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48. You Took Me For Granted, Now I'm Changed, You Haven't

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in which final exams commence. in which Molly recieves another package.

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April ended as months tend to do and this April ended with the warmth of spring and the panic of final exams. Molly soon discovered another great place to hang out in those weeks, the campus library. Molly had taken to practically living on coffee, whatever food Kyle could stuff into her body, and text books. She came in late one night from working on her history paper to find Kyle doing her own cramming at the kitchen table.
"Hey hun." Kyle said as Molly walked in and made a bee-line for the fridge.
"Hey" Molly said as she sat down and dug into a tub of chicken salad. "How's your work going?" Molly asked through a mouthful of food as she pointed at the books.
"Been better. You?" Molly swallowed before responding.
"Do you realize how lucky I am that my classes all require term papers for a final grade? I don't know who up there likes me but I seriously got fucking lucky."
"Yea you did. For those of us who have all suck." The girls laughed as Molly finished eating.
"Alright, I'm gonna go crash. I've still got ten pages on my history paper, social science paper, and music theory paper before I can relax for the rest of the semester."
"Fun. See you tomorrow. OH! Before I forget, you got a package today."
"Thanks." Molly walked into her room and spotted the box sitting on her desk. Picking it up curiously she smiled slightly at the post mark and return address stating that it had come from Patrick M. Stump. Staring down at the box for a few more minutes Molly shook her head, opened her bottom desk drawer and put the box inside.
"After finals." She stated firmly.

It was finally May 1st 2003 and Molly was sitting outside the Dean of her departments office waiting for him to call her in. Finally, after what seemed like hours had passed the secretary motioned to Molly that she could go inside.
"Dean Montgomery," Molly said softly, "Thank you for meeting with me sir."
"Absolutly Ms. O'Conell. I'm always very interested in how a student with a 4.0 gpa suddenly stops attending class or handing in assignments."
"Umm...well you see sir."
"I'm not interested in excuses Ms. O'Conell. The only reason you're still enrolled here at New York University is because you did have a 4.0 gpa. If it had been lower you would have probably failed out based on your performance this semester. I've also heard the rumors. You and Professor Robinson are very lucky I tend to ignore rumors."
"Yes sir."
"Let this be a lesson to you young lady. You are in New York City, I understand that there is certain temptation around, but you must learn to balance it."
"Yes sir."
"That is all. I will see you next semester."
"The fact of the matter Molly is that none of your professors are going to fail you. You are a bright girl. Let's call this a pass this time. I hope you did well on your term papers."
"Yes sir." Molly said considerably brighter.
"Good. Now I have a meeting in a few minutes. You're dismissed." Molly quickly got up and hurried out of the office.

"KYLE!" Molly yelled as she ran into the apartment.
"What?" Kyle asked coming out of her room.
"They aren't gonna kick me out!"
"Oh thank God." Kyle exhaled as she leaned against the doorframe. "I thought I was going to have to break in a new roomate." Molly laughed ecstatically and danced around the room. "Dude...calm down and go finish your papers."
"Right!" Molly ran into her room and grabbed her books to go back to the library waving as she ran out.

The next few days Molly spent finishing up her papers and it seemed like she was writing twenty-four seven. Finally three days later she had finished all of her term papers and was ready to hand them in the next day. Her professors had given their students the options of handing in the term papers by the sixth for an extra letter grade added to it. Molly had obviously decided to take that option just for the extra points. So on the fourth day of May Molly walked to each of her professors office's and handed in her papers, most of them with more then a little extra work on it. Once she had finished dropping the last paper off Molly walked out of the building and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. After a few minutes contemplation Molly threw them in the nearest trash bin.
'That felt good.' she thought to herself as she walked to her dorm deciding it was finally time to listen to the newest Fall Out Boy album.

Molly walked into her room a little while later and opened the bottom drawer to her desk. Pulling out the box, and after remembering her last package pulled out the box cutter as well, she walked over to her bed and opened it up. Inside nestled amongst a ton of little packing peanuts was two cd's. One was a tealish blue with four of her favorite people in the world sitting on a couch. The other was just a plain silver disc with her name and "listen first" written on it in what she recognized to be Patrick's handwriting.
"Okkkk..." Molly said softly as she walked over with the silver disc and inserted it into her stereo. Pushing play all Molly heard for a few seconds was silence. Finally at about the twenty second mark when Molly was about to turn off the disc she heard what was undeniably Patrick clear his throat.
"Hi. I guess you decided to listen to this. I wasn't sure if you would. I was gonna write a letter but then I figured I would rip up whatever I wrote down. I don't even know what I'm going to say to you in fact that might become a whole lot of nothing." Molly smiled as she sat down and listened to her ex ramble. "So I guess I should let you know I'm single now. Yup, everyone was right. Miranda was wrong for me. She was a nice girl, I won't deny that but we had nothing in common."
"You think?" Molly muttered
"Stop interrupting me." Patrick continued as though he was in the room with her. "Yes, I know you that well still. Ok, but is the album. It's called "Take This To Your Grave" and that's a line in the last song. I needed this album to get over you in a lot of ways. I'm sorry if you don't want ot hear that but its the truth. I hope you like the record, I'm incredibly proud of it, so are the rest of the guys. This record is all of us, the four of us, you, Elyse, Matt, Max, and Chris squished onto one little disc and split between tweleve songs."
"He's Pete's...well he's all of our friend. You've probably met him at least once. Yes alright I'll stop doing the reading your mind thing. Give the album a listen and let us knwo what you think. I guess I'll see you around this summer at some point."
"Well that was certainly more inventive then Pete's letter." Molly mumbled as she got up to switch cds. Once she pushed play the first thing she heard was beeping and then Andy's drums and Joe's guitar. "Oh hell yes boys." Molly said with a smile as she went to go lay down and listen. Picking up the cd book she glanced at the back to see the song was called "Tell Mick He Just Made My List of Things To Do Today"
"I said I loved you but I lied....ok yea. I was right. The girls are gonna hate me once the guys get famous. Even if this isn't about me. Fabulous." Molly said while taking a stab at self-depricating humor. Halfway through the song she heard the front door open and called out to Kyle.
"Hey! They sent the new cd. Come be one of the first people ever to hear it. It doesn't come out until tomorrow."
"I'll be right in." Molly heard in response. As the next song started Kyle walked in and climbed up onto the bed next to Molly. "Gimme" She said holding out her hand for the cd.
"Nope. I don't know any of these songs. I need this."
"Yea but you actually understand him." Kyle said with a laugh as she grabbed for the lyric book. "Wow. Dude. Some of these are even worse then the last cd."
"Yea I know. Believe me. I get it. I actually think Pete wrote most of these. He's had some pretty nutzoid ex's. I remember one of them who used to get tattoos 'cause she got off on pain. Freak."
"He have many of those kinds of ex's?"
"I lost track of his girlfriends after I had known him for a year. Honestly."
"I believe it. Ooo...nice opening." Kyle said as "Grand Theft Autumn" began. Molly tapped her feet in the air along with the beat.
"They got...poppy." She muttered to the ceiling.
"Yup. It's good."
"Yea..." Molly said with a smile. "It is very good. This is the sound they were shooting for since I met them. Apparently they managed to knock the screw right on the head."
"I think you mean hit the nail, but yea same idea."
"That's what I said."
"No you...nevermind." Molly grinned and got up as Patrick's voice filled the room on the next song. Without any warning she started jumping around and dancing in the middle of her room. Kyle took one look at her friend before giggling and grabbing Molly's camera off her desk to take pictures. This was the first time in months she had seen her friend so carefree and there was no way it wasn't getting documented. By the time the end of the song hit Molly was rocking out, full on head banging in the middle of the room. At the last note she flopped over onto the floor and let out a loud,
"You are a dork." Kyle said hanging her head over the side of the bed.
"Uh-huh. What's your point?"
"There isn't one."
"Oh good."
"I gotta go though. I have a test in an hour. Before you ask, I already studied this morning."
"Fine. Leave me with my new music. I'll just dance by myself."
"You already were dancing by yourself."
"Scoot. Test. Go Pass."
"Going." Kyle said waving as she left the apartment. Molly crawled back up onto her bed and listened to the end of what she saw was titled "Homesick at Space Camp." 'I like this one. It's nice. And its defintily about us.' Molly spent the rest of the afternoon listening to the album on repeat straight through each time. She learned each and every word by the fourth time through. There were definitly songs on the album that she knew were directed at her, even if Pete had written them she could hear the pain in Patrick's voice as he related to each and every word.
'And that's always been Pete's strength. Being able to write relatable lyrics.' Molly thought. 'I should probably be pissed. But I'm not.'
In that afternoon that album became bitter sweet to Molly. She loved it with her whole heart and soul, because it was part of her friends. People she considered her family. At the same time though she knew that she had caused Patrick the pain that allowed him to sing those songs so realistically. In fact, when Molly saw the title of "Chicago Is So Two Years Ago" a few tears leaked out as she remembered that was what she had said to Patrick the night she told him she was leaving for NYU. In that one afternoon "The Pros and Cons of Breathing" very quickly also became her favorite song on the album. 'I'm going to have to ask Pete about that one.' Molly thought as she read over the lyrics again. Molly chuckled and got the reference to this Chris person she was pretty certain she did not know when she heard "Grenade Jumper", she had no idea why they had written it, but it provided some amusement in what had been a slightly depressing afternoon. And then came "The Patron Saint of Liars and Fakes," this song Molly couldn't help but think HAD to be directed straight at her. She didn't know if the others had any idea, but she knew without a doubt that this song was written by Patrick for her. Molly closed her eyes and remembered.
Molly was finishing up some last minute packing things before leaving for school the next day when she heard someone clear their throat behind her. Turning Molly was faced with Patrick standing there looking like he hadn't slept since she had broken up with him. According to Matt he hadn't.
"Hi." She said softly.
"Hi." Molly winced when she heard how scratchy his voice sounded. His eyes were red and watery and she knew it was her fault. Her heart constricted in her chest as she forced herself to remain unaffected on the outside.
"Can I help you?"
"'s just...I..."
"Patrick. I'm busy." I took all of Molly's willpower to say those words and not break down and run to him. Esspecially when he reeled back as though she had kicked him. Patrick stared hard at Molly before stiffening up and swiping at his eyes. Taking a few steps forward he shocked the hell out of Molly by grabbing her and kissing her hard. Molly was lost, kissing him back with abandon she let herself be walked over to her bed and placed down lovingly.
A half hour later Molly was lying there with her head on Patrick's chest as both of them caught their breath. He was stroking her hair softly. A few minutes later though the world came back into focus and Molly hardened her heart again.
"This doesn't mean anything you realize right? I'm sorry but it doesn't." She sat up and refused to face him as she gathered her clothes and got dressed.
"Excuse me?" Patrick said in shock having thought he had won his girlfriend back. "What are you talking about?"
"Ugh. Patrick. We are broken up. This was just sex. God, grow a pair would you." She turned and went back to packing up a few things.
"I love you Molly. I was...I thought..."
"Seriously, you thought what? Boys like you," Molly took a deep breath before continuing while trying to find the words, "you try to hard to not look quite as desperate as everyone else. But you are. You cling to everything. Let go Patrick."
The older boy just sat there in the bed gaping at his ex. Molly felt tears pricking at her eyes, tears she knew she wouldn't be able to hide for very much longer so she did the only thing she thought she could do, she let them fall.
"I said I was sorry! Now get dressed and get out!" Before stomping into her closet. Once she was sure that she had heard Patrick leave she walked back out and over to her window where she saw him staring up at her before he finally walked off towards his house.

As the album ended the fifth time through Molly reached up to wipe away her tears. Then she reached for her cell phone and dialed a number. Once it was answered she smiled and said,
"It's amazing Pete."
"Thanks kid. I knew you'd like it. But why are you calling me."
"Because I think this was his way of telling me to let go."

A/N: Title is from: "This Broken Heart" by Something Corporate.
umm...I'm going to sleep (well as of right now I am.) but I'm gonna write more tomorrow. so that'd make my entire day spent writing these 3 chapters for you people! lol
....also I don't have a clue who wrote what on TTTYG 'cause my cd got stolen from my dorm a few years ago and I had to get it off of Itunes so I don't have a book anymore
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