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47. And Still Too Close To You I Feel

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in which Marc and Molly have a whirlwind...romance? and the fall out of it. In which Molly recieves a phone call from home.

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After that first night with Marc Molly soon found herself practically living with him in his apartment. He took her out whenever she wanted to go somewhere and bought her nice things. Molly soon discovered the best thing about him, he was very connected. Whenever Molly wanted to go downtown to a club or a bar Marc just smiled and said he had papers to grade and he would see her later before giving her the name of whom she should contact at the club. As such Molly was soon missing classes and playing housewife to her "boyfriend" during the day and living the high life, literally, downtown at night. On the occasions that Marc would come out with Molly she soon discovered a whole other world to the New York City night life. Marc had grown up very wealthy in Manhattan and had access to some of the best clubs, bars, and all the trimmings that came with that atomsphere. To say she became hooked on all of it quite quickly would be an understatement. In fact about two weeks after they started dating is when things really got interesting.
"Marc?" Molly asked peeking around the corner into the private room her boyfriend had disappeared into ten minutes before. "There you are." She said smiling. Shuffling over to him Molly fell down onto the couch next to him.
"Hey baby." He whispered. "Don't fall asleep on me now. The night's still young."
"Man you're girl's wrecked."
"Marc, I'm sleepy. Let's go home."
"'s only twelve thirty. Here, I've got the perfect thing to wake you up."
"Do you trust me?"
"Of course." Molly slurred slightly as she gazed up at him.
"Then sit up and take this." Marc placed his finger in front of Molly's face and her slightly dilated eyes managed to focus on a line of white sitting on the edge of his hand.
"I dunno Marc..I did that once. It wasn't such a great.."
"This is good stuff babe. I wouldn't give you anything that was cut badly. Trust me right?"
"Yea..." Molly trailed off and glanced around the room. Sitting in a room with her were some fairly important people she realized. Not wanting to make Marc mad she took a moment before leaning over and inhaling the powder off her boyfriend's hand.

One day at the end of March Molly walked into her dorm room to grab some things and was surprised to see that Kyle wasn't home. Glancing at the clock Molly shrugged and headed into her bedroom. Grabbing a bag and stuffing some clothes into it Molly turned to go when she nearly walked into her roomate.
"Jesus you scared me." Molly said softly.
"You're actually home?" Kyle asked.
"Just grabbing some things. We have a dinner party to attend tonight."
"So I take it the sex got better?"
"No. Everything else did. I gotta go. I'll call you for lunch this week." Molly quickly left the apartment and headed down to where there was a town car waiting for her in front of the building. Jumping in Molly told the driver to take her back to the apartment before she closed the partition. Taking off her sunglasses Molly closed her eyes and put her head back to rest for a few minutes. The ringing of her cell phone startled her awake. Reaching over and pulling it out of her purse Molly pressed the answer button.
"Hey, whatsup?"
"Not much. I was bored so I thought I'd give you a call."
"Ok well I can't really talk right now. So I'll call you later. Bye." Molly hung up the phone and tossed it on the seat next to her. Looking out the window she said softly to her own reflection, "Sorry Pete."
On the other end of the phone Pete Wentz stared in shock at the sound of the dial tone.
"What the FUCK?" He finally yelled.
"What?" Joe looked up from the magazine he had been flipping through.
"She hung up on me."
"Who?" Patrick asked walking into the studio.
"Molly." Pete replied to which Patrick just held up his hands in a "I don't want to know" gesture. "Man something is seriously up with that chick. She's been barely reachable for a good month."
"If you ask me something's been up with her for almost a year now." Patrick muttered from his spot at the boards where he was fiddling around with Andy's drum parts.
"I didn't ask you though." Pete shot back glaring at his best friend.
"Whatever." Patrick said back not meeting Pete's eyes.

"Baby I'm home." Molly called as she walked into the apartment. "Marc?" Listening for a reply and not reciving one Molly shrugged and walked to the bedroom to put her things down. Marc was sleeping in their bed, judging by the small orange container next to him he was more likely passed out.
"Oh goodie." Molly mumbled spotting some left over. Picking up the mirror she quickly fixed herself a small line and finished what was left. Inhaling deeply after she smiled at the fog finally being lifted from her brain. "Much better."
An hour later she had dinner finished and Marc came in to kiss her deeply.
"Hello gorgeous."
"Hi Marc." Molly said blandly, "Dinner's ready." And as usual Marc didn't even notice her total non comittal attitude towards him. The couple ate dinner and talked about their days. After dinner he headed off to grade papers and Molly lit a cigarette, poured herself a glass of wine and moved around the kitchen cleaning up.
"Molly!" she heard her name a few minutes later.
"What?" Molly asked turning to Marc who stood in the doorway looking disgusted.
"I've repeatedly asked you not to smoke those things, esspecially not in the house. It's so unhealthy."
"You're kidding right? THIS is unhealthy." Molly said waving her cigarette around.
"Yes. It is."
"Ok Mr. Coke Head." Molly said snidely taking a drag on the stick in her hand before stabbing it out and blowing the smoke in Marc's face.
"You're one to talk." He said back to her.
"Yea me once in a while at a party or something," Molly said to him completely ignoring her little taste this afternoon, "You are high almost all the time."
"Work is stressfull."
"Good excuse. Ya know what, I'm going out." Molly stormed past him and grabbed her jacket and purse before slamming the apartment door behind her. Walking down the stairs and out of the building Molly headed across the street to the benches that lined the park. After she sat down and fumed for a few minutes the argument suddenly struck her.
"WHAT just happened?" She said outloud in confusion. "God, he' Kyle was right. Who am I kidding, Kyle's always right." Molly let herself sit on the bench for another twenty minutes before she finally went back into the apartment. Marc was sitting there waiting for her and when she came in the first thing he did was pull her into his arms and apologize. Then he took her to bed. And after he passed out Molly headed into the bathroom and took a long hot shower trying to wash the smell of him off of her body.

It took them repeating this cycle all throughout the rest of March and most of April before Molly finally snapped one day while she was making Macaroni and Cheese and Marc had a problem with the way she was melting the cheese.
"I do. I'm SORRY. but I DO. I tried not to hate you, in fact I think the only reason I hate you is that I'm still with you."
"Are you leaving me?"
"Yes. Deal with it. Find another pretty young co-ed to cook and clean for you. I'm sure you'll be able to find someone with a lower tolerence then me to get hooked on your stuff."
"Excuse me. I never forced anything on you."
"Nope you're right you didn't. I didn't say no either. I'm not complaining about that. Hell it was fun for a while. But the truth of the matter is, you're terrible in bed. You're weird. You're thirty-three and I just realized you don't know how to do you're own laundry. That's just sad. AND CHEESE! WHAT THE FUCK!?"
"I'm sorry. Make the food however you want. It's not that big of a deal. Jesus."
"Oh no. You do not get off that easily. I've dealt with some weirdly picky people before but you take the cake. The ironic thing is that I'm not leaving you over the drugs and partying...I'm leaving you 'cause you are WEIRD." Molly stalked around the apartment and gathered her things while Marc stood there gaping at her like she was the crazy one. 'He thinks I'm nuts. Now that is funny. I might not be all there but for him to call anyone nuts is funny.'
Right before Molly slammed the door behind her she stuck her head in and threw back at him,
"Oh and I NEVER had an orgasm with you. EVER."

Molly walked into her apartment and the first words she said to her roomate was,
"You were right. I was wrong. I'm sorry. I'm also hungry."
"Mac and Cheese in the fridge." Kyle responded without looking up from her biology text book. It was those words that caused Molly to fall to the ground and start sobbing. Kyle's jaw dropped in surprise before she jumped up and ran over to her friend.
"Who do I have to kill?" Kyle asked as she helped Molly over to the couch and hugged her friend.
"Ok then why are you crying."
"I missed you. And your food. And I broke up with him over mac and cheese."
"Ok I think we need to start at the beginning." Kyle said handing Molly a tissue. Twenty minutes later Kyle was staring at her friend in shock.
"I know. I'm stupid. Drugs are bad. I get that seriously. I promise." Kyle still looked at her doubtfully. "Yo dude, it was only like four or five times. Believe me when I say I know people who do it a lot more often and aren't hooked. Seriously."
"Fine. I'm getting you food." Kyle got up and went around heating up a bowl of macaroni for Molly. After she sat back down with it she added, "Oh and call Pete. He's been calling here at least once a day looking for you since the second week of March or so."
"Oh yea...I hung up on him a few weeks ago."
"Why? Not that I really think you need a reason to hang up on Pete."
"Bad day."
"But there is one anyway."
"Ya know, all my friend's are right. I'm incapable of having a normal healthy and happy relationship. It's like I look for things to be wrong when they are good, and when I can't do that I try and find the most fucked up situation I can possibly get myself into."
"Well then that is something we are going to have to look out for." Kyle told her with a smile. Molly nodded and chewed thoughtfully. After she had finished her meal in silence she put the bowl down on the coffee table and said to Kyle,
"There is one more problem though."
"If you tell me you're pregnant I will kill you."
"God no."
"Then what is it?"
"I miss Patrick and I can't stop thinking about him."
" that all? Shit I thought you were gonna tell me something I didn't know."
Molly's response was a pillow to Kyle's head.

It was later that night and Molly was lying awake in bed staring at the ceiling when her cell phone rang. Looking at the caller ID her eye's widened in surprise. Before she shook herself out of her stuper enough to answer it the ringing stopped. Molly took a deep breath and pressed the redial button and held the phone up to her ear.
"Hello?" She heard through the reciever.
"Hi, you called?"
"Uh...yea. I've been hearing some stuff through the grape vine I guess you could say and I just wanted know, see...what you were up to."
"School. Ya know. Just stuff."
"Yea...stuff. Well, it's good that you've got school and stuff. I wouldn't want you to screw that up."
"Nope. School's good." Molly lied through her teeth. "What about you?"
"We're recording right now. We should be ready to release it in May."
"That's great. I'm really glad to hear that."
"Yea, we'll be doing a pretty decent sized tour for it too. It's on a label called Fueled by Ramen."
"Yea. Yea. Pete told me a few months ago. I'm really fucking proud of you.....all of you that is."
"No I know Pete told you. I just, I needed to tell you myself."
"Yea, that doesn't mean anything. I just needed...I wanted...I mean..."
"I know. Me too. Can you send me a copy of the album you think?"
"Yea. Of course. You're actually on our list of people who advance copies. We had to give one to the the label last week. put you on there."
"Thank you."
"It's not a problem. I gotta go though. I just wan...nee..yea...I gotta go."
"I come home at the end of May."
"Come see me?"
"Wild horses. I miss you."
"I gotta go. Bye Molly." Molly heard the dial tone in her ear and wiped at the tears that escaped her eyes before she let herself fall asleep actually happy for the first time in a very long time. Right before she closed her eyes she whispered "Bye Patrick."

A/N: Title: "I Am The Highway" by Audioslave. Amazing song. It has the perfect, dark/lost tone I was looking for with this chapter. Yearning for something more and all that.
Btw: Thank the muses, Patrick just kinda popped in at the last second. The kiddies weren't supposed to have any interaction for at least another 5 chapters..and then he was like "I wanna call Molly!" and since the Cupcake has me whipped...
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