go herself at that point. When he had clumsily inserted himself and then just started jack hammering away Molly had grown concerned that he was a thirty-three year old virgin. Then finally he had found a groove, and Molly just couldn't get into it. 'Maybe Patrick spoiled me.' was Molly's final thought as the train pulled in and she got on.

When she walked into her apartment about an hour later she was surprised to see Kyle still up with a book.
"You're not sleeping?"
"Are you kidding? I wanted to see how your date went. And judging by the hour I'd say it went well."
"That's not exactly the word I would use."
"Oh boy."
"Yea...let me just put it this way, he looks like an abercrombie model. He cooks amazingly well. He has a wine collection to die over."
" yea I'm not seeing a problem."
"He's really really really really bad in bed." Kyle choked on the water she had been drinking at her roomate's blunt statement.
"Ok...maybe that was a little harsh. He wasn't terrible, I just couldn't get off."
"Does he know that?"
"When Harry Met Sally is one of my favorite movies."
"Ok, so you had bad sex. Considering how much sex you haven't had yet, trust me this was bound to happen. You just don't go out with him again."
"He wanted me to stay the night and I said next time."
"I know. Alright. I know. I'm an idiot." Molly dropped her head backwards to rest against the futon. "I'm such a slut."
"Not hardly."
"I just had sex with my teacher. And it wasn't even worth it."
"He isn't your teacher anymore. You're an adult. Although he is a little creepy."
"He isn't creepy. He's like a weird, eccentric...ok yea you're right he's a little creepy."
"So you break things off. Tell him you aren't over Patrick and this proved it to you. 'Cause I bet that's why you couldn't get tuned into the motion of his ocean, if you catch my drift."
"Dude seriously. Ick."
"What? It's the truth. I bet you a hundred bucks you thought about Patrick during sex tonight."
"Nope. It was before the sex. And while he was kissing me. And after the sex. But not during. Mainly 'cause Patrick was too good at what he did to drag him into that monstrosity." Kyle cracked up at her friends dissappointed expression. "I figured it would have been...better."
"These things happen my dear. These things happen."
"Maybe what?" Kyle asked nervously.
"I said next time right?"
"Yea...but there isn't going to BE a next time I thought. Bad sex, no chemistry equals break up."
"Nah...I think I'm gonna teach him. Ok I'm going to bed huh. Goodnight." Molly jumped up and headed into her bedroom leaving Kyle on the couch. The other girl turned to her stuffed frog and told him in a very serious voice.
"This is not going to end well Mr. Mozart."

Meanwhile, Molly had run into her room and had gotten ready for bed. Laying in bed though she was suddenly struck by a wave of misery so strong she couldn't hold it in anymore and just started crying. Ten minutes later she was done. 'wow....I feel better. She thought before reaching over and grabbing her cell phone. It was twelve thirty in the morning where she was calling but there was no way she would be waking up the other person. Laying in bed she listened to the phone ring a few times before she heard,
"...hello?" said a slightly winded voice.
"Sooo..I was just thinking about you. What did you do?"
"I had sex with my old lit professor......Pete?"
"Not exactly what I was expecting you to say."
"It was bad." Pete's laughter filled the line and Molly couldn't help but grin. "I miss you."
"Come home?"
"I can't."
"I know."
"So what are you doing?"
"Uhh...actually one second." Molly heard him put his hand over the phone and vaugly heard him say something about having to take this call.
"I'm back. I was uhh...entertaining."
"Ok..ew. Go back to well whomever you were entertaining. I can talk to you tomorrow."
"Are you sure?"
"Yes, I've already seen the goods once. Not by my own choice. I do NOT need to sit here and picture you naked while I talk to you." Pete chuckled and Molly added quickly, "Wait, WHO is it?"
"Do you know who it is?"
"Good night PeterPan."
"Good night Tinkerbell." Molly rolled her eyes and hung up the phone. Laying there disgustedly for a few seconds she finally lost the battle and burst out laughing with her hands over her face. 'Only Pete would answer the phone in the middle of sex with someone he doens't know. Wait a second? Molly grabbed her cell phone and hit redial. A few seconds later Pete answered again once again sounding slightly out of breath.
"WHY were you JUST thinking about me?"
" caught that did you?"
"I was joking geez....or was I?"
"Bye Molly." Pete hung up the phone and Molly clicked her's closed while trying not to gag.

A/N: Title: "Lover I Don't Have to Love" by Bright Eyes. Good stuff.

I wasn't gonna put the last scene w/ Pete in but then I realized there was no FOB in this one without it.
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