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49. What Will It Take To Show You That It's Not The Life It Seems?

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in which Molly has a scare.

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Since all of Molly's final exams had actually been term papers she quickly realized she had two and a half weeks at the end of the semester to do absolutely nothing other then enjoy the fact that she had survived her first year of college. If there should have been a "barely" inserted into that sentence Molly didn't acknowledge it. The day after she had listened to "Take This To Your Grave" Molly woke up in a weird mood. She was, happy.
'Molly Ann O'Conell this is your life.' Molly thought to herself as she stared into the bathroom mirror, 'from here on out you are going to enjoy yourself and not give one thought to what anyone else thinks you should do.' With those thoughts Molly walked out of the bathroom and headed into her bedroom to start the process of packing up her dorm.

A few hours later a knock on her bedroom door caused her to look up and see Kyle looking at her curiously.
"Planning on going home early?" Kyle asked while pointing at the boxes that surrounded Molly.
"Umm..nope. Just wanted to get a head start on things so I'm not freaking out at the last minute."
"Dude, we're here for another two weeks."
"So? I didn't want to be freaking out at the last minute. Is that really all that hard to process." Molly snapped standing up and glaring at her roomate.
"Wow. Ok. Sorry. Carry on." Kyle backed out of the room slowly and headed for her own.
"Why is she always on my back about everything lately?" Molly muttered to herself as she continued her packing. Something in her not recognizing why Kyle had been looking at her funny as Molly's packing seemed to consist of randomly throwing things into boxes. Books in with clothing, cd's in with her makeup.

The next morning Kyle walked into Molly's room and was shocked to see her friend sitting at her computer, with everything she had packed the day before sitting back neatly where it belonged.
"Hey whatsup?"
"Why'd you put everything away?"
"What are you talking about?"
"Yesterday, you were packing...sort of...and now its all back where it was."
"Kyle? Are you sure you're ok? I haven't touched my stuff. I did a little organizing yesterday to make sure I knew where everything was, but I didn't pack."
Kyle just stared at Molly in confusion before turning and silently walking out of the room.
"Kyle?" Molly called after her friend with a confused tone in her voice. Shrugging to herself Molly continued about her business talking to Elyse online and making some plans for the summer.
Molly and Elyse had managed to patch things up over the past few months on the phone and through emails. While they weren't as close as they had once been both girls had too much invested in the friendship to let it completely disintegrate.

A week later Molly had finally packed for good. She had all her things neatly stored in boxes, the kitchen and living room area was packed, and she had everything that needed to be put into storage for the upcoming semester sent away. Molly then saw Kyle off for the summer. The good-bye was filled with tears and hugs and promises that next year would be amazing even though they wouldn't be living together. Kyle had gotten a position on staff with one of the residence halls and Molly had decided to get her own apartment. Once that was all done she disappeared.

Three days later Molly woke up in a hotel with no idea how she had gotten there. Looking around she realized she was at the "W" in Times Square, she had a neatly packed suitcase in the closet and there was no signs that anyone else had been with her. Curiously Molly got up and looked around. A half finished room service dinner sat on a cart. An empty bottle of voldka sat on the coffee table with only one glass next to it. Walking into the bathroom Molly spotted her toiletries spread around as though she had been here for a few days. Looking down at herself Molly was surprised to see slight cuts in her arm.
"What?" She said softly very confused. For all her problems, self mutilation had never been one of them. However, upon closer inspection of the cuts she realized they looked more like she had had an accident rather then inflicted them herself. They were too shallow and erratic. After looking around the bathroom and finding nothing broken she walked back into the bedroom and tried to find what could have caused the cuts. In the corner she spotted a picture frame face down. Walking over and picking it up she saw it was a picture of her and Patrick from when they were together, and the glass in the frame was completely missing. Instead it was all over the carpet and judging by the slight scratch in the wall someone, maybe herself, and thrown the picture frame.
"Well...that explains the cuts. I hope." Molly muttered while still looking spooked. Sitting back down on the bed she picked up her cell phone and was shocked to see that the date was three days later then she thought it should be. "Shit...." She hissed. Quickly going into her phone she looked at her recent calls list. Over the past three days she had spoken to Pete, Patrick, Matt, and Sean. Patrick being the most recent. But judging by the length of the call they hadn't spoken, so much as he picked up and then one of them hung up. Dialing Pete's number Molly mumbled "pick up pick up pick up" over and over until she finally got a sleepy,
"Molly? Why are you calling me at three in the morning?"
"Is that what time it is?" Molly squeaked out seemingly noticing for the first time that it was dark out.
"Yea...Are you drunk again? 'Cause I didn't appreicate that call yesterday."
"Pete...I..." Molly trailed off suddenly petrified at explaining that she was missing three days.
"You...uhh..what? You don't seem drunk this time so what's wrong?"
"Nothing. I just...I fell asleep this afternoon and didn't realize it was so late. I just felt like giving you a call to apologize for the drunk dial. I'll talk to you when I get home. I need to learn to look at the clock when I wake up." Molly said trying to laugh everything off.
"Yea you really do. I'll see you in a few days then."
"Yup. Bye Pete." Molly said quietly before hanging up.
"Wellllll...this is not good." Molly said softly before deciding to go back to bed and deal with whatever had happened in the morning.

The next morning Molly packed up her things and went downstairs to check out of the hotel. She handed over her credit card and tried not to pass out at the bill she was handed for three days in the hotel. The clerk looked at her funny, but answered with a "No ma'am you just stayed in your room the past few days. You asked not to be disturbed by anyone." when Molly asked what she had done for the past three days. Then the clerk glanced around and whispered softly to Molly, "don't worry miss, we don't ask questions here." he smiled at her as he handed Molly back her Gold Card.
Walking out of the hotel Molly quickly checked how much cash she had on her before having the doorman flag her down a taxi. Taking the cab back to her dorm Molly finally walked back in and was shocked to see everything had been packed up and shipped off. The only things left were two suitcases and a plane ticket. A plane ticket to Chicago for the next morning.
Molly sat down on the floor hard next to the suitcases.
"What happened?" She asked herself as she closed her eyes and laid her head back against the wall and let a few tears slip out.

A/N: Title is from: "I'm Not Ok (I Promise)" By My Chemical Romance.
I really really dislike this chapter--Nothing will change my mine on that. After re-writing it four times, and dealing with a flu bug I finally just decided to post it so that I could get on with the story.
I just hope someone likes it.
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